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Talking Stick provides a place where you can connect with others who feel the same. We believe strongly that the mere act of sharing your story and connecting with other similar stories could provide a sense of kinship in spite of the isolation you might feel. You matter: your voice, your story, even your listening heart….let’s talk.

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From Refugee to CEO with guest host Sherry Dang of the TalkingStick Forum

Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness. Most of the people think that happiness is an elusive thing and one of the quirkiest to achieve.

Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness

In reality, you can enjoy happy living by just following a few simple rules. Here they are: 1) Exercise – Exercise can help an individual to overcome the feeling of having the blues, while improving your overall health. Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness. 5 Common Myths And Facts About Mental Health Illness. A mental illness is a disease that causes mild to severe disturbances in thought and/or behavior, resulting in an inability to cope with daily routines of life.

5 Common Myths And Facts About Mental Health Illness

Mental disorders are quite common among the people. Approx., 54 million of people in the US suffer from some form of mental disorder in a given year. Myth #1: Mental Illness Affects Only Some People Fact: Mental illness is quite common in the US. I Love The Empty Feeling. I’ve heard people describe the empty feeling after a tragic loss or bad breakup.

I Love The Empty Feeling

I often remember that empty feeling. When I escaped Vietnam by boat in the early 80’s, I did not feel anything for several months. 7 Mental And Physical Benefits Of Mindfulness. Today the world has become quite a busy place with no time for literally anything.

7 Mental And Physical Benefits Of Mindfulness

You really need to be a great multi-tasker if you want to get something done. In the hurry to achieve something, you end up losing your connections and most importantly the focus on yourself! Ready To Win An iPhone 7. TalkingStick is an amazing platform that is trying to bring back the lost art of real conversations.

Ready To Win An iPhone 7

Win An iPhone 7 With Talking Stick. Best Way To Deal With Bullies. If you have not experienced bullying first hand, you may not be able to make out how troublesome it can be for a child or a teenager.

Best Way To Deal With Bullies

You should know that bullies can be of any size or shape. In the course of life, there is hardly anyone who has never experienced bullying. A study shows that one in four children in the U.S. gets bullied on a regular basis in schools. TalkingStick Website Launch - An Online Support Group For All. RELATIONSHIPS Archives - Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness. Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness. If you’re facing a major illness or stressful life change, you don’t have to go through it alone.

Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness

Support groups can help you… Support groups offer a space for individuals to share their stories and experiences in such a way that it reduces their loneliness and depression. Most people think that they’re struggling alone, but support groups let you know that many other people are dealing with the same situation. HEALTH Archives - Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness. For All The Tigers That Dream Of Raising Dragons - Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness. Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness. The thought of sharing your feelings with strangers is one of the last things you want to do.

Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness

However, sharing with people who completely understand how it feels to be in your shoes can work as magic. Anxiety support groups can be a valuable part of your recovery. You get support by interacting with the members of group. Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness. Maintaining or achieving a healthy body image is quite challenging.

Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness

Celebrities’ images having a perfect body and ads telling us how to get smooth skin, shiny hairs and a perfect body, make us feel insecure about us and our bodies. Changing your perception about your body doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, patience, and a positive mindset to see yourself in a healthier way. Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness. I’m the middle child of six kids. My dad named me after his mother, Angela. I decided at an early age that I liked my name. Blog on Health, Relationships, Addiction, Happiness. I don’t know about you, but as I grow older which happens every day (dang it), I find myself struggling with weight, the all time mystery. It’s very ironic that I am thinking about food the way I do now.

Growing up, starving in Vietnam after the war ended, food was scarce. I used to think about where I would get food to eat the next day and there after. I would dream of becoming a baker or having a job at a restaurant. Tips to Deal with Anxiety and Depression without Medications. “Never Lose Hope!” It is true that depression can make you feel powerless but it’s not the end of the world. 5 Helpful Ways to Improve Your Mental Health.

How do you define mental health? It is a state of well-being in which a person believes in his/her abilities, feels confident, able to cope with day to day stress, enjoys working and is eager to contribute to the community. There are a few things that we can do to boost our mental health and keep the negative thoughts at bay. Here are 5 helpful ways to improve your mental health: 1. Don’t Fret About the Small Stuff There are plenty of things that can irritate you daily. 2. A 2012 study in the journal Neurology explains that physical exercises are better than mental exercises and keeps the human brain healthy. In 2014, a review in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry reports that physical exercise decreases the signs of depression in the people suffering from mental illness.

The Girl in the Mirror. A person’s life can change in a matter of seconds; at least that has been my experience. I was in fifth Grade and I loved my teacher, her name was Jacquelyn Smith. You know that great teacher that has the special reputation at school, the teacher that every students wants to have, that was her! She Does Not Know She is My Best Friend. We met at the local real estate office. I was a part time agent, she was the office manager. It was 2004 when the real estate market across the nation was booming, before the crash of the century in 2008. The Truth About Depression. 5 Secrets of Healthy Relationships. Truth be told, keeping your partners in the sack isn’t the only way to keep your relationship healthy.

I Disconnected My Mother. It hurts to live and re-live the moment. Eating Disorder. The Truth About Depression. How to Help your Aging Parents Fight Loneliness. Loneliness comes with old age and it happens to almost every aging parent out there. The increasing age along with factors like losing a spouse, eyesight or hearing disability can increase the chances of depression. With all these old age factors hindering the social engagement capabilities, it is difficult for the seniors to keep their spirits up. Most of the aging parents prefer to stay in their own house; this increases the risk of losing social engagement as well. How Online Support Groups Help to Cope with Depression. Isolation is synonymous with depression but being isolated can worsen your depression. How to Help your Loved One with a Drug or Alcohol Addiction. Reaching out to help a loved one suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction is not easy. More often than not, close friends and family fail to notice the symptoms of addiction or if they notice, they don’t confront them and hope that eventually the addicted person will realise their addiction.

But the fact is that addiction doesn’t go away so easily and its consequences are deadly. 7 Habits Couples Should Follow For Strong And Healthy Relationships. What is in the bag? Thank God, I am not a royal! Human’s integrity. It was an early autumn day. The sky was somewhat gray, the breeze was light but enough to bring chill air. Seriously?.....My experience at an over priced restaurant! I matter, you matter. Let’s talk! Our Daily Struggle: Weight. Real Life Experience – I can’t go anywhere. The Mix-Racial Relationship, Continue… Mix Racial Relationship.