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Mirosława Dyka-Płonka

Focus 3

Games for Learning English, Vocabulary, Grammar Games, Activities, ESL. Online Spinner. Student Number Spinner Click the wheel below to spin: You can customize your own spinner with your own labels using the tools below the spinner.

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Internet Safety 7.02. Thursday Erasmus+

eTwinning 2016 Web 2.0. Education World

Tabletowy notatnik TIK Tackk. Migration. International Dot Day 2016. Passive Voice. Holidays&Celebrations. Finał Maratonu Amnesty International 2015-LO RYDY. 1st lessons. Student Kahoots@Quizizz. English Central -uczymy się oglądając filmy. QR Droid -Europejski Dzień Języków z kodami QR 2014. Pinterest -zbieramy zasoby internetowe do nauki języka. 1c Maraton pisania listów Amnesty International 2015. 3a/c Maraton pisania listów Amnesty International 2015. 2b Maraton Amnesty International 2015.

1a Maraton pisania listôw Amnesty International 2015

Matura ustna-symulacja egzaminu. Mistrzostwa Polski w nauce angielskiego on-line "Langloo CUP" 2014/2015. Focus 2. Matura destination 1. Conditionals I/II Songs. Rabka info-class trip. Little hearts for Matura exam. Modal verbs in songs. Amara - dodawanie napisów w filmikach z uTube 2014/2015. Publikacje-projekty mièdzynarodowe LO Rydy 2012_2014 SBRP.

Projects@App trials

Wishes/Conditionals. Global Virtual Valentines project 2016. Have something done-service. A letter of complaint. Comenius 2012-2014-najważniejsze produkty/rezultaty. Grammar rules and activities. Comenius Multilateral School Partnership 2012-2014. Activity 1 " We've got you now, Greece, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria!

Comenius Multilateral School Partnership 2012-2014

"& Fedback of the meeting in Poland DVD of Activity 1 - films, records of live performances etc. connected with the topic of stereotypes. The DVD also includes the presentation of the project idea and partner presentations of their schools/towns plus a feedback section on the visit in Poland. Insta.Ling - uczymy się słówek na smartfonach-codziennie 2014/2015.

eTwinning Campaign 2014.

Ideas for lessons