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Tous les serveurs EU (Évènements) - GW2 Stuff. Roche de l´Augure. Augury Rock [FR] (Events) - GW2 Stuff. Guild Wars 2 Shop. SaDo Expédition. GW2 daily achievements guide. A updated guide to the new GW2 daily achievements revamped with the February Flame and Frost The Gathering Storm patch . Included below are some tips on quickly finishing each portion of the daily. Daily Ambient Killer – 30 Critter kills A good spot for lots of critters/ambient creatures is the Godlost Swap in Queensdale. Lots of Sparkfly and Frogs to kill for your enjoyment. Daily Aquatic Slayer – 25 Underwater kills Kill stuff in water, got my done in Cursed Shores but anywhere with water and mobs works.

Daily Ascalonian Event Completer – 4 events For this, I really like the NW corner of Diessa Plateau. Daily Ascalonian Killer – 40 Ascalonians killed Both storymode and explorable Ascalonian Catacombs have Ascalonians you can kill. Daily Ascalonian Veteran Killer – 3 Veterans killed There is a really good location in Plains of Ashford near the new waypoint introduced last patch that has 3-4 Ascalonian veterans you can kill for this achievement. Daily Champion Slayer – 1 Champion killed.