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Dear Human... You Are Nothing
"A curious aspect of the theory of evolution," said Jacques Monod, "is that everybody thinks he understands it." A human being, looking at the natural world, sees a thousand times purpose. A rabbit's legs, built and articulated for running; a fox's jaws, built and articulated for tearing. But what you see is not exactly what is there... An Alien God An Alien God
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God particle: The Large Hadron Collider God particle: The Large Hadron Collider Some of the theories the LHC research could address include the existence of dark matter and the so-called "God Particle" the Higgs boson, a hypothetical particle that scientists believe gives mass to other particles and thus to all matter in the universe. What does the Large Hadron Collider do? It smashes together particles smaller than atoms at nearlightspeed to break them down into their constituent parts and recreate conditions which existed fractions of a second after the Big Bang. What will we learn from it? Scientists hope the £4.4billion project will help them to understand how the universe was created and find "missing" particles which are thought to exist but have never been observed, including the Higgs boson, nicknamed the "God particle". It could answer the question of what causes mass, or even surprise its creators by revealing the existence of a fifth, sixth or seventh previously unknown dimension of time and space.
Physicist Stephen Hawking denounced for believing... : Science & Technology ...for believing human beings are biological robots with no consciousness or free will Behind every madman, there is a distorted philosophy that denies people their humanity, says Mike Adams, creator of the new mini-documentary "The God Within," available now on NaturalNews.TV. This documentary deconstructs the core philosophies underpinning modern scientific thinking, unveiling the frightening fact that most modern scientists do not believe human beings have free will, a soul, or even anything resembling consciousness. Hawking: Godless, mindless, soulless and hopelessIn "The God Within," Adams takes aim at famed physicist Stephen Hawking, author of the book "The Grand Design." In that book, Hawking claims that human beings are merely "biological machines" with no consciousness, no souls, no spirit, no mind and nothing but a collection of organized chemicals that run physical brains in a deterministic machine-like way. Physicist Stephen Hawking denounced for believing... : Science & Technology
Why do people always use circular logic when they defend the Bible Why do people always use circular logic when they defend the Bible Not really! it is straight to the point! It is a total waste of time for any man/woman of science to engage in a rational dialogue with any religious people, especially Christians! The Muslims lost any momentum they had hundreds of years ago! Now the hard core Muslim MEN are into bombing themselves up at any busy intersection with plenty of innocent people around to get 72 virgin girls as soon as they land in their Islamic Paradise! ISLAM IS STRICKLY A MALE RELIGION!
Baruch de Spinoza's 'Nature and God' Explained, with Will Durant‬‏
This serial ran from January 15th to February 26th 2009, in six parts. Originally written as a throwaway Focus essay, it rapidly became apparent that it would work better as a serial. The purpose of the exercise was to identify specific stories that have been used to present various evolutionary theories in the popular media of the last 150 years. Most of these stories are metaphysical in nature, and for each such "myth", an alternative spin is offered to show that while science is in principle neutral, the way it is presented is rarely free of bias. Each of the parts ends with a link to the next one, so to read the entire serial, simply click on part one, below, and then follow the "next" links to read on. Here are the six parts: Only a Game: Myths of Evolution Only a Game: Myths of Evolution
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What is the point of existence The question is not about OUR existence. It doesn't take an immortal to uncover that answer. An immortal would be interested in the point of "existence as existence," and since the question doesn't say "man's existence" I can say it doesn't take an immortal to figure this one out, either: What is the point of existence
Many Worlds and Infinite Universes Many Worlds and Infinite Universes by Len Hart I was asked: how can an infinite universe be created? In response, I thought of yet another question: what is a "creator" if not a part of whatever universe is created?
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Big Fat Quotes "Consciousness" “Given ... an intelligence which could comprehend all the forces of which nature is animated and the respective situation of the beings who compose it—an intelligence sufficiently vast to submit these data to analysis ... nothing would be uncertain and the future, the past, would be present to its eyes” Laplace, 1814, Essai Philosophique" Consciousness " Most of what goes on in your mind is hidden from you. As a result, your conscious experience can mislead you into thinking that our circuitry is simpler that it really is. Big Fat Quotes "Consciousness"
Sorry for the long absence! I've been exploring the concept of "simulated suffering", whereby you intentionally choose an action which causes you some suffering, in the hopes of learning/growing from the experience. We do this all the time of course, but there are degrees. And it's the degrees - and the intention - which matters. Consider running, or jogging. I'd put that squarely into a "simulated suffering" category. November 2010 November 2010
Airplane passengers flying near thunderstorms could be exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation in the form of terrestrial gamma ray flashes, scientists say. In space gamma rays—the most energetic forms of light—are created by violent events, such as supernovae, and powerful objects, such as neutron stars. March 2010 March 2010
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Are We Ourselves?
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Understanding Economics - Lesson One: The Basics of Human Action (Part 1/5 Ends & Means)
PHILOSOPHICAL ANTHROPOLOGY Weekly geo-political news and analysis Message from Benjamin FulfordApril 1, 2014 In a sign we are living in historic times, high level insiders have begun claiming that Jesus Christ was a fictitious character and that the Qu’ran was written by Vatican propaganda experts. This is evidence the 2000 year old Roman plan to create a unified, mono-cultural fascist world government is unravelling and that, as a result, ancient secrets are pouring out.
The 5 Biggest Exercise Myths Quick! Let’s free associate. Complete this sentence: Did you answer 3 and 10? Of course you did. It’s the Pavlovian response.
Amidst all the numerous pressures, frustrations and injustices which I have described in these Letters, humans still survive and sometimes glory in their world. They create masterpieces and feel intensely. I will tell you in a different kind of letter of a few of the things I have discovered about the pleasures of our senses. Our senses stir us to our greatest efforts and our greatest achievements. How the World Works
The Body As Machine
Curious: Decisions, Decisions
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How Sound Travels"
Are humans wired to survive?"
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Your Brain as a Neural Network