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Rene's Blog: WATERCOLOR on CRADLED PANEL. A Cradled Birch Panel by American Easel is contemporary and gallery appropriate for a watercolor painting when finished with acrylic Clicking on any red text below will take you to related blog posts: Attach blank watercolor paper or finished painting —­ either will work.


Be sure to check the tips & tricks and the materials list on my Blog... Step 1PROTECT THE ART Seal your finished watercolor thoroughly with up to seven coats of Golden Archival Varnish with UVLS (gloss). Let this dry completely. Step 2PROTECT YOUR CRADLE If you’re planning a clear finish, cover the wood edges with 2-inch blue painters tape. Step 3SEAL THE WOOD SURFACE Apply two thin coats of Golden GAC 100. Step 4ADHERE ARTWORK Cut your paper a bit larger than the Panel to overlap on all sides. Step 5TRIM PAPER EDGES Place the art face down over a cutting surface. Step 6APPLY TOP COAT Use Golden Top Coat with UVLS (semi-gloss) to protect your art completely. Step 7FINISHING TOUCHES Remove the blue tape. ¿CÓMO HACER UNA MESA DE LUZ? Después de obtener los materiales correctos, lo primero que hay que hacer a la hora de empezar nuestro manga es… ¡crear las páginas!


Las páginas del manga tienen que tener un tamaño en concreto, que es: 11,50cm x 17,50cm. How to frame your Giclée print. (Dave's recommendations for woodblock prints coming soon!) At the beginning of this project, I hinted in the FAQ section how to frame the giclée prints.

How to frame your Giclée print. (Dave's recommendations for woodblock prints coming soon!)

Since that time, I realized a more comprehensive explanation might be helpful. Please note that these are only recommendations, and that you are free to frame your print however you like. Also, I only recommend this method for the giclées, since it accentuates their unique strengths. David will post soon about how to display and care for your woodblock print. Our giclées are printed on handmade Japanese paper, with a gorgeous deckle (fibrous, rough) edge on all four sides. There are many step-by-step guides to floating mounts online. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here, or message me directly. Mounting Paper on Wood or Board. I am frequently asked about my process of mounting paper onto wood or museum board.

Mounting Paper on Wood or Board

I've spent YEARS refining this process so I apologize in advance for the length of the explanation! REASON: I mount paper on wood or board is because I prefer to transfer the delicate details of my sketches via light box rather than using transfer paper or similar methods. To use a light box your surface has to be thin enough to allow light to pass through (paper), but to paint without having your surface buckle or curl you need to work on something sturdy enough to hold up against water and the test of time (wood or board). My process combines the best aspects of these two surfaces. How to mount art; archival mounting of prints, drawings, paintings and more.

Art Boards™ does Custom Mounting of any size Art on a variety of surfaces.

How to mount art; archival mounting of prints, drawings, paintings and more.

Custom mounting of art includes drawings, oil paintings, watercolors, prints, photographs, digital prints on paper, and paintings made on canvas and linens. Art on paper can also be mounted on canvas or linen and stretched over conventional canvas stretcher bars or mounted to our archival panels. Art Boards™ mounts small to very large art archivally on to canvas or panel. Paintings and drawings can also be mounted to Natural Maple Panels. A Woodcut Manual 2. A Woodcut manual 1. Tiempos Modernos. Mageritdoll Colors - La Maison de Mageritdoll. Descontrol, inestabilidad, todo se mueve a un ritmo feroz que devora nuestro tiempo… Mageritdoll se sienta entre los engranajes para observar este mundo desde otro prisma, piensa Mageritdoll que a veces es necesario parar, sentarnos y pensar a donde nos lleva esta vida de progreso agresivo… Elige el broche, el que más te guste.

Tiempos Modernos. Mageritdoll Colors - La Maison de Mageritdoll

Y una vez que lo hayas comprado, nos envías un mensaje adjunto y nos dices de los 8 colores de Mageritdoll que hay disponibles, cual prefieres, y nosotros lo pintaremos especialmente para ti. Broche elaborado en peltre, bañado en oro y en plata, y Mageritdoll de resina, pintada a mano. El broche tiene un peso, según modelo, entre 42-52 gramos. Están numerados e incluyen un Certificado. PolkaDot Lighthouse: Las 12 campanas hasta Navidad {11}: adornos navideños.

Hace un tiempo, descubrimos el bonito blog de Sania Pell, en el Sania comparte algunas ideas fantásticas como la que os presentamos hoy para hacer estos adornos navideños de arcilla.

PolkaDot Lighthouse: Las 12 campanas hasta Navidad {11}: adornos navideños

Cuando os hablamos hace un tiempo de sus cubiertos pintados, os prometí que si me animaba a hacer las figuritas, os lo contaría todo y una promesa es una promesa... Necesitaremos: - Pasta blanca de modelar DAS (u otra marca) - Utensilios para cortar y dar formas a la pasta - Adornos como lazos, cuentas, sellos, broches, esmalte de uñas, etc. 30 Mod Podge Project Ideas. Mod Podge on Amazon Art is often in the eye of the beholder.

30 Mod Podge Project Ideas

However, if you have furniture that's looking more drab than fab, Mod Podge offers the perfect medium through which you can spruce it up and really make it conversation worthy. Mod Podge is the brand name for a gel medium designed specifically for use in decoupaging. It's widely available to purchase - both online and in brick-and-mortar craft stores - in gloss or matte finishes.

An acid-free version is also available. Despite the fact that it was formulated specifically for use in decoupage art projects, Mod Podge is widely used in a variety of purposes including jewelry making, home decor, and countless crafting projects. The brilliant thing about Mod Podge is that it's not just the glue that holds the look together. With this in mind, is Mod Podge a wise choice for decorating furniture?

Why wouldn't it be? Back To School Resin Craft With EasyCast. Pencil Baubles!

Back To School Resin Craft With EasyCast

Aren't these little pencil nubs the sweetest? I wanted to share a great idea on the day known as "back to school" for most of us in Canada. I made these pencil baubles with two pours of EasyCast. The first pour filled the mold to the 1/3 point. I let this set for about 30 minutes allowing the resin to gel a little. Dragonfly Dreamers. Resin Crafts.