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TalentPro delivers a broad range of HR related services with focus on Payroll, Staffing, Compliance and HRMS. TalentPro not only manages HR processes of their clients but also helps in the enhancement of their operational strength. Our customer centric approach to HR solutions helps our clients to keep up with the change in the HR industry and be proactive.

5 Essential Qualities of Effective Compliance Officers

How Payroll Outsourcing Can Help Your Organization Stay Compliant and Ethical. The EPFO Boom – What To Expect. Being the best HR Outsourcing Company in India, we provide bespoke HR Solutions for our clients. Get your HR & Payroll Outsourcing Services with TalentPro India. Visit. TalentPro’s Compliance Newsletter, “TalEzine” December 2020. TalentPro’s Compliance Calendar, “TalEzine” December 2020. 7 Ways HRMS Can Help in Identifying and Harnessing the Strengths of Employees. What needs to be known about Compliance in 2021. A Quick Analysis of Payroll Outsourcing and In-house Payroll Management. Payroll Process in HR: To make sure that your employees are happy, you have to pay them on time without disputes. TalentPro provides an efficient way of handling your payroll. #Talentpro #Payrolloutsourcing #payroll #thirdpartypayroll #Payrollprocess.

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Essential Statutory and Labour Law Compliance For all Small to Large Size Businesses. Payroll canva. Human Resources Best Practices COVID 19 (2) Are you worried about your compliance. How do small businesses keep up with HR regulations. HR Partner. Post lockdown. HR Management. Ensure Productivity. Together We Can Overcome. Crisis Management - Do’s and Don’ts. The COVID-19 crisis is well and truly here.

Crisis Management - Do’s and Don’ts

Many organizations are scrambling to enact contingency plans and initiatives. Here are some do’s and don’ts for managers to help them through this tough time. Do’s Building a Response Team: Building a core response team can help organizations through this period. The team could comprise of a few essential department heads, top management, and key individuals in internal management roles. Communication: Communication includes both internal communication within the organization as well as external with stakeholders and the media. Social Media: Using the power of social media can be a major step forward in connecting with employees. Cloud-based software: Moving HR management and information systems to cloud-based systems will save managers a lot of trouble. Offer Support: This lockdown could be a particularly distressing time for employees.

Don’ts Think Twice About Asking Help: Managers should be looking out for the well being of their workforce. COVID-19 Impacts on EPFO. Payroll And Compliance April 2020 Newsletter Weekly Edition. HR Process Automation. How to create the perfect work from home policy for your company. A perfect “work from home policy” is perhaps the need of the hour, and also, a corporate should have a contingency plan of work from home for its employees in times of need.

How to create the perfect work from home policy for your company

Let us see some of how a corporate can create perfect work from home policy. Maybe an HR outsourcing company can play a very major role in this regard. Today almost every major business across the globe offers its employees the option to work from home in times of their personal need and cases of extreme emergency such as one prevailing now. It maintains a regular workflow even in times of a crisis. Few steps that will help you to set up a good work from home policy. Decide who can work from home: Not every employee can work from home effectively with little supervision. Managing Your Workforce in a Lockdown. The world’s economy is currently experiencing a massive crisis in the form of SARS-CoV-2.

Managing Your Workforce in a Lockdown

Apart from the staggering toll it has taken in terms of its victims, and the crisis has also impacted the way businesses and organizations work. Businesses have resorted to more innovative ways of working to keep employees safe from the threat of disease as well as continue work. The implementation of a user-friendly HR management system can work wonders.

According to an article by economic times, the total financial cost of the COVID-19 crisis is an estimated 100-114 billion USD. A truly staggering figure. Why is HR outsourcing cost effective. Payroll And Compliance April 2020 Newsletter. Financial Contingency Ideas for Startups during Covid 19. How Payroll Management varies for different sectors. Payroll is a very strategic aspect of any business organization, and as such, every industry sector lays great emphasis on its successful implementation.

How Payroll Management varies for different sectors

Payroll processing services is a very strategic corporate function these days. Every business, big or small, needs payroll. How to keep your employees motivated during tough times. Preparing the Workforce for the End of the Financial Year. Tips for effective crisis management. 2030 and the Future of the Labour Market. The world’s marketplaces are constantly evolving and it remains to be seen what is in store for the way business and work is conducted.

2030 and the Future of the Labour Market

Organizations are beginning to adopt newer practices and trends to stay ahead of their competitors. Key Statistics for the Future Mckinsey, in November 2017, published a report titled ‘Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: What the Future of Work Will Mean for Jobs, Skills, And Wages.’ The report outlines the future of the global marketplace and how the outlook for opportunities may be in the future in 2030. The report stated that about 50% of jobs will undergo automation. How to upgrade your HR process?

Why is a good workplace culture important? Payroll difficulties faced today in India. Payroll is a very important and strategic part of the HR function as it requires great skills and attention while processing; hence there are certain difficulties associated with payroll.

Payroll difficulties faced today in India

As India has gained prominence in international business, there are also complicated tax and social laws that hold out a challenge to the payroll departments. Challenges faced in handling a Company's Compliance nowadays. Businesses face numerous issues every day and every year related to compliance that may impact their businesses severely.

Challenges faced in handling a Company's Compliance nowadays

The cause of these issues is very stressful, especially for small businesses. In today’s world of cut-throat business competition, every business gives foremost importance to compliance solutions.To be frank enough, in today’s ever-changing landscape of HR laws and regulations, certain parameters such as labour law compliance and statutory compliance management are of immense importance to the businesses as failure to comply with the same can have serious repercussions. Let us have a look at some of the major challenges faced by the company while handling a compliance system. Availability of expertise Many of the businesses which operate in multiple states are required to comply with central, state and local government regulations.

Innovative Ideas for Your Company's Payroll. The Future of HR Outsourcing in 2020 - What Insiders Say. Payroll And Compliance March 2020 Newsletter. 15 Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll. 5 Steps Needed for Putting Compliance into Action. Ways Technology can redefine recruitment in 2020. How even startups can have a great HR management. Critical HR Challenges in the Textile Industry.

Labour Law Amendments. What is the most important part of payroll services. Things to be taken care of while choosing the best payroll outsourcing company in India? HR and the Banking Industry in 2020. Way to Manage your Payroll Compliance Effectively. Why is Payroll Processing important. The 2020 Budget – What it Means for Your Payroll.

Payroll Outsourcing. How will automation take over the HR Industry? In this age of automation, every aspect of the corporate world is getting affected, and so is the function of HR.

How will automation take over the HR Industry?

AI is being used to automate HR services, and it is creating positive effects on the HR industry. Though it is not going to replace humans, still let us consider some of the major effects of AI on the industry. One positive side effect is that it is ensuring the best payroll services for start-ups. Helps to move through thousands of applications faster Hiring and sorting resumes is a tiresome process. Helps in reducing hiring bias Automation has unleashed an outstanding HR services by removing any possible bias. Helps in streamlining Employee onboarding New hires may have questions related to leaves, company policies, etc. which are repetitive. Highlights Budget 2020 for Companies. Taxation in 2020 – All That You Need to Know. Payroll And Compliance February 2020 Newsletter. AI and the Future of Hiring. PAYROLL GOT YOU DOWN. How to do effective payroll management in startups?

2 Major factors on why third party management is necessary. Payroll Strategies for the Year Ahead. According to the Willis Towers Watson Survey that conducted in 2019, salaries in India are projected to rise by 10% in the year 2020, and sectors like manufacturing, chemical, tech, and pharma are expecting salary increases by 10%.

Payroll Strategies for the Year Ahead

Sectors such as energy, financial services, and consumer products will see the highest year-on-year growth. Given that various sectors are primed for growth in the year ahead, the market becomes extremely competitive as organizations will look to make strides to stay ahead of the competition in their respective sectors. Payroll happens to be the area where most organizations heavily invest in. In some cases, organizations have invested up to 60% in payroll. Key Trends: According to a report, the global payroll outsourcing services market, the analysis showed that the global payroll service outsourcing market would have a steady growth till 2021 as there is a need to reduce in-house payroll-related costs to most organizations.

Third-Party Payroll in 2020- Less Stress, More Efficiency. 2020 is finally here, and with it come a whole new set of challenges for organizations in terms of finding and retaining the right talent.

Third-Party Payroll in 2020- Less Stress, More Efficiency

Workplaces are continually evolving to keep with the times and the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. With Glassdoor’s chief economist Andrew Chamberlain declaring that employees would be organizations’ sole focus in the year ahead, the race is on for employers to find, manage, and retain the best talent. A survey by Paycor found that 2020 will see 55 million job openings will be available in 2020 and that there is a focus on managing and keeping employees in check and satisfied with current conditions. According to the 2019 BlueSteps Executive Career Outlook survey, India in 2020 was the most optimistic, after Brazil about the growth of senior management roles in 2020.

Is compliance a “business obstacle. What is the importance of having an HRMS? HRMS is an integrated system providing information that is used by the HR department in various strategic decision making. These days’ majority of the corporates have an HRMS portal. It is an important tool by which any company can keep track of all its employees and information about them. The company may choose to store many kinds of vital information such as employee demographics, benefits tracking, and performance-related information. 5 R's of workforce management. How to Simplify Your Organization’s Payroll Process?

“Labor could be the most poorly managed costs” Tips to simplify your Payroll Process. A Primer to Payroll Taxes. Payroll Taxes are taxes that are deducted from an employee’s salary by an employer. Payroll And Compliance January 2020 Newsletter. How staffing industry in India grown over the past five years? The staffing industry in India has grown to an extraordinary level, especially in the area of a third-party payroll service provider. Staffing in India has shown much activity with the growth of business and commerce. Temporary staffing has shown remarkable growth over the last few years. In simple words, the staffing industry is all poised to make a giant leap in the coming years. Over the past five years, the industry has grown at a rate of 20-25% per year, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down as yet.

The staffing industry in India essentially provides a platform for recognized employment, work choice, reasonable compensation, annual benefits, and health benefits for the temporary workforce.