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Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs (Crowd Investing investment rounds for startups) Concepts économie numérique draft « Initiative ISCN. » Mary Meeker: More Data, More Mobile (and SoLoMo) Home » Mobile In the realm of mobile analyst geekdom, Christmas comes every time Mary Meeker shows up somewhere with her now infamous data dumps (last one here).

» Mary Meeker: More Data, More Mobile (and SoLoMo)

The latest was today’s presentation to Google’s ThinkMobile conference — one of her first appearances since leaving her longtime post at Morgan Stanley to try her hand at venture capital with Kleiner Perkins. As she normally has a knack for putting things into perspective, the long presentation’s highlights included comparisons to smartphones, tablets, and previous top-selling electronic or mobile devices. In this case, the comparison was iPhone, iPad and iPod sales, during their respective first three quarters of availability. Disruptive Startups That Don't Get Funded. Coca-Cola (KO) sells millions of bottles of its fizzy sugar water in the poorest villages of the world at 15¢ to 25¢ per bottle—prices locals can barely afford.

Disruptive Startups That Don't Get Funded

What would happen to the multinational’s business if a well-funded Chinese soft drink startup decided to crash that market with a sweet but relatively nutritious beverage it sold for 5¢ a bottle? Coke would most likely get crushed. The village children, many of which are probably malnourished, would benefit tremendously from the rapid and disruptive shift to a cheaper, healthier soft drink. Buyster. Development goals implementation. Indicateur clé de performance.