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Numerical Assessment Practice Test. Pearson TalentLens, a global leader in the talent assessment market, provides unique strategic value with its proprietary processes and assessment tools.

Numerical Assessment Practice Test

Its new product “Numerical Data Interpretation Test (NDIT)” (a numerical reasoning test) is designed to measure an individual’s ability to interpret and manipulate data, which is required in most roles. Today, companies have recognized the benefits of numerical data interpretation and its positive impact on their competitiveness and hence are on a constant lookout for these skills. They attract the workforce in hordes for positions that include finance professionals, business analysts, marketing managers, etc., who have data analytics as a crucial part of their job responsibilities. Therefore, for anyone interested in numerical data interpretation (employers, students, and data professionals), it is imperative to be skill ready.

User's Guide for Occupational: Production Employee. Benefits of having a workforce with English comprehension. Today’s corporate world runs on the play of words and language, where globally, around 360 million people in more than 100 countries have chosen English as their first language.

Benefits of having a workforce with English comprehension

Furthermore, 743 million people have chosen English as their second language for verbal communication. Critical thinking demand of itself. Did you ever consider yourself as a critical thinker?

Critical thinking demand of itself

When it comes to solving any problem, are you rational, or do you arrive at conclusions based on factual evidence? It’s nothing to worry about as critical thinking is a skill that can be developed and honed with time. Whether you’ve inherited this talent or not, rest assured that with time, you too can stimulate your critical thinking abilities. Advantages of online Test and Assessment Solution. Paper has been the traditional method of conducting evaluations.

Advantages of online Test and Assessment Solution

Now a new trend of online tests leads the lists. There are many online test and assessment solutions that evaluate the degree to which an employee’s competencies have contributed in achieving the objectives in a job. Where does this trend come from and what are the advantages of implementing these tools? The global interconnectivity, the technological advancements and the accessibility to computers have resulted in the growth of companies. Current organizations require faster decisions and, therefore, obtain quick results from human talent evaluations. The sectors that use Online Test and Assessment Solution the most to evaluate the knowledge of their employees are: IT/ITes, BFSI, Hospitality, Manufacturing and E-commerce. Solving Skill Assessment for Job Applicants. For the successful development of any organization, you need the right talent which is hard to come by.

Solving Skill Assessment for Job Applicants

Irrespective of industry or sector, the one problem that everyone faces is the identification and differentiation of great talent. One of the best ways to identify the best talent is to identify individuals who score high on problem solving skills. Some of the best decision makers score high on problem solving skill assessments. Many of the progressive companies today don’t look at education, qualifications, and experience of the employee as they are considered not so crucial for the head of the organization, as a naturally quick learner.

Therefore, the remaining indicators – personal data, qualifications, experience – are considered as an auxiliary rather than a paramount criterion. High Potential Talent Management in India: Rising and Shining. Author: Bhawana Mishra Managing Director, BasilTree Consulting I sat down, surrounded by graphs and pie charts, to write my thoughts on the current state of play in what would be a fairly mundane subject for most – High Potential Talent Management Practices in India.

High Potential Talent Management in India: Rising and Shining

Struggling for several minutes to find an opening on what was the moot point I wanted to make, respite came in the form of my 10-year-old walking in, humming these lines from the Beatles classic that turned 50 this year. “Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter, Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here Here comes the sun (doo doo doo) Here comes the sun, and I say… It’s all right” She had given me my opening.

Here are the top-five themes emerging from the study, along with our take on what next for Corporate India. The Watson-Glaser II Critical Thinking Appraisal. Ability Tests & Aptitude Testing. Occupational Skills Tests. Understanding the Different Types of Learning Agility. In today’s highly capricious business environment, leaders have to be quick & innovative thinkers; always on their feet, and always open to change.

Understanding the Different Types of Learning Agility

Their leadership skills are constantly put to the test with many more unfamiliar & unseen situations. Hence, a skill like learning agility is regarded as such a necessity for business leaders today. But what is learning agility? Imagine finding yourself in a new & unfamiliar situation and not knowing what to do – but then figuring it out. That is the essence of learning agility. A recent survey on leadership potential found that learning agility was the most frequently used criteria to measure leadership potential. However, recent research reveals that learning agility can further be categorised into seven distinct categories.

By understanding the specific strengths and weaknesses of professionals across each of the respective profiles, organisations can make more calculated decisions with regard to hiring new candidates. . ∙ Thought Leaders. The Importance Of Assessing Cognitive Abilities While Hiring. Recruiters are always interested in finding candidates with specific aptitudes, and cognitive skills as finding these skills in a candidate help recruiters find the best match for a job.

The Importance Of Assessing Cognitive Abilities While Hiring

The Importance Of Assessing Cognitive Abilities While Hiring. The One Essential Skill for a Successful Career in Any Field. “Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent and committed decision.” ~ Tony Robbins.

The One Essential Skill for a Successful Career in Any Field

Learning Agility is the willingness and ability to learn. “Learning agility is the willingness and ability to learn, de-learn, and re-learn.

Learning Agility is the willingness and ability to learn

Limitations on learning are barriers invented by humans.”- Pearl Zhu In this world, everything is continuously changing and we are uncertain about so many things. In this volatile, unpredictable state, there is only one way to survive and that is to adapt, learn, and move forward. Here, we are referring to the concept called “Learning Agility”. Staffing Software with Assessment.

Staffing Software with assessment is not a recent phenomenon, but the range of its application is significantly expanding. This year, we noticed not only an intensification of the application of this method for evaluating both candidates for open positions, but also for evaluating potential candidates who have not yet applied for the job. In particular, for vacancies involving recruitment of professionals with little work experience, such as graduates and novice professionals, there has been an increase in the use of realistic and detailed job descriptions and career development guides. These tools give the potential candidate an opportunity to understand the essence of the proposed activity and to decide more consciously whether to submit their resume or to refuse this opportunity. The use of personality assessments has been steadily making their way into the recruitment process as we see more companies adopting them. Recruitment Assessments and Solutions. Do you know that 72% of HR-experts believe that the lack of automation of personnel management negatively affects the success of the company?

The figures are dangerous, so we decided to figure out what, in the work of an HR specialist, can be automated and if it can be done without any additional costs. Choosing the right candidate can help increase the productivity, profitability of a business and increase employee loyalty. A wrong hire usually results in significant staff turnover or insufficient competence of employees which ultimately leads to revenue loss. The process of recruitment begins with the description of the vacancy and its analysis on the corresponding situation in the personnel market and the needs of the company.

If necessary, the vacancy description is adjusted in the search process. Among the few Recruitment Testing Companies in India, Pearson TalentLens offers assessments that are scientifically validated and most reliable to ensure the best quality. Abstract Reasoning Test. Critical Thinking Means Business. Learning Abilities Assessment. Critical Thinking Appraisal. Cognitive Ability Tests. How can Critical Thinking help? Critical thinking is inevitably an undeniable skill to develop if you are to do well in life.

By well, I mean just about survive! If you are a poor critical thinker, please be prepared to renounce hopes of thriving and making it big in this fiercely competitive world! This of course, has to be followed through with concrete action. Can anyone become a critical thinking leader? Leadership is no longer defined by the position one is at in an organization. In fact, organizations see leaders across the board. Each individual is important and is expected to bring not just optimal performance but a drive that makes her contribute effectively to the growth momentum of the organization as a whole. Here is how some top executives define leadership in today’s world.

“Too many people view management as leadership. It’s not. “Leadership is stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risk to create reward.” – Katie Easley, founder, Kate Ryan Design. Importance of Hiring Lateral Thinking in Workforce. What is lateral thinking, and why is it important? We’ve all heard the theory of how some people are left-brained while others are right-brained. Left-brained are thought to be logical and analytical, while right-brainers are supposed to be creative and artistic. Using this theory, one can gauge the professional inclinations of right and left-brainers and how they think.

However, who are lateral thinkers? Critical Thinking: The Essence of A Decisive Mind. Did you ever consider yourself as a critical thinker? When it comes to solving any problem, are you rational, or do you arrive at conclusions based on factual evidence? How Important is Critical Thinking. If there was one life skill everyone on the planet needed, it was the ability to think with critical objectivity- Henry David Thoreau Critical thinking is a rich concept that has been developing throughout the past 2,500 years. The term “critical thinking” has its roots in the mid-late 20th century. So, it’s quite evident that the importance of critical thinking is not newfound.

Numerical Aptitude Test. Numerical Assessment Tools. Best English Assessment Skills. The Versant™ English Test (VET), created by leading language testing experts and built on the patented Ordinate® testing system, evaluates the spoken English skills of people whose native language is not English. Corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions throughout the world use VET to evaluate the ability of students, staff or employees to understand spoken English and to communicate clearly and appropriately in English. Occupational: Assessment test for Jobs.

Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Assessment. Spoken English: A guaranteed medium for success. Today’s corporate world runs on the play of words and language, where globally, around 360 million people in more than 100 countries have chosen English as their first language. Furthermore, 743 million people have chosen English as their second language for verbal communication. Cultivating a Habit of Critical Thinking, Anywhere!

Workplace Personality Inventory–ii Test. 93% of the hiring managers consider soft skills essential, but 59% say they are hard to find. In this dog-eat-dog world, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. A Brief Understanding of Numerical Data Interpretation. Today, there is a need to go beyond just mathematical problems and calculations in the hiring process. 3 and 4 BHK Stylish Apartments. New Luxury Apartments in Sarjapur Road. 4 BHK Apartments for Sale in Byadarahalli. 4 BHK Flats in Kudlu Gate Bangalore. Buy 3 BHK Premium Apartment. Occupational Employment - TalentLens. Working Styles Assessments - TalentLens.

Mental health issues at the workplace have emerged as a significant and universal problem. It plays a crucial role in the quality of both the personal and professional lives of an Individual. Golden Personality Assessment Test - TalentLens. Best Critical Thinking Skills - TalentLens. Pre Employment Assessment Test - TalentLens. Assessment of Abilities - TalentLens. Critical Thinking: A Corporate Leadership Mantra! “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Make Numbers Work For You: The importance of numerical data interpretation and manipulation. “The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, former executive, president, and chair, HP. Good English Comprehension. Learning and Development Assessments - TalentLens. Employment Assessment Test - TalentLens. Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal.

Good Communication Skills - TalentLens. Critical Thinking Test - TalentLens. Work Styles Assessments - TalentLens. Critical Thinking - The New Mantra for Success. Creating a Critical Thinking Culture. Personality Assessment. Critical Thinking Ability and Employability. Communication Assessment. Critical Thinking Ability. Why Learning and Development programs are important in an Organization. Personality And Its Role In Your Career - Pearson TalentLens. English : The Global Language and its Importance in the Workplace. Online Assessments: The Future of Digital Talent Recruitment - Pearson TalentLens. The Art of Decision Making with Critical Thinking.

English Comprehension – For Global Working Professionals. Recruitment Tools Help In Streamlining The Hiring Process. Importance of Communication Assessment. Boost Your Critical Thinking Skills. Develop your Critical Thinking skills. Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices - TalentLens.

Versant for English Score Report - TalentLens

Critial Thinking Workshop - TalentLens. Employability Skills Assesment - TalentLens. SSOSIE Personality Measurement Tool - TalentLens. Occupational Suites for Banking and Financial - TalentLens. Spoken English: The Latest Universal Recruitment Requisite. The need for ‘Online Assessment Platform’ in today’s digital world. Psychometric Tests: A Recruitment Necessity. Versant English Assessments - TalentLens. Personality And Its Role In Your Career. Online Assessments: The Future of Digital Talent Recruitment. Decision-Making Assessment - Pearson TalentLens. Leadership Assessment - TalentLens. Differential Aptitude Tests - TalentLens. Buy Talent Assessment Tools - TalentLens. Golden Personality Type Profiler.

Differential Appitude Test, Differential Aptitude Tests (DAT) Online. Workplace Personality Inventory. Occupational Suite, Occupational suites for Banking and Financial roles. How to choose a recruitment software? - Pearson TalentLens. Importance of Communication Assessment - Pearson TalentLens. Increasing the efficiency of candidate selection through automation. - Pearson TalentLens. Why recruiters need to pay attention to Critical Thinking Ability when assessing potential candidates - Pearson TalentLens. Differential Appitude Test, Differential Aptitude Tests (DAT) Online. Hiring Assessments - Pearson TalentLens. Psychometric Assessment - Pearson TalentLens. Recruitment Management Software - TalentLens.