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Programmering. Learning*Education*Technology. Nonsite.org. Letters of Note. How Language Works (Edition 3.0): Table of Contents. Flash drafting our way to a “best first draft”. We are trying something new in our memoir unit this year: flash drafting our way to a “best first draft”.

Flash drafting our way to a “best first draft”.

The main reason for this is that for as long as I’ve taught memoir, I’ve always had a handful of students who would reach the midpoint of their first draft and then just stall. Our conferences would begin with big sighs and something like this:

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  1. drmsbsr May 15 2013
    Will try to make that change. thanks
  2. conigma May 14 2013
    Thanks for adding me to the team and picking my root tree. You may want to change it to just the Writing branch though as there's a lot of other stuff on there too.
  3. reel Mar 20 2013
    Thanks for answer. Sorry, my english is disastrous... :-) No, I dont ask for sounds/music for images. I am looking for articles, documentation about to write =with= images, with painting, with sounds. Have a look into the pearl =copy write ideas (cwi)=. > The interest is in to write something with other things then words. I will try to find examples... :-) > It is no new question (Cf. mute film, cartoons, chinese writing...), but it is posible to innovate in this fields ?
  4. marshaanderson Mar 20 2013
    I wish I could help however, I only speak and weite in English. Are you asking for background sounds/music for your images?
  5. reel Mar 20 2013
    > @team J'ai ouvert à titre d'essai la pearl =copy write ideas (cwi)= pour explorer librement le rapport de l'écriture et les arts et essayer de rassembler quelques documents. L'orientation, non exclusive est : - l'écriture par les images - l'écriture par la peinture - l'écriture par la musique, plus généralement l'écriture par les sons et si possible l'écriture par la sculpture =pas seulement Calder... :-) Si vous avez quelques pistes et si vous êtes intéressés par un contact pour une réflexion en commun... ES = estoy investigando los lazos entre la escritura y el arte. En particular, pero no exclusivamente : - la escritura via las imagenes - la escritura via la pintura - la escritura via la musica, y màs bien los sonidos Si es posible, la escritura via la esculptura Si alguien en este équipo tiene buenas pistas o si es interasado por el tema... He abierto, para ensayar, la pearl = copy write ideas (cwi)= Quisiera algunos contactos para intercambiar ideas...
  6. reel Mar 19 2013
    I am loocking for writing by pictures, painting and sounds. If you have right tracks... :-) More difficult : writing by sculpures... :-)) Just I am starting in this way and I dont know very well where I am going. :-£ I opened a new pearl about that, just for try. If you are interested, feel free for interaction...
  7. dennistra Mar 10 2013
    I agree that we are all learning from each other no matter what our skill level may be,
  8. hyperscope Mar 10 2013
    I think we should remember that writing covers experienced authors, budding authors and people who are teaching people to write maybe even at a foreign language level. I would appreciate it personally if this was born in mind before pearls are removed. Thanks.
  9. ianrawlings Mar 6 2013
    Well I wish you all the best for your writing, and if I can ever help you feel lree to ask
  10. tor.nelson Mar 5 2013
    No worries, Ian. There is still some weeding and pruning to be done, to highlight the most useful bits. I've gone through most all of the pearls. It would help if people commented on items that they found to be particularly useful. I don't have a pet writing project. However, my writing has amphitheater like room for improvement according to the Writer's Diet test pearled under Writing Tools. Fortunately, there are lots of other pearls to help me do something about that! :) There are links to active online writing communities in here, and the free cloud based writing software Celtx may also help people to connect with collaborators.