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Our fifth project: REACTION TIME

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Peltier Tech Chart Utility for Excel. There is a new version of this software.

Peltier Tech Chart Utility for Excel

Go to Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0 for information. Purchase the Peltier Tech Chart Utility Advanced Edition Excel 2007, 2010, 2013for Windows. Standard Edition. Excel Box and Whisker Diagrams (Box Plots) Box and Whisker Charts (Box Plots) are commonly used in the display of statistical analyses.

Excel Box and Whisker Diagrams (Box Plots)

Microsoft Excel does not have a built in Box and Whisker chart type, but you can create your own custom Box and Whisker charts, using stacked bar or column charts and error bars. This tutorial shows how to make box plots, in vertical or horizontal orientations, in all modern versions of Excel. In its simplest form, the box and whisker diagram has a box showing the range from first to third quartiles, and the median divides this large box, the “interquartile range”, into two boxes, for the second and third quartiles. The whiskers span the first quartile, from the second quartile box down to the minimum, and the fourth quartile, from the third quartile box up to the maximum.

How to Read and Use a Box-and-Whisker Plot. The box-and-whisker plot is an exploratory graphic, created by John W.

How to Read and Use a Box-and-Whisker Plot

Tukey, used to show the distribution of a dataset (at a glance). Think of the type of data you might use a histogram with, and the box-and-whisker (or box plot, for short) could probably be useful. KS2 Bitesize Maths - Mode, median, mean, range : Read. Standard Deviation and Variance. Deviation just means how far from the normal Standard Deviation The Standard Deviation is a measure of how spread out numbers are.

Standard Deviation and Variance

7.1.6. What are outliers in the data? The data set of N = 90 ordered observations as shown below is examined for outliers: The computations are as follows: Median = (n+1)/2 largest data point = the average of the 45th and 46th ordered points = (559 + 560)/2 = 559.5 Lower quartile = .25(N+1)th ordered point = 22.75th ordered point = 411 + .75(436-411) = 429.75 Upper quartile = .75(N+1)th ordered point = 68.25th ordered point = 739 +.25(752-739) = 742.25 Interquartile range = 742.25 - 429.75 = 312.5 Lower inner fence = 429.75 - 1.5 (312.5) = -39.0 Upper inner fence = 742.25 + 1.5 (312.5) = 1211.0 Lower outer fence = 429.75 - 3.0 (312.5) = -507.75 Upper outer fence = 742.25 + 3.0 (312.5) = 1679.75 From an examination of the fence points and the data, one point (1441) exceeds the upper inner fence and stands out as a mild outlier; there are no extreme outliers.

7.1.6. What are outliers in the data?

Catch the ruler! Who has the quickest reaction time?

Catch the ruler!

Find out with this experiment. What you need: Ruler Dropping Experiment. Ruler Drop Test: GENDER AFFECT REACTION TIME. 2. Ruler drop test : Reaction Time. University of Wisconsin–Madison. 1.

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Have your friend hold a yardstick from the top so that it is up and down with the bottom several feet above the floor. Your friend may have to stand on a chair to do this. 2. You hold your fingers opposite the 18-inch mark, but don't touch the stick! Measure Reaction Time Science Experiment. For Olympic runners and swimmers, a fraction of a second is often the difference between winning a gold medal or a bronze.

Measure Reaction Time Science Experiment

Indeed, it's the distance between winning any medal or returning home with nothing but hopes at another chance in four more years. And while its impact is most dramatic in running events, speed isn't only a matter of crossing the finish line first. In sports, reaction time, the interval between stimulation and reaction, often determines who wins and who loses. Even more importantly, in real-life situations, like when driving a car, it can mean the difference between life and death. Measure your reaction time with the following project.

File:REACTION.DOC. File: REACTION.DOC Background It takes every person a little time to react to any event.


Experiment: How Fast Your Brain Reacts To Stimuli. Background Note: Backyard Brains has released a digital reaction timer that uses your body's electrical signals to measure your reaction time!

Experiment: How Fast Your Brain Reacts To Stimuli

If you enjoy this experiment and want to take it to the next level, check out the Backyard Brains Reaction Timer! Ruler Drop Test. Testing and measurement are the means of collecting information upon which subsequent performance evaluations and decisions are made but in the analysis we need to bear in mind the factors that may influence the results. Objective The objective of this test is to monitor the athlete's reaction time. The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge. Reaction Times and Sprint False Starts. Beating the Gun or Running Fast Athletics sprint events begin with a sequence of events: Gun goes off Sound travels from gun to ear ear registers sound, sends impulse to brain brain processes sound, sends signal to start running. signal is received by muscles; sprinter goes Except for step 1, these events are loosely described as the athlete's reaction time.

Major meets conducted by the IAAF record reaction times, and usually publish them on their web-site. When athletics sprint events separate athletes and world records by hundredths of a second, its worth appreciating the magnitude of the start events and particularly to consider their impact on timing accuracy. How Fast Is Your Reaction Time? Please ensure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. If you leave JavaScript disabled, you will only access a portion of the content we are providing. <a href="/science-fair-projects/javascript_help.php">Here's how. </a> *Note: This is an abbreviated Project Idea, without notes to start your background research, a specific list of materials, or a procedure for how to do the experiment. Improving Your Reaction Time.