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Everyday Commentary: CRKT Swindle Review. NOTE: This review has been very challenging.

Everyday Commentary: CRKT Swindle Review

Not only is this knife highly unconventional, I got the production prototype. CRKT sent me the knife, that in all likelihood, was the one on screen at SHOT Show. It gave me early access, but as with all prototypes there was a flaw. The main pivot screw had a strong tendency to wiggle loose and effect the entire blade. After consulting with CRKT and their engineering folks, they gave me advice on a fix (Loctite Blue 242) and it worked. In the knife business, no one calls them "models". The photo shows all of the elements that make something a swayback: the palm swell at the end of the handle, the positive angle sweep of the handle, and the wharncliffe blade shape.

What would a modern rendition of a swayback look like? Here is the Swindle's product page. Blade HQ Finally, here is the Swindle CRKT sent me as a review sample: That is about as slim and as gorgeous a knife as I have seen in a long, long time. Design: 2 This is a Ken Onion design. Bull Shark Folding Knife Kit: Instructions: Download. Knife Patterns II. Please see the original Knife Patterns page for more templates and a brief tutorial on making a pattern.

Knife Patterns II

These are not to be considered perfect templates, but rather a starting point for you to tweak the curves and shape. Print the PDF and glue the selected size on to a piece of thin plywood, polycarbonate or other easy to work material. Ideally you will make a few different sizes and one of them will fit your piece of steel. -----------------------------------------------------------------------These are FREE to use. Free as in Beer. Note: Save the PDF or open in Acrobat first before printing.

DH38 Slender Drop Point CP13 - Long Clip Point DH36 Drop Point Hunter DH35 Drop-Point Full Flat ============================================================== FK1 Filleting Knife CP12 - Clip Point Inspired by Lloyd Harding's Collection TP1 (Trailing Point) CP11 - Clip Point DS4 Skinner (Skeleton) DH34 - Drop Point CP10 - Clip Point KN6 - Chef's Knife CP9 - Clip-Point Hunter w/Bolster DS3 Skinner DH33 Hunter. Couteaux_pliant. Tuto_piemontais. Walter Sorrells. Couteau. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Histoire[modifier | modifier le code] Les premiers couteaux faits de pierre, silex ou obsidienne, notamment, sous forme d'éclats bruts, sont datés d'il y a environ 25 000 ans. Ils étaient parfois en os aussi. À cette époque, le couteau sert aussi bien d'outil que d'arme. Dès l'âge du bronze, les couteaux sont faits en métal et sont pour la première fois munis d'une poignée. Les matériaux utilisés pour fabriquer les couteaux évoluèrent au fur et à mesure de la maîtrise de la métallurgie. Vocabulaire du Couteau - Artisan Coutelier. Voir Mouche.

Vocabulaire du Couteau - Artisan Coutelier

L’acier carbone est un acier traditionnel qui s’oxyde naturellement et se grise avec le temps. En contact avec l'humidité, l'acier carbone rouille, contrairement à l'inox. Sa forte teneur en carbone lui confère plus de dureté et une meilleure coupe. Les lames carbones s’aiguisent facilement et résistent à l’usure. Nous utilisons l’acier carbone XC75. Couteaux - Couteaux : le lexique. Petit lexique de la coutellerie : pour vous aider lors de la lecture de nos pages ! World Knives LTD. Please scroll down for product and manufacturer details.

World Knives LTD

Folding Knives For Sale from Chambriard, Conaz, Boker, Hartkopf Details Folding knives from a huge selection of international manufacturers including Linder, Boker, Maserin, Chambriard, Forge de Laguiole, Puma and more. The term 'folding knife' is rather generic and can refer to most any knife that is not a standard straight edge knife. To delineate it from the standard pocket knife we have defined folding knives as those that are generally too large to carry comfortably in one's pocket. Whether you need a knife to carry in a belt pouch or a knife to throw in your backpack World Knives has a folding knife to fit your need!

Please take a look at our growing selection of fine folding knives. Jay Fisher: Knife Maker, Artist, Photographer, Writer; Home Page. Custom Knife Patterns, Drawings, Layouts, Styles, Profiles. Introduction: Welcome to the BEST custom knife patterns page on the internet!

Custom Knife Patterns, Drawings, Layouts, Styles, Profiles

This is one of the most popular pages on my site. Why? Who else can offer you so many custom knife patterns? I work with clients on their own ideas, and many of these patterns are the results of that collaboration, some of the best custom handmade knives in the world. Some of the patterns have been gifted from the families of deceased knifemakers. I work with pad and pencil, rule, and curves, using email, fax machine, regular mail, and lots of drawings, scanning, hand-fitting, making templates, and fine tuning to get the profiles right (Learn more about designing knives and the costs involved here).

How to use this page There are no distinctions between types of knives in the pattern group, such as utility, tactical, combat, or hunting, but if you're on this page you probably already know the different types. Copyrights Thanks for respecting copyright laws! New Prototype Examples Why do the best knives have names?