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Intégration de services d'apprentissage enrichi. Transmission des connaissances. Intégration / Normes / Interopérabilité. Stratégie Médias numériques. Analyse de données. Apprentissage. Outils/Sources générales. Trends. How we will learn. Can Schools Cultivate a Student’s Ability to Think Differently?

How we will learn

In order to develop creative individuals, children need environments that nurture their interests. Between standards and testing, how much of that are they getting at school? Continue Reading Beyond Standardized Tests: Existing Tools For Measuring Student Progress. Metanoia. Learning 1Lasting learning is about true engagement. When we focus on experiences that transform the moment, that evokes imagination and creation, we begin to see learning at its core: a bias towards action. Leading 2When we honor joy, happiness, and love over policies, procedures, and standardization, we begin truly leading.

Société numérique

Innovation. Business model. Technologie. Nouveaux métiers.