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Legal Framework Governing Company Secretaries : Regulatory framework. In the era of post-independence when the territory realized the business growth, it required a legal framework to have a firm hand over the business.

Legal Framework Governing Company Secretaries : Regulatory framework

It was one such necessity that brought in Companies Act, 1956. Apparently the need for a professional who can drive this firm had in corporate was also realized. At the inception, the Department of Company Affairs introduced examinations to qualify the Government Diploma in Company Secretaryship (GDCS), which marked the beginning of the profession of Company Secretaries in an organized manner. Tort Liability – CSEET PAPER 2.

TORT LAW – Tort Meaning, Essential Elements, Liability and Remedies in Tort (LEGAL APTITUDE AND LOGICAL REASONING – CSEET – Paper 2) The Law of Tort is an interesting topic to deal with.

Tort Liability – CSEET PAPER 2

Though not a complex law it demands certain understanding for demarcation between law of torts and other wrongs. Now being part of CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) comprising of Objective Type/ Multiple Choice questions, let us look at law of torts with similar view point where we learn torts in a more granulated form. Tort Meaning Tort – means a civil wrong. The word tort is French equivalent of English word wrong. In general Tort meaning is a civil wrong that causes a claimant to suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the wrongful act. Parties – There are 2 parties in a Tort a. BANK RECONCILIATION STATEMENT (BRS) Let us begin the process of learning BRS for by defining Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS).BRS, Bank Reconciliation Statement, is a statement usually prepared by a bank account holder on a particular date (usually on the last date of the month) to check (or reconcile) whether the balance shown by the bank Ledger account in the books of account holder and the balance shown in the account holder’s Pass Book as issued by the Bank.


A close look at the above paragraph, especially the underlined words, brings to attention the following important points for taking forward the process of understanding BRS, the Bank Reconciliation statement format: BRS is a statement and not a ledger account.BRS should have two balances to be checked if they are same and if not to reconcile the differences by identifying and narrating the reasons for the difference.

Now let us list out the situations in which the difference in the timing of recording transactions. What are the Important Topics of CSEET. What are the Important Topics of CSEET, Paper-Wise?

What are the Important Topics of CSEET

ICSI holds the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) for direct affirmation of the applicants in the CS Executive Program. CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) is chosen to be held multiple times in a year that is the long stretch of January, May, July, and November. To be qualified for CSEET the base capability is 10+2 or an identical test. Applicants with higher instructive capabilities will be likewise needed to clear the test. Be that as it may, up-and-comers who have qualified ICAI and ICMAI last courses will be absolved from qualifying CS Executive Entrance Test. What Things Should You Need to Know about CMA in India? CMA Foundation. What Things Should You Need to Know about CMA in India?

What Things Should You Need to Know about CMA in India? CMA Foundation

CMA in India – So, you seek to turn into a Cost Management Accounting (CMA)? Are you still uncertain about how to begin? Here are the subtleties you should know prior to joining CMA preparation. Settling on the CMA program is an incredible move to make your vocation flourishing in administration bookkeeping. Notwithstanding, prior to getting into it, it is attractive to have a deep understanding of the course, capability, qualification, test example, pay, and professional possibilities. CS Executive JIGL CRIMINAL PROCEDURE CODE 1973 - Criminal Law.

CS Executive JIGL CRIMINAL PROCEDURE CODE 1973 A lesson relating to Criminal Law at CS Executive level may intrigue many students.

CS Executive JIGL CRIMINAL PROCEDURE CODE 1973 - Criminal Law

Does a Company Secretary in his professional competency have to deal with the Criminal Law extensively? The answer is No. As far as any core law other than corporate laws in the course, the lesson deal with the basics understanding that a professional should be aware of. CS EXECUTIVE COLLECTIVE INVESTMENT SCHEMES (CIS) – SEBI. In general understanding, A Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) is typically an investment plan wherein assets/ funds of several individuals are pooled in together for investing into specific assets and for sharing the benefits or profits arising out of that investment as agreed initially during the pooling of such assets/ funds.


The aforesaid meaning is no different from the legislative meaning brought in by SEBI (Collective Investment Scheme) Regulations, 1999 (Scheme). In simple, words A CIS is any scheme or arrangement which pools funds from investors and involves a corpus amount of ₹100 crore or more. The Scheme mandates that every CIS has to compulsorily register itself with SEBI, file offer documents for its schemes and obtain a credit rating from a recognized rating agency, before it launches a scheme.

The history of CIS dates back few decades. In 1997 SEBI, prohibited collective investment schemes from sponsoring any new scheme till the CIS regulations are notified. Learn ICSI Updates 2020 - Changes in cs course - CSEET (Entrance Test) W.r.tCompany Secretaries (Amendment) Regulations, 2020.

Learn ICSI Updates 2020 - Changes in cs course - CSEET (Entrance Test)

ICSI Updates 2020 – Changes in CS Course – CSEET (Entrance Test) Change is permanent! List of Services Exempted under GST Act 2017 - GST Exempted Goods. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a value-added tax levied on most goods and services sold for domestic consumption.

List of Services Exempted under GST Act 2017 - GST Exempted Goods

It is paid by customers, but it is paid to the government by the businesses selling the goods and services. GST – Goods and Services Tax is a source of revenue for the government. It is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services. The government has classified certain goods and services exempted under the GST Act 2017. MEANING AND SCOPE OF SUPPLY - UNDER GOODS AND SERVICES TAX. Supply is the taxable event in GST Act.


Determination of the taxable event in any tax law is of utmost significance as the levy of tax is based on occurrence of that event. Under Goods and services tax (GST), a uniform and single taxable event ‘supply’ would replace multiple taxable events i.e. manufacture, provision of service and sale, etc., those were present in the previous tax regime. Thus, the term ‘supply’ will hold the importance in determining the taxability of all transactions, whether commercial or otherwise. CS Executive Introduction to Direct Tax, Income Tax & Property Tax. CS Executive Introduction to Direct Tax , Income Tax & Property Tax An expense might be characterized as a fiscal weight set upon people or landowners to help in the food of the legislature, an installment got by administrative power. A duty is anything but a willful installment or gift, however, and upheld commitment demanded as per administrative position. Direct charges or circuitous expenses are the principal segments of Taxes.

It is paid in cash or then again, its work proportional (frequently yet not generally unpaid work). India has a very much organized tax assessment framework. A budgetary charge or other duty forced upon a citizen (an individual or legitimate element) is called as Tax, gathered by a state or what might be compared to the equivalent, to such an extent that inability to pay, or avoidance of or protection from an assortment of assessment is deserving of law. Click to read Tax laws Income under the head “Salaries” CSEET 2021 Exam, Eligibility, Syllabus, Registration Fee. The CS Executive Entrance Examination (CSEET) is administered by the Institute of Company Secretaries (ICSI) for direct entry to the CS Executive Program. The CS Executive Entrance Exam Test (CSEET) will be conducted 4 times a year in May, July, November and January. Students appearing for the 10+2 exams/who have recently appeared for the same or students, undergraduates and postgraduates can register with CSEET at

How to Prepare for CSEET 2021 : CSEET Syllabus & CSEET Exam 2021. How to Prepare for CSEET 2021 : CSEET Syllabus & CSEET Exam The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) holds the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) for direct admission of the candidates in the CS Executive Programme. CSEET which has replaced the CS Foundation program will be held now by ICSI four times a year.

With the introduction of CSEET from February 3, 2020, new registration to the Foundation Programme has ceased to exist w.e.f. February 3, 2020, CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) is the only qualifying entrance test for registration to the CS Executive Programme. All the students seeking admission in the Company Secretary Course including graduates/ postgraduates, etc. shall be required to qualify the CSEET from February 3, 2020 onwards.

SBCE SETTING UP OF BUSINESS OUTSIDE INDIA. The Globalization of Business has become a very essential feature for any economy in the past decades. India opened its doors for globalization and liberalization in 1991. The Industrial Policy was the turning point to the Indian Economy aiming at goal of making the economy more market- and service-oriented and expanding the role of private and foreign investment. Though there were foreign transactions before this, it was merely to conserve our foreign exchange reserve.Until 1991, India’s economic integration with the rest of the world was very limited. FUNDAMENTALS OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT. In this article we give introduction to one of the subjects of CMA Foundation, i.e., Fundamentals of Economics and Management.

Let’s understand the topic at a glance; Fundamentals of Management is the introduction of management which describe how the management plays vital role in the organisation as the organisation needs a proper level of management for achievement of the goals and objectives of the organisation. There are so many authors who describe the management in their perspectives and the best one will be consider understanding the management. Management categorizes in three level i.e., Top Level management, Medium Level management and Lower Level management. Top-level management of a company consists of the board of directors, chief executive officer, and Managing Director.

There is a controversy that whether management is a science or an art or the profession. CMA Foundation Exam & CMA Foundation Syllabus. How to Prepare CS Executive Tax Laws and Practice ? Tax Laws and Practice – A tax might be characterized as ” a mandatory extraction made by the focal government from the overall population. What are the main components of the economic environment? CSEET. Economic and Business Environment – CSEET What are the main components of the economic environment?

Methods of accounting for CS Executive. Need of Electronic Voting (E voting) in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) What is Bond .pdf. BANK RECONCILIATION STATEMENT (BRS) - CMA Foundation. ​​​​​​​CMA foundation video lectures: Learn Underwriting of Shares and Debentures & Types of Underwriting. CMA foundation study material: PENSION FUNDS & NATIONAL PENSION SCHEME. In this article, we will know about Pension Funds and National Pension Scheme from the subject Law & Ethics chapter-13 Industrial Laws of CMA Inter.

What is a Pension Fund? CA / CMA Final Financial Reporting IND AS 23 BORROWING COSTS. CA / CMA Final Financial Reporting IND AS 23 BORROWING COSTS. ICMAI online classes: What is insurance Claim? & Types of Insurance - General Insurance. An insurance claim is a formal request by a person to an insurance company for coverage or compensation for a covered loss or policy of anything. CMA foundation study material: Introduction to Theory of Production. Secretarial Audit – Fraud Detection & Reporting. CS Executive Programme – Setting Up of Business Entities and Closure. How long is the CS Course and Who can do CS. CS new syllabus professional: Secretarial Audit - Fraud Detection & Reporting. CS Professional Programme – SACMDD Secretarial Audit – Fraud Detection & Reporting The business models in India are incorporated under one or another form of an organization governed by various Acts and rules and every organization has to ensure that it has complied with the statutory and regulatory compliance.

All these laws are to ensure the business enterprise carries on business in a just and equitable manner and protects its interest of its various stakeholders. Thus not only the financial aspects also those of non-financial and compliance aspects also to comply in order with the Laws. CS executive income tax videos lecture: What is Various Initial Registrations and Licenses required for Startups? CSEET syllabus 2021: How long is the CS Course and Who can do CS? CS Career Options. CMA Final Exam Pattern 2021, CMA Final Course Syllabus & Preparation Tips. CMA intermediate study material: Underwriting of Shares and Debentures & Types of Underwriting. CMA foundation study material: CMA Foundation Business Mathematics (AP) Arithmetic Progression Formula. CA foundation accounting: TIME OF SUPPLY UNDER GST (GOODS AND SERVICES TAX) CA intermediate accounting: Cash Flow Statement & Cash Equivalents For CA Inter & CMA Inter Accounting.

CA final video lectures: CA FINAL STRATEGIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FINANCIAL SWAPS AND FUTURES. CS executive study material: What is Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996? CS Executive JIGL. Legal aptitude CSEET pdf: TORT LAW : Tort Meaning. Best online classes for CMA intermediate: INTANGIBLE ASSETS (ACCOUNTING STANDARD 26) Best online classes for CMA foundation: Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) Ca foundation online coaching: List of Services Exempted under GST Act 2017 - GST Exempted Goods. Ca intermediate online coaching: Cost and management accounting CA inter Cost Sheet. ICSI executive study material: SECURITIES LAWS & CAPITAL MARKETS SWEAT EQUITY SHARES. CSEET study material 2021: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) : About, History, Objectives and Functions.

CMA intermediate exam pattern: CMA exam tips. Best CMA intermediate online classes: Know about Pension Fund Regulation and Functions. CMA Intermediate: Exam Pattern 2021, Course Syllabus, And Preparation Tips. CMA foundation: Benefits of becoming CMA. IBPS exam calender. Can an average student crack bank exam myth vs fact. SSC MTS notification. Current gk questions 6 feb 2021 weekly current affairs quiz. IBPS exam calender. Can an average student crack bank exam myth vs fact. SSC MTS notification. Current gk questions 6 feb 2021 weekly current affairs quiz.

Online classes for class 5 CBSE: What are the Facts about The Solar System? Planets in the Solar system. Online Banking classes: Can an Average Student Crack Bank Exam? Myth vs Fact. IBPS Clerk Online Classes: IBPS Exam Calendar 2021-22. Online class 12: 10 Tips To Score Better in CBSE Science Exam. Bank coaching online: Probability & How to solve probability problems with solutions.

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Can I crack the SSC Exam Without Coaching? SSC Preparation Tips. English question answers for IBPS, RRB, SBI ,SSC, RBI - PART : 69. Constitution of India & Amendment of the Constitution (Indian Polity) Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers for Statement and Argument & Statement and Conclusion. (History Quiz) GENERAL SCIENCE QUESTIONS FOR SSC - PART : 28. Reasoning Puzzles For Circular Seating Arrangement Questions. Weekly Current Affairs Quiz - 16 January - Current Affairs Questions.

HOW TO PREPARE FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMS WHILE DOING JOB? How to Prepare General Science(GS) for SSC CGL Exams. How to Study Smart ? Learn 10 Tips to Study Smart. Important Do’s and Don’ts for the SSC CGL Exam Preparation. Learn Machine Input Output Reasoning - tips and tricks with solutions. Learn Types of conjunctions - Parts Of Speech for English Grammar. REASONING ABILITY QUESTION ANSWER FOR SBI , IBPS : PART – 96.