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Exporter and Supplier of Sayer Dates. Sayer Date Sayer dates, also known as Stamaran, Saamaran, Stamara or Samberun dates, are another delicious variety of date produced in Iran, and account for 65% of the dates produced there. Along with Zahedi dates, they are the main variety of dates produced in Khuzestan province. They are one of the highest quality dates produced in Iran and, as such, have high export value. History: In 1999-2000, taking into account all varieties of dates (dried, semi-dried and fresh), Iran produced over one million tonnes of dates - that's an impressive 20% of the total world production. Iran has 180,000 hectares of palm groves dedicated to date fruit production, most of which are found in the provinces of Kerman, Bushehr, Khuzestan, Fars, Sistan-Baluchestan, Yazd, Kermanshah, Hormozgan and Semnan.

Description: Sayer dates are a semi-dried date with a sweet, unique taste. Harvesting period: Sayer dates are usually harvested in mid October.