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Tagarno offers microscope for Electronics,Agriculture and Low Vision Industries.We also sell accessories and measurement software that are used in microscope.

Tagarno solutions on Foursquare. Solutions. 111 Runnymeade Greenwood, SC 29649, Greenwood, South Carolina, 29649, United States About Tagarno Solutions Established January 2015 TAGARNO is an international company with more than 40 years of experience in developing ground-breaking digital magnification systems TAGARNO has three main areas of business: ELECTRONICS, AGRICULTURE and LOW VISION Production takes place at TAGARNOs headquarters in Horsens, Denmark TAGARNOs headquarters in Denmark has 22 employees and an extensive network of external partners TAGARNO has dealers covering 43 markets worldwide. Solutions

Photo Gallery No photos have been uploaded yet. Location Use two fingers to move the map Tagarno Solutions111 Runnymeade Greenwood, SC 29649, Greenwood, South Carolina, 29649, United States Map Data Map data ©2016 Google Products & Services Latest Articles/News No news or articles are available right now. Social Media Verified Company Is this your business? TAGARNO / DIGITAL MICROSCOPE - The Find-It Guide. Tagarno Solutions. Tagarno - Greenwood SC 29649. Storeboard-Tagarno - Electronics - HORSENS - Denmark. Yelp -Tagarno. MAGNUS HD ZAP digital microscope - Tagarno.

MAGNUS FHD ZAP digital microscope - Tagarno. A digital microscope for production lines MAGNUS FHD ZAP digital camera microscope from TAGARNO can be positioned over conveyors or larger inspection areas and be your alternative to a traditional compound microscope.

MAGNUS FHD ZAP digital microscope - Tagarno

MAGNUS FHD ZAP is born with a laser pointer, which enhances precision and accuracy when using this magnification system from TAGARNO. Excellent FULL HD image quality in a digital microscope With FULL HD you get an extremely sharp image with unsurpassed colour rendition in one magnification solution. What you see on the monitor is exactly what is under the magnifier - without distortion, delay or interference. 48x magnification with 22" monitor Easy image capturing and sharing via camera software Technical specifications Art. no. 690600 | MAGNUS FHD ZAP BLACK. MAGNUS HD UNO digital microscope.

MAGNUS FHD ZIP digital microscope - Tagarno. MAGNUS HD TREND digital microscope - Tagarno. MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE digital microscope - Tagarno. Wide magnification range Providing superb HD image quality, magnification up to 510 times and live imaging at 60fps, MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE enables you to see small details very clearly.

MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE digital microscope - Tagarno

Depending on your choice of lens, MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE can magnify from 6 to 500 times on a 22” monitor. This means, that you can overlook larger areas of a magnified object, than with traditional microscopes at minimum zoom. Additionally, the stability and image quality of the camera allows you to magnify up to 500 times on a 22” monitor, providing you with a field of view down to one mm. The working height between the lens and the stand is never lessthan 33.5 mm at maximum magnification with a +50 lens.

Magnus Fhd Zip -Tagarno. Magnus hd prestige Magnus hd Trend -Tagarno. Contact Tagarno and get answers to your questions. Sales Team Tagarno. History of Tagarno. About Tagarno Digital microscopes. DIGITAL MICROSCOPES FOR VISUAL INSPECTION OF PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS. TAGARNOs digital microscopes are for example used for visual inspection of printed circuit boards, using high-definition cameras and high-definition monitors combined with user-friendly interfaces, to create excellent image quality and an amazing ease of use.


Experience magnification with outstanding live image quality without distortion and with a large field of view, digital auto-focus and auto-exposure functions. Viewing images on a monitor also gives you a great range of ergonomic advantages, avoiding neck and shoulder pains. Digital microscopes/monitor systems also allows you to capture images on a SD card or on a PC, creating quick image viewing, capturing and sharing capabilities, creating better communications and enhancing cooperation between employees and across the entire organisation. TAGARNOs magnification systems also creates high factory utilization rates, since the digital camera microscopes are used more frequently and are often shared among multiple departments.

Quality analysis of seed and grain samples - Tagarno. TAGARNOs camera solutions are an efficient tool for quality analysis of seed and grain samples.

Quality analysis of seed and grain samples - Tagarno

With TAGARNOs magnification systems, you can view your magnified seed and grain samples in an extremely high image quality, making it very easy to identify foreign varieties, mites or fungal diseases in your sample. Taking a picture requires only a single click and you will have the documentation of the purity of your seed and grain samples readily at hand. When working with our systems, the image from the camera is shown on a screen, relieving your operators of unnecessary neck and shoulder pains, enabling them to work more efficiently. With TAGARNOs systems, you will get a strong partner for optimization of your quality processes and can look forward to higher quality, higher productivity and happier operators. Or as they put it in the DLG seed lab in Skærbæk, Western Jutland, Denmark: ”we can make twice as many analyses as before” DIGITAL MICROSCOPE. Contemporary digital camera microscopes are replacing traditional optical microscopes worldwide.


The digital revolution in microscopy has extended the part that an optical microscope plays by creating new up-to-date possibilities and applications to the world of microscopy. The ease and efficiency of the digital microscope technology which is the focal point in a digital camera microscope paves the way for considerably enriched communications between coworkers, within departments, companies and supply chains. Digital Microscope for inspect in Electronic & Agriculture Sector.