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To practice an experience that brings the body, the mind and the breath together that will help develop 'reality' in oneself.
“Samskara saksat karanat purvajati jnanam. Through sustained focus and meditation on our patterns, habits, and conditioning, we gain knowledge and understanding of our past and how we can change the patterns that aren’t serving us to live more freely and fully.” ~ Yoga Sutra III.18 wcmonkey Jun 21


3 HOURS Relaxing Music with Rain Sounds Meditation
Meditation - relaxation - new age music

Binaural Beats Explained & How-to's

Urban Yoga Girl - Page 1 of 2 - CometBird


Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga #3 - 20 min
Ekhart Yoga Esther Ekhart's Yoga channel. Here you can find free online Yoga classes for beginners as well as Yoga videos for the more advanced. So get your Yoga mat and let your Yoga workout begin! Ekhart Yoga
60 minutes Yin Yoga for the Spine.
Morning Yoga Flow, all levels
20min Energizing Vinyasa Yoga Flow
Yoga Therapy for Neck and Shoulders
Hatha Yoga for Relaxation, all levels Yoga Sequence
Yoga for the Core
Hip Opening Sun Salutation
Indigo Wellness Center - Salem
Yoga & Meditation

Simple Sadhana (daily practice)
Silent Retreat 1 - Freedom from the Self
Tyohar Tyohar yohar started his adventure when he traveled to Asia at the age of 21. He got fascinated by the underground gypsy lifestyle and has remained a traveler at heart ever since. Traveling and living mostly in India, Thailand and Japan he experienced many different cultures and the wild psychedelic underground movement which had a strong impact on him. This would eventually lead to a life-long love affair with spirituality and meditation. In 1993 he met the teachings of the spiritual master Osho in Pune, India.
Kundalini Yoga - FREE On-Line Training. Kundalini Yoga - FREE On-Line Training. Practicing at Home We have compiled the following list of on-line resources to help all our students with additional practice and background material. Introduction to Kundalini Yoga - on this Web site. Yoga Technology - Experience the power of Kundalini yoga. Try our weekly Set and Meditation.
Yoga Technology - Kundalini Yoga Online Superstore