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Mega2560 vs Uno. ArduinoUno R3 Pinouts. DFRobot Rainbow LED Ring (Arduino Compatible) • Supply voltage: 5V• Comes with pre-burned bootloader which has several built in led scripts• Can be programmed using standard Arduino IDE by FTDI breakout board• Interface: Serial/I2C/Digital pins The DFRobot Rainbow LED Ring (Arduino Compatible) is probably the most beautiful LED ring ever.

DFRobot Rainbow LED Ring (Arduino Compatible)

Each led on the ring can be controlled separately on its brightness and colors (RGB). It comes with pre-burned bootloader which has several built in led scripts. It allows I2C/Serial communication from any MCU and can be serially linked to make a beautiful art piece via I2C. Arduino Buying Guide. Arduino Buying Guide Let’s face it, there are a a lot of different Arduino boards out there.

Arduino Buying Guide

How do you decide which one you need for your project? With this table, you can not only compare features between all the different Arduino boards we carry, but you can also see why these differences are important. What is an Arduino? Let’s first talk about what an Arduino really is. All Arduino boards have one thing in common: they are programmed through the Arduino IDE. Why are they different? Some boards are designed to be embedded and have no programming interface (hardware) which you would need to buy separately. 1The miniUSB connector on the Arduino Fio is used for battery charging only. 2The LilyPad Simple Board does have one UART but the pins aren't broken out to pads. *The Arduino Leonardo has the same GPIO pin-count as the other “Uno” style boards but more of the pins play “double duty” as both analog and digital pins, thus the higher numbers.

Pinguino, open source hardware electronics prototyping platform based on 8- and 32-bit PIC from Microchip. The Maximite Computer - Dontronics. Arduino-tiny - ATtiny core for Arduino. Arduino-Tiny is an open source set of ATtiny "cores" for the Arduino platform.

arduino-tiny - ATtiny core for Arduino

The Arduino platform currently supports Atmel ATmega processors. There is a need for the Arduino platform to work with physically smaller DIP package processors. The intent of this project is fulfill that need. Specifically, our goal is to provide a core that enables Arduino users to work with the ATtiny84 (84/44/24), ATtiny85 (85/45/25), and ATtiny2313 (4313) processors. Arduino Comparison Chart - CMiYC Labs, Inc. When getting started with the Arduino, the shear number of board options can be intimidating.

Arduino Comparison Chart - CMiYC Labs, Inc.

While the variety is a great option, it can be daunting to a new user. Many people are afraid of selecting the wrong board, or their budget doesn’t allow for buying multiple boards. Just looking at the “official” boards listed on the site, there are 14+ different Arduino board types to consider. Maker Shed, brought to you by the staff of MAKE and Maker Faire.

ArduinoBoardLeonardo. Overview The Arduino Leonardo is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega32u4 (datasheet).


It has 20 digital input/output pins (of which 7 can be used as PWM outputs and 12 as analog inputs), a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a micro USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button. It contains everything needed to support the microcontroller; simply connect it to a computer with a USB cable or power it with a AC-to-DC adapter or battery to get started. The Leonardo differs from all preceding boards in that the ATmega32u4 has built-in USB communication, eliminating the need for a secondary processor.

This allows the Leonardo to appear to a connected computer as a mouse and keyboard, in addition to a virtual (CDC) serial / COM port. Summary Schematic & Reference Design. CHIPPER BOARD. For sale Created to make ATtiny chips easier to work with the Chipper Shield – a custom PCB – is on its 3rd generation and encompasses all of the core components to get your next project up and running.


Purchase A Chipper – Chipper Circuit Board Files - Sponsors. Geoff's Projects - The Colour Maximite. The Colour Maximite is a small and versatile single chip computer running a full featured BASIC interpreter with 128K of working memory and eight colours on a VGA monitor.

Geoff's Projects - The Colour Maximite

It will work with a standard PC keyboard and because the Maximite has its own built in SD memory card and BASIC language you need nothing more to start writing and running BASIC programs. The Colour Maximite also has 40 input/output lines including an Arduino compatible connector. These I/Os can be independently configured as analog inputs, digital inputs or digital outputs. You can measure voltage, frequencies, detect switch closure, etc and respond by turning on lights, closing relays, etc - all under control of your BASIC program. The design and the firmware including the BASIC interpreter is free to download and use. The Colour Maximite was described in the September 2012 and October 2012 issues of Silicon Chip magazine. This is the short list of features in both designs: Other useful pages: mmlib (at) Adafruit Arduino Selection Guide. So many Arduinos, so little time...

Adafruit Arduino Selection Guide

There are many different Arduino and Arduino Compatible microcontroller boards. Which one is right for your needs? This guide will help you to select a board that best fits your project requirements and/or level of expertise. Whether you are just learning the ropes or have specific project requirements in mind, the Adafruit Arduino Selection Guide can help you to make the right choice. No Arduinos were harmed in the making of this guide.

Arduino Robot. LilyPad MP3. GarageLab (arduino, electronics, robotics, hacking) - #42. Fishino - Internet Of Things? - Fishino.