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6 Major Home Decor Mistakes You Should Avoid - Live PR Wire. Designing a home might seems exciting, but it is a quite challenging task.

6 Major Home Decor Mistakes You Should Avoid - Live PR Wire

No one is a master in the game of interiors, and even the renowned interior designers tend to make mistakes while home decor. While some mistakes do not interfere with the interiors of the home while there a couple of few, which tend to ruin the entire look of your home. In this blog, we have covered six typical interiors, mistakes, and ways to fix them. 1. Imbalance Furniture Pieces People often get confused while selecting furniture for their home, and most of them end up buying either too many furniture pieces or bulky furniture pieces, which does not create a balance in the room.

It is always suggested to decide the theme of your house before purchasing the furniture. 2. One of the biggest mistakes that people commit while designing their home is dark-colored furniture in a small room. One should opt for furniture or rugs that are lightweight have light fabrics with the light-reflecting color palette. 3. 4. Best Smartphones under Rs. 15000 in India - Scoop Article.

With branded smartphone prices reaching the sky, it has become impossible for a common man to buy a heavy-duty charged smartphone.

Best Smartphones under Rs. 15000 in India - Scoop Article

All thanks to recently released brands such as Xiaomi and Oppo, which have raised the standards but have maintained the price point. To help you buy the best economical smartphones here, we have listed eight smartphones that worth buying for Rs 15.000 Realme 5 Pro The Realme 5 Pro is an ideal smartphone to purchase for people who are on a strict budget.

The smartphone has quad camera set up with 48 MP primary cameras along with macro cameras, telephoto, and wide-angle, which make it a steal deal for immature photographers and selfie clickers. Best Ideas for Parent-Kid Outfits to Try This Festive Season – C 4 Crack. All of us love to dress our tiny tots as the cute little versions of us.

Best Ideas for Parent-Kid Outfits to Try This Festive Season – C 4 Crack

Apart from looking extremely adorable, the parent-kid outfits also make you stand apart and unique in a crowd. You instantly become the highlight of the party or gathering you are attending. The little girls look cute in the lehengas, gowns and Patiala Salwar Suits. For the boys, Bandhgalas, Blazers, Jodhpurs and three-piece suits are the best ideas. With the onset of the festive season, the celebrations, family gatherings and parties have also started. Best Healthy Indian Breakfasts You Should Include In Your Diet - Breakfast is the most important and most crucial meal of the day.

Best Healthy Indian Breakfasts You Should Include In Your Diet -

It must be power-packed and loaded with the goodness of fiber and multi-vitamins so that our body can get an ample amount of energy to start the day. Breakfast must be rich in nutritional content instead of calories. However, most of us resort to unhealthy breakfasts which are easy to make and don’t fulfill the nutritional requirements of our bodies. This is why we have compiled a list of the best healthy Indian breakfasts that you can eat daily for a healthy mind and a healthy body. All these food items are easy to make and are powerhouses of energy.

Banana, Chia and Date Smoothie Chia seeds are storehouses of protein and fiber. Besan Cheela or Moong Dal Cheela Chop capsicum, onion, tomato (de-seeded) and green chilies finely. Things You Should Keep In Mind While Relocating. Relocating to a new place, city or country can be undoubtedly stressful and tiring, especially if you are shifting for the first time.

Things You Should Keep In Mind While Relocating

The key to flawless shifting is advance planning. History & Significance of 10 Ancient Temples of India. Top 5 Jewelleries to Ace Your Ethnic Look This Festive Season. The season of festivals has just started, and you must be planning to shop the latest ethnic edits to your wardrobe.

Top 5 Jewelleries to Ace Your Ethnic Look This Festive Season

When it comes to the ethnic styling, accessories are a must. Refer to the following post to check out the best jewellery ideas for this festive season. We have compiled this list keeping all the festivals in mind. Investing in some trendy jewellery will also help you to get rid of the daily tension of buying something new and trendy to accessorize your outfits. Especially if you are a working woman, you need to purchase accessories that last long, stay trendy and reduce your burden of shopping and looking great. So, read this post and shop for the best jewellery for your ethnic dresses. Remedies for Treating Baby Teething at Home. Teething is a crucial period; it is a time when your baby gets his first tooth.

Remedies for Treating Baby Teething at Home

Generally, an infant gets first teeth during 2-6 months of his birth, and it continues till your baby turn one. While teething is an important phase, it can be quite painful for the baby. Since your baby is quite young to tell you about his first tooth eruptions and problems he is going through, it’s your responsibility to figure out your baby teething problems and ways to comfort him/her. Types & Benefits of Baby Massage at Home. A baby massage plays a crucial role in the overall development of the baby.

Types & Benefits of Baby Massage at Home

Once the baby turns a few weeks old, it is a correct time to introduce massage in his daily routine. While giving a baby massage, your baby should be calm and alert, and if during the massage, he starts crying, then that might be a hint to you that you aren’t massaging him correctly. It will take you some time, but gradually you will get hold to it. India's Longest Celebrated Festivals from North to South. 8 Night Suits for Women of All Ages. Goodnight sleep is essential for proper brain function and physical health.

8 Night Suits for Women of All Ages

To have a sound sleep your nightwear plays an important role. It should be comfortable, apt according to the season and hugs you well. Different night suits resonate with the different moods of a woman. With a wide range of nightwear, it has become easy for girls to find the best pair according to their body types and pre-requisites. Here we have enlisted different types of night suits for women that offer style and are equally apt for different occasions. 1. 5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle with Hectic Schedule - The-North-Face. There is no secret to leading a healthy lifestyle.

5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle with Hectic Schedule - The-North-Face

Few small alterations in your daily routine and diet are all you need to do. But in this fast-paced life who has time to make necessary changes and thus, most of us end up leading a sedentary lifestyle. Different Ways to Dress Your Baby on Diwali. Diwali is around the corner; With all the preparation in the spin it's hard to decide what to make your little one wear on the auspicious occasions. Thanks to online baby stores, these have an extensive range of dresses for every occasion and festival.

7 Perfect Bras for Work Wear. Finding the right bra is a tough task, and when it comes to selecting a perfect bra for workwear, you have to play your cards exceptionally well. While investing in the bra, you should consider seams, comfort, colors, and style and dresses that you usually wear. Most of the women stick to a single bra for every dress, which is not a good idea since every dress has different fabric, neckline and length, and color. Another mistake that working women commit is they prefer to wear dark-colored bras, which does not match with every dress.

10 Gym Essentials for Fitness Freaks. Like it’s important to exercise, and work-out regularly, it is equally important to have gym essentials. Most of the people do not realize the importance of an ideal Gym Fits, avoiding which may succumb to body injuries and discomfort. With appropriate Gym clothing and equipment you can boost your performance; improve your concentration level, and can positively expect good results.

Here we have listed the top ten gym essentials that you must have: Sports Bra or Tights for Men Most women prefer T-Shirts or regular bra at the gym, thinking that a sports bra wouldn’t do anything different, which is a wrong thought. Taking Care of Your Newborns’ Skin in Indian Autumn. If you are scheduled to deliver in September and October, then you have to take care of many things. Autumn season is more demanding as compared to summer and rainy season. During summers, you can skip on moisturizers and full-sleeved clothing for the babies. You can also skip on the massage and make the routine an alternate-day affair.

However, the autumn season calls for all the protective measures for the newborn’s skin. Best Scenic Bus Routes in India That You Must See – Gone are the days when bus travel was a much-awaited affair in the summer vacations. We used to quarrel with our siblings just for the window seat. Our mommies spent the whole way trying to keep our necks and hands inside the bus. The hawkers selling eatables were the best source of fun things to eat. The long and tiring journeys used to bring a promise of meeting with our cousins. Oh! The modern times have made the bus journeys obsolete and a thing of the past. Bikini Guide for All Body Types. Not all of us are blessed with athletic and skinny bodies. Most of us have to deal with hormonal issues, sedentary lifestyle, stress and repeated caesareans. All these and many other factors generally make women skip on wearing bikinis.

5 Must Visit Places In Mumbai to Enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi. Best Street Style Fashion & Trends This Fall. Fashion is one entity that is constantly changing. The current trends get replaced with previous trends, and age-old fashion revives. Every single day in the fashion industry marks the beginning of something new. 8 Best Ideas for Romantic Bedroom Interiors. Amazing Styling Tips for Petite Women. The kinds of dresses you own play a huge role in your overall style. It is believed that one should buy clothes and accessories which compliment his or her body type. DIY Tips to Design Kids Study Area. One of the most tedious and exerting task for parents is making their kids do homework without creating chaos.  Places to Visit in Goa on Wheels. Goa is probably one of the tourist destinations, which is on everyone’s bucket list of things to do. However, there are only a few who make this come true.

The city of beaches is located on the coastline of the Arabian Sea and is well known for broad culture and round the year cultural festivals. Upto 50% OFF Promo Code - Aug 2019. Latest Moglix Coupons, Offers and Promo Codes. Smart Ideas to Design your Studio Apartment on Budget. With property prices soaring high, it has become next to impossible to own a premium property in metropolitan cities. But if you are willing to compromise on space, a studio apartment could be a nice alternative. Classy Tricks to Style your Tee. Healthy Snack Ideas to Respond To Your Midnight Cravings. Late-night nourishment cravings are genuine. How To Measure Your Bra Size For The Perfect Fit? Caring Tips For Your Infant Till He Turns A Year Old. Top 5 Garden DIY Projects to try this Fall. 10 Places to Explore In India on a Budget - Everything Online. Why Choose Akbar Travels As Your Medical Tourism Partner? - Sushmita Sathe. Upto 50% OFF Promo Code - July 2019. Best Casual Dressing Ideas For A Younger And Trendy You! - Sushmita Sathe.

10 Mesmerizing Outfits for Bridesmaid. Ways to Dress your Newborn with Changing Seasons. Biryani – A Royal Tradition that Travelled Ages & Miles Before Reaching Your Plates. What to Avoid While Shopping For Groceries Online? - teemey. Top 8 Exotic Food Items to Try During Fasts. Women Work Wear Trends That Are A Must Have! by TalkCharge Technologies. Untitled. Massaging Techniques for Your Baby. Top 10 Interactive and Engaging Toys for Overall Development of Your Child - EverythingOnline. Places to Visit and Things to Do in Your Ladakh Trip – Asnhi.

Best Experience Of Parenting With Baby Becoming a Toddler. Try some Yummylicious Treats to Take a Break from Pizza and Burger. 3 Kitchen Appliances for Fuss-Free Mornings. 6 Things to Know Before Buying a New Refrigerator - World Tourism. How To Make The Movie Experience At Your Homes Awesome? Features to Look for While Buying A New AC.

Important Tips for Keeping Your Baby’s Skin Healthy. Best Traditional Indian Coolants To Beat The Heat Of Summer by TalkCharge Technologies. Top 10 Lesser Known Travel Destinations In India You Must Explore. An Ideal Diet of a Breastfeeding Mother. EaseMyTrip Coupons & Offers. Create A Healthy Eating Diabetes Diet & Food Plan - talkcharge. How to Apply Online For the AC Load in CESC? - talkcharge. Best Natural Coolants for Eyes in Summer Season - talkcharge. 7 Baby Care Products Every Home with Kids Must Have - talkcharge. How to Stay Healthy this Summer? - talkcharge. Most Generous Hand-Carved Gifts To Surprise Your Boyfriend.

Things to Consider while Choosing a Laptop. 5 Mouth-watering Biryani you Should Try. Amazing Advantages of Air Purifier. 5 Amazing Things That You Can Buy From Shopclues. Best Beach Destinations in India. 5 Advantages Of Using Credit Cards. Top 8 Bollywood movies Of 2018 That You Must Watch. Reasons to Add Pachmarhi in Your Bucket List While Touring M.P - World Tourism.

5 Best Breakfast Dishes to Start Your Day With. Unique Indian desserts You Must Try Now. Avoid These Mistakes While Making Your Gas Bill Payment. Three Delicious and Different Styles of Biryani. 5 Good Games You Can Play On Laptops. Top 5 places to visit in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh. Why Consider Wearing Glasses over Contact Lenses. Best Architectural Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh. Best Places to Spend Nice Time with Family in Rajasthan. Essential Gadgets Everyone Should Own. Top 5 Best Budget Airlines in India - World Tourism. Talkcharge: What Are The Big Benefits Of Online Mobile Recharge? How Online Mobile Recharge Makes Our Life Easy. Best Shopping Deals on Nykaa This Year. Try These Best Add-Ons with Your Dominos Pizza. 5 Delicious Snacks You Can Get From FoodPanda. Here's How Jio Made 4G Internet a Commodity for Masses. 5 Places in Delhi to Have the Best Street Food - World Tourism.

5 Perfect Combo Meals You Can Order Anytime Anywhere. Best Rooftop Restaurants In Mumbai you Must Try. Best Way to Plan a Trip to Jagannath Puri with Your Family - World Tourism. 5 Essentials in your Wardrobe if you are Minimalist. 5 Best Places to Visit in Barcelona During Winters. Perfect Dinner Places in Noida and Gurgaon for Your Date - World Tourism.

Don’t Miss These Indian Cities If You Are Planning For Religious Trip by TalkCharge Technologies. 5 Simple And Effective Cooking Tips for Working Women. Top 5 Religious and Pilgrimage Cities in India by TalkCharge. Experience the Best Quality of Movie Watching. Flipkart – Perfect Toy Territory for Your Kid - Wow Blog. 5 Beautiful Temples You Must Visit in Chhattisgarh - World Tourism.