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Talking For Therapy Ltd

Talking For Therapy is a Phone Line Support service to help people facing a variety of ailments centred around Mental Health.

9 Healthy Ways to Manage Signs of Depression in the UK. How to Calm Down When You're Having Anxiety in the UK. Healthy Relationship Dos and Don’ts: How to Support Your Man Emotionally. How to Be Mentally Strong While Dealing with Adultery in the UK. Raising Mental Health Awareness: How to Offer Non-Judgmental Emotional Support. Understanding Suicide and the Signs of Depression: What Not to Do When Someone Is Suicidal.

Listening Help for Emotional Trauma Due to Domestic Abuse. In England and Wales, an estimated 2.3 million adults from 16 to 74 years experienced domestic abuse from 2019 to 2020.

Listening Help for Emotional Trauma Due to Domestic Abuse

In every three domestic abuse cases in the UK, two victims are women, and one is a man. However, emotional trauma in the home is a global problem. There is only less than 40 percent of women experiencing abuse or trauma who seek out help. Unfortunately, you likely have family members and friends quietly experiencing spousal abuse with your knowledge. You must understand that they may not be able to remove themselves from their situation easily. While you can rarely solve the situation for them, there are ways to show them your love and support while they figure out their next steps. How to Support a Loved One Through Domestic Abuse Pay Attention to Warning SignsAbuse can take many forms. Health and Social Care: Common Mental Health Issues for New Mothers. Surviving the Aftermath of Adultery with the Help of Emotional Support. Dealing with Infidelity with the Help of Listening Support in the UK. Postnatal Depression in the UK and Its Effects on the Newborn.

Emotional Help for Men with Depression: How Can Spouses Support Them. The 6 Most Harmful Myths About Bipolar Disorder. Raising Mental Health Awareness: A Guide to Supporting Loved Ones Struggling with Anxiety. Recognising Signs of Depression: A Parent’s Detailed Guide to Teen Mental Health During Pandemic. Pregnancy During Lockdown: Fighting Emotional Trauma and Promoting Better Mental Health. Psychological Health and Social Care: 6 Ways to Promote Mental Wellbeing Among Older Adults During Lockdown. Feeling Down During Lockdown: Battling Depression and Anxiety in the UK. Understanding the Impact of Childhood Emotional Trauma in Adults. A Guide to Supporting Your Partner Through Postpartum Depression. Mental Health and Social Care: Spotting Job Burnout Before It’s Too Late.

Helping a Partner Suffering from Alcohol-Induced Psychosis, Delusions, and Hallucinations. A few beers or glasses of wine are a wonderful way to unwind after a long day.

Helping a Partner Suffering from Alcohol-Induced Psychosis, Delusions, and Hallucinations

However, chronic alcoholism can have serious consequences. This includes alcohol-induced psychosis, delusions, and hallucinations. Worse, severe alcoholism can also occur along other with mental health issues like bipolar disorder and depression. Living with a partner struggling with alcohol dependency is extremely challenging, but it’s never too late. The first step towards the path to healing is recognizing the symptoms.

Spotting the Early Stages of Alcohol-Induced Psychosis Alcohol-induced psychosis is one of the warning signs of worsening alcohol dependency. Dramatic changes in sleep scheduleDifficulty concentratingIrrational fearsBaseless suspicionsDetachment from partner, friends, and familyUnwanted intrusive thoughtsAnxious behavioursAtypical aggression Ideally, the afflicted person receives treatment at this point. Alcohol-Induced Delusions and Hallucinations Here are a few steps you can do right now: Anxiety Attacks vs. Panic Attacks: How Are They Different? Mental Health Awareness: Learning About the Most Common Types of Mental Disorders. Bipolar Disorder: The Manic and Depressive Red Flags to Look Out For.

8 Interesting Benefits of Receiving Emotional Help, According to Science. Detecting the Warning Signs of Depression Through Mental Health Awareness. UK Doula: A Valuable Ally for Pregnant Women All Over the World. New Parent Support Group FAQs: Understanding Postpartum Depression. Benefits of Listening Support for Emotional Health. Many people tend to hide their feelings around others.

Benefits of Listening Support for Emotional Health

Some think that showing emotions is a weakness. Others want to appear rational, mature, and not easily swayed by how they feel. However, seeking listening support is actually a mark of emotionally strong individuals. Talking about your feelings has therapeutic benefits for your overall health and well-being. Top 4 Benefits of Opening Up About Your Emotions Countless studies have proven the positive effects of talking about your feelings.

Expressing your feelings makes problems more manageable. Talking for Therapy: A Safe Space to Express Your Emotions It’s not easy to express your feelings. With Talking for Therapy, you’ll always have someone who’ll listen in an emphatic manner. Don’t allow negative emotions to rule your life.