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Business Laws & Business Correspondence and Reporting. Nursery to 5th online classes. In order to compete with today’s world, children must be prepared from a very early age.

Nursery to 5th online classes

As early as four or five years, the children grew up in the home, where they seek advice about how family life, and how to interact with people in general pretence. But life and the competition and the whole world, life and excel in the upcoming one in later life. So in order to inculcate the ethics what can be better than providing them with quality education at home. Takshila learning provides you with online video classes for primary school students so that you can easily and efficiently teach your child in your way or child can learn themselves by our interactive classes.

Our motive is to make quality education and teachers approachable to everybody and ensure better learning. CA Foundation Course Coaching & CA Foundation Video Lectures. FAQ’s For CA Foundation Online Classes & Video Lectures Ques 1: What are the subjects of CA Foundation Course?

CA Foundation Course Coaching & CA Foundation Video Lectures

Ans: CA Foundation Course Programme consists of following 4 papers; CA Foundation Principles and Practice of AccountingBusiness Laws and Business Correspondence and ReportingBusiness Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & StatisticsBusiness Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge Ques 2: How should I start the CA preparation? Ans: Following are the alternate ways in which you can start the Chartered Accountancy journey: Start after 10+2 examination by giving CPT examinationStart IPC exams after completing graduation in Commerce with 55% marksNon-commerce graduate with 60% marksStart IPC just after clearing Intermediate exams for CS / CWA. Study Material for Preschool students (Nursery/LKG/UKG) - Online nursery Classes. CA Foundation Principles and Practices of Accounting video lectures. CA Foundation Principles And Practices Of Accounting Video Lectures CA Foundation is a part of the revised scheme introduced by the ICAI.

CA Foundation Principles and Practices of Accounting video lectures

CA Foundation is an entry-level test designed for students who want to pursue the CA Course. Online Tuition Classes CBSE/ NCERT. As you move from class 5th to 6th, there is a drastic change in the complexity experienced in every subject.

Online Tuition Classes CBSE/ NCERT

One must be prepared to face the upcoming tough roads. Our animated course for Class 6 (Maths, Science, English, Hindi, GK ) will help you prepare for the forthcoming challenges in the best possible way. NCERT & CBSE Class 1 Online Classes / Live Online Classes / Online Tuition classes. CA Foundation Law- Business Laws & Business Correspondence and Reporting. Best online tuition classes and Live Classes For Class 6th to Class 8th - CBSE & ICSE Board. Ques 1: What do I need to have to access your Online LIVE Classes?

Best online tuition classes and Live Classes For Class 6th to Class 8th - CBSE & ICSE Board

Ans: Preferably you need a Laptop with a decent internet connection. Our platform works even on low bandwidth.Ques 2: Can I talk to the faculty before Paying for Live Classes? Ans: Yes, First, you watch the demo videos of the faculty you like and you can even ask us for more. Then, we will try to have a demo class arranged for you where you can interact with the respective faculty. Ques 3: Can I have one-on- one individual Live Class? Ques 4: Will I be able to ask questions during live class? Ques 5: What configuration of a computer or laptop is required to access the live class? CBSE & NCERT Worksheet for class 1 Maths worksheet & 1 Grade Worksheets. CBSE & NCERT Maths Worksheet for class 1 Free Worksheet for class 1 Maths : Helpful for first-grade students to learn and practice mathematics with our free on-line mathematics worksheets.

CBSE & NCERT Worksheet for class 1 Maths worksheet & 1 Grade Worksheets

Use these free and printable mathematics worksheets to introduce and review inclusion and subtraction fact families for the first graders. This free printable 1st-grade mathematics worksheet helps your kid to practice techniques for learning math. CA Foundation Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2021 Exam Pattern, Course & Eligibility Criteria. CA Foundation 2021 Exam Pattern : Course Syllabus , Eligibility Criteria About CA Foundation Course : The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is the institution that runs the CA Foundation Course.

CA Foundation Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2021 Exam Pattern, Course & Eligibility Criteria

The CA Foundation Course is the entry level to the Chartered Accountancy course. After the Class XII examination, students can register for the CA Foundation Course 2021. Eligible candidates are required to register for the examination. Best Live Online Classes for School courses (Class 6,7,8,9,10,11,12) - Takshila Learning. NCERT English Worksheet for Class 1 - The Use of ‘was’ or ‘were’ Class 1 English Grammar Worksheet PDF for Practice Preposition. Measures of Central Tendency : unerstanding the Mean, Median & Mode. Measures of Central Tendency A measure of central tendency is a solitary worth that endeavors to portray a bunch of information by distinguishing the focal situation inside that set of information.

Measures of Central Tendency : unerstanding the Mean, Median & Mode

In that capacity, proportions of focal inclination are once in a while called proportions of focal area. They are likewise classed as outline insights. The mean (regularly called the average) is in all likelihood the proportion of focal inclination that you are generally acquainted with, yet there are others, for example, the middle and the mode. The mean, median and mode are largely legitimate proportions of focal inclination, however under various conditions, a few proportions of focal propensity become more suitable to use than others. Mean The mean (or average) is the most famous and notable proportion of focal inclination. The mean is basically a model of your informational collection. CBSE Class 3rd English Grammar Noun Worksheet with Answers. Class 2 verb English grammar worksheets with answers.

What is the difference between Economics and Business Economics? CA Foundation notes. What is the difference between Economics and Business Economics?

What is the difference between Economics and Business Economics? CA Foundation notes

Economics is sociology which is about the creation, dispersion, and utilization of merchandise and enterprises. It concentrates on how people, organizations, governments, and countries settle on decisions about how to assign assets. Aspects of Economics center on the activities of individuals, in the light of presumptions that people demonstrate levelheaded conduct while looking for the most ideal degree of advantage or utility. The structure squares of economics aspects are the investigations of work and exchange. Since there are numerous potential utilizations of human work and a wide range of approaches to get assets, it is the assignment of economics matters to figure out which strategies yield the best outcomes.

Economics aspects can commonly be separated into macroeconomics, which focuses on the conduct of the economy overall, and microeconomics, which centers on distinct individuals and organizations. 1. Delhi Sultanate Rulers list their Dynasties and Delhi Sultanate Period. Here, discussed The Delhi Sultanate: Period of Delhi Sultanate, List of Dynasties, and Rulers of Delhi Sultanate, Architecture under Delhi The establishment of the Sultanate of Delhi was started with the attack of Muhammad Ghori.

Delhi Sultanate Rulers list their Dynasties and Delhi Sultanate Period

He brought in many slaves and made them officials. Since then, human dynasties have ruled the Delhi Sultanate. When he died in 1206 BCE, his three generals were succeeded by Qutb-ud-Din Ibek (commander of his army), Tajuddin Yaldas (ruled by Karaman and Shankar between Afghanistan and Sindh), and Naseeruddin Qubacha (prisoner) . Here we give the chronology of the Delhi Sultanate and the reasons for the decline of the Delhi Sultanate. 1206 A.D. Fees, Eligibility, Duration, Job, as well as Salary and course Detail  for Chartered Accountancy (CA) CA Course Details- Fee, Eligibility, Duration, Job & Salary A Chartered Accountant is an accounting professional who has been certified by a regulatory body as competent to handle matters related to accounting and taxation of a company, such as filing tax returns, auditing financial statements, and business practices, keeping investment records, and preparing and reviewing financial reports and documents.

The CA Program has 3 levels- CA foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. The subjects that come under the CA foundation are: What are Various Forms of Energy? Law of Conservation of Energy. What are Various Forms of Energy? Law of Conservation of Energy Here we discussed Various Forms of Energy like Heat, Chemical, Electrical, Nuclear Energy, & Law of Conservation of Energy for NCERT School Classes.

CA Foundation classes online June 2021 – Registration Date, Eligibility, Syllabus. All you want to Know about CA Foundation June 2021 – Registration Date, Eligibility, Syllabus The CA Foundation Exam is an introductory exam for students interested in a career as a Chartered Accountant. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts a national-level exam with four papers twice a year, in June and December. Students who expect to take the CA Foundation Exam in June 2021 must fill out CA foundation application forms for the June exam this year.

The previously charged processing fee, as well as all other exemptions, would be carried forward to the next attempt. Live classes for Class 4 Maths Worksheet – Download NCERT Maths Worksheet. Maths Worksheet for Class 4 – Download NCERT Maths In this class 4 maths worksheet, we have questions from “The Junk Seller”. This maths worksheet covers all important concepts from the chapter. It gives you an overall idea and covers all important formulae by applying them. This worksheet makes you exam-ready. CBSE Class 3rd English Live classes for students, The Noun - Gender Practice Grammar Worksheet. Class 1-Adjectives: Practice English Grammar Worksheets in Live Online Classes. Maths Practice Worksheet for Class 2 – Download NCERT live classes for primary students Maths Worksheet. Important Do’s and Don’ts for the SSC CHSL/SSC CGL Exam Preparation. Important Do’s and Don’ts for the SSC CGL Exam Preparation. Current Affairs for Bank Exam Preparation PDF GK Questions 27 Feb 2021. IBPS PO Online classes Weekly Current Affairs GK Questions -13 Feb 2021.

Current GK Questions – 13 Feb 2021 Weekly Current Affairs Quiz Current GK Questions has become an integral part of almost all the competitive exams be it banking, SSC, or Railway and proper preparation of this portion is very much crucial in order to crack these exams. Current affair is a part of the General Awareness section and this section is considered difficult only because of its indefinite range of questions from the past 6-9 months news updates but as a serious aspirant, you score the maximum in this section by daily reading newspapers, magazines, periodically attempting Current Affairs quiz questions. So to help you out in this section, we at Takshila Learning bring Daily Current Affairs analysis from Monday to Friday on our YouTube channel. Along with this, we also conduct a weekly quiz discussion on Saturday for your revision.

Do subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss any updates from our side. SSC CGL 2021 Exam Preparation Tips, Strategies & Study Material. Last Year's SSC CGL English Exam Question Paper with Answers. SSC CGL Previous Year Paper with Answers (English) Important Do’s and Don’ts for the SSC Exam Preparation CGL/CHSL. IBPS PO Online / SBI PO Previous Year Question Paper : English (Prelims 2019 Memory Based) SBI PO Previous Year Paper : English (Prelims 2019 Memory Based) Practice with solved SBI PO Previous Year Paper (English) to score high marks in SBI PO 2020-21 Exam.

SBI PO previous year questions given below. Are you preparing for any Banking exams like IBPS / SBI PO, Clerk or any other one, then you should definitely give mocks and analyze your performance on a regular basis. Taking mock tests will help you in multiple ways. You will get used to the pattern and level of the questions asked in the exam. We would recommend all the aspirants to go through this memory-based paper of SBI PO 2019 Prelims exam and judge on your own how to attempt the examination in the best way possible on the D-day.

SBI PO Previous Year Paper – 2019 – English Language Directions (71-77): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below. Can I crack the SSC Exam Without Coaching? SSC Exam Preparation Tips. Can I crack the SSC Exam Without Coaching? SSC Preparation Tips Here we discussed how to crack the SSC Exam Without Coaching, Know SSC Preparation Tips cover during the SSC course of your SSC preparation. SSC Questions , Quiz – Practice set for Online SSC Exam Preparation. SSC Questions , Quiz – Practice for SSC Exam Preparation This quiz contains 20 questions from all the important SSC subjects like Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English, and General Science section. So, if you are preparing for SSC CGL/ CHSL/ MTS/ CPO or Railway Group D/ NTPC exam, then do attempt this quiz based on previous year SSC exams to analyse your performance.

You can also join Takshila learning’s Brilliant 50 League batch where we will enroll top 50 students who are serious to crack SSC exams in the first attempt and we will provide them Personalised Coaching and make sure that they grab their Dream Government Job for sure! Q1. Which one of the following is the largest among the fractions (5/113), (7/120), (13/145), and (17/160)? Q2. Type of jobs will you get after clearing the Online SSC CGL Examination. Which type of jobs will you get after cracking the SSC CGL Examination? Here we discussed the type of jobs will you get after cracking the SSC CGL Examination.

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an organisation under the Government of India to recruit staff for different posts in the various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and in Subordinate Offices. Online Banking Classes - Live / Online Bank Coaching & Exam Preparation. The difference between Economics and Business Economics? Under ca foundation online lectures. How to Pass CA Foundation 2021 Exam? Foundation Course in CA Exam Tips. Initial Registrations and Licenses required for Startups. Linear Regression and Correlation : CA Foundation Paper - 3. Important Topics of CSEET, Paper-Wise. COMMON BUSINESS TERMINOLOGIES - BUSINESS COMMUNICATION FOR CSEET. What is the Indian Evidence Act, 1872? CS Executive JIGL. Concept Of Communication & Characteristics of Communication.

CS EXECUTIVE TAX LAWS INCOME UNDER HEAD “SALARIES” Concept Of Communication & Characteristics of Communication. Concept of Cost Accounting & Objectives of Cost Accounting. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) : About, History, Objectives and Functions. Learn CS Executive SBCE SETTING UP OF BUSINESS OUTSIDE INDIA. How to plan and follow CS Executive Tax Laws and Practice? The key components of the economic environment CSEET. Prepare for CS Executive Entrance Test 2021 with CSEET Classes. Prepare for CSEET Entrance Exam 2021 with CSEET Syallbus Study Material 2021. CSEET Economics and Business Environment CSEET Study Material 2021. CS Executive JIGL Laws Video Lectures classes and CS Executive Study Material 2021. Are you looking for CS Executive Company Law Video Lectures and classes? CSEET Online Classes & CSEET Study Material 2021(CS Executive Entrance Test)

CS Executive Online Coaching and Video Lectures at Takshila Learning. CS Executive Online Classes & CS Executive New Syllabus Video Lectures. Best Digital Marketing Course Online & tutorials in Hindi / English. CA Final Online Classes. Join Best CA INTER Classes Online at Takshila Learning. CA Foundation Online Classes , Coaching Classes & CA Foundation Video Lecture. Join Best CA Foundation Coaching Classes at Takshila learning. Best CA Online Classes For CA Course. Best CA Online Classes For CA Course. ACCA IFRS Online Classes and Video Lectures. IFRS. Looking for ICSI CSEET Syallbus 2021 Get Detailed CSEET Syallbus and Study Material As Per Exam Pattern. Are you looking for banking course in Delhi? IBPS clerk classes coaching exam preparation.