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TagDisk HD - Downloads, Video and Music Player, AirPlay. From n4phone : TagDisk HD Lite v1.5.5FEATURES: ADs (Lite edition) File Manager. - Quick Search Function.

TagDisk HD - Downloads, Video and Music Player, AirPlay

(new)- Unrar and Unzip. - Copy, paste, cut, rename and delete files. - Folders. - Limited to open files. (Lite edition) - Unlimited Dropbox account. (Paid edition) - Unlimited number of files. (Paid edition) - Open in App Function.


Actual Window Manager: Multiple Monitors, Virtual Desktops, Windows Control and Other Useful Tools. Five free apps that collect PC information. Properly auditing your PCs requires the right tools to handle the task; here are five apps we can recommend.

Five free apps that collect PC information

Five less expensive CAD applications. There are a number of other less expensive CAD applications available other than AutoCAD.

Five less expensive CAD applications

Although AutoCAD is the go to CAD application of choice for many organizations, it comes with a hefty price tag. However, there are a number of other less expensive CAD applications available. Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility. ZTreeWin File Manager (XTree compatible) Five free DVD authoring tools. Five free DVD authoring tools that are not only spot on for your spending limit, buy they are also fairly easy to use.

Five free DVD authoring tools

There are plenty of reasons you might want/need to put together a DVD. Sure, you might want to put together that family DVD to send to everyone at Christmas time - but there are also training videos, marketing materials, and even products. System Status - activity monitor, network info, battery charge & memory manager Download. System Status is the ultimate app for monitoring and optimizing your iPhone and iPad performance.System Status provides powerful graphical monitoring of all the device's resources such as CPU, memory, disk, battery and wifi/cell data usage.

System Status - activity monitor, network info, battery charge & memory manager Download

Further, it offers access to operating system stats including the list of running processes, network connection list and routing table. Five apps for task automation. Automating tedious tasks with the right tool can save you time and energy.

Five apps for task automation

For those experienced enough to be users of Windows 3.1 back in the early to mid-90s, Microsoft had this neat little utility called Macro Recorder, which could log your keystrokes as well as mouse movements and clicks, then record them to a file for playback at a later time. Such automation could take the tedious nature of tasks completely out of the picture all the while saving you time and energy. In subsequent versions of Windows, the Macro Recorder no longer was bundled with the operating system. Routers and Wireless. The Dude The Dude network monitor is an application by MikroTik which can dramatically improve the way you manage your network environment.

Routers and Wireless

It will automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems. The Dude GUI needs to connect to the Dude server, that can run on x86 or CCR RouterOS devices Some of it's features. "OS" & Files Tools... Portable Applications. Shedko Folderico 4 RC12. Five free desktop backup tools you may never have heard of. FreeFileSync. Beyond Compare - The file compare, folder compare and remote directory compare utility from Scooter Software. Five optical disc apps for Windows. Matthew Nawrocki lists five optical disc tools that he finds particularly helpful.

Five optical disc apps for Windows

For most tasks, the disc burning functions built into Windows usually cover all of our basic needs. The Open Source Keystroke Launcher. Real Software: Web Development Tool, Software Development Tool, Programming Language. Five Apps for working with disk partitions. Matthew Nawrocki shares five freeware partition editors that should serve as effective replacements for the tools that come with Windows.

Five Apps for working with disk partitions

Most of us probably have rather large hard disks or SSDs at our disposal. Free Personal Information Manager (PIM) Software - EfficientPIM. Treepad: Personal Information Manager, Notes Organizer, Word Processor, PIM, Database and more! DiskAid – iPhone, iPad & iPod Music & File Transfer for PC & Mac. Multi-Purpose iPhone File Transfer DiskAid is an iPhone file transfer software available for PC and Mac in 10 languages that gives access to the iOS file system using a USB connection or via Wi-Fi.

DiskAid – iPhone, iPad & iPod Music & File Transfer for PC & Mac

DiskAid transfers music and video from any iPhone, iPod or iPad right back to the iTunes library or any location on the computer. DiskAid also transfers text messages (SMS), contacts, notes, voicemail, call history and voice memos to computer. It enables to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as an external mass storage device and with an iPhone file browser like FileApp installed, files and documents can easily being accessed on the device. Convert DVDs to a mobile format with these five tools. DVD Decrypter 1 This gallery is also available as a post in the Five Apps Blog. Today's tablets, smartphones, and portable media players make it possible to take movies with you on the go. Most of these types of devices have access to a movie library through which consumers can purchase or rent movies. That's great if you want to watch the latest new release, but if you have some old classics on DVD you probably aren't keen on the idea of paying for the same movie twice.

DVD ripping software can solve this problem by allowing you to extract a movie from DVD and convert it to a format that you can watch on a mobile device. Before I Begin. Forum - View topic - Gixen Desktop Manager now available to free users. Strictly speaking, there can be some benefit to bidding one amount, and then bidding another slightly larger amount a short time later. The benefit is small, and it takes a special set of circumstances to even work, but it could let you participate/win more auctions. So, an example: An item you want to bid on currently has a high bid of $4.40 The high bidder has a maximum bid set at $5.15, but of course, you don't know that. You set one bid at 7 seconds before the auction close for $5.20 You set another bid at 3 seconds before the auction close for $5.40. Audacity Download. JBidwatcher: Free eBay auction sniping, bidding & monitoring software. Five free and reliable cloning tools.

Efficient Sticky Notes Portable Download.