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Plot. The middle of a novel is one of the hardest places to plot.


The set up is easy to imagine and the climax, of course, has to be exciting and emotional. But the sagging middle–how do you handle it? The Hero’s Journey is one of the most useful of the 29 plot templates because it has such clearly defined stages. The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler is a detailed explanation of the Hero's Journey. The Hero’s journey handles the middle by starting with the idea that Act I is the normal world, but Act II is a new and different world and the main character’s job is to learn to deal with that world. One of the strengths of something like the Hero’s Journey is that it suggests typical events that will happen in certain stages of a story.

One of the first things a character needs to learn is the rules of the New World. Another option is to focus on tests that the main character will encounter. Next, the Hero’s Journey points toward the midpoint of Act II, the Supreme Ordeal.


Write It Sideways » Blog Archive » 5 Visual Strategies for Plotting Your Novel. I don’t know about you, but for me, plotting a full-length novel is one of the most difficult aspects of writing.

Write It Sideways » Blog Archive » 5 Visual Strategies for Plotting Your Novel

I tend to come up with a great premise, but turning that into a plot becomes a lot of work. I don’t usually get it right the first time, either. Personally, what works best for me during this outlining process is to have plenty of visual material on hand. Writing...How To Write Paranormal Romance- 7 Tips To Remember. A trend that I am happy to see growing is the stronger female lead, often just as skilled as the hero with talents that compliment his.

Writing...How To Write Paranormal Romance- 7 Tips To Remember

The strong female lead doesn’t have to a ball busting werewolf, to be a strong character. She can be anything from a high school student to shy store keeper, but to be a strong feminine lead, she needs to be able to challenge the hero, to surprise him and possibly be the one who saves him in the end. The paranormal romance gives our heroine a little bit more room to move then other genres, it is for example more acceptable for your strong female character to act more aggressively (werewolf or not) she can be cunning and downright ruthless, as long as it’s for a good cause.

(Protecting a loved one, hunting down a killer etc.) Strong doesn’t always mean physically buff, it can be her personality, her talents her choices in hard situations, how she deals with the conflict around her. Inkwell Ideas » Worldbuilding: Fantasy Religion Design Guide. By Joe Wetzel (joewetzel at gmail dot com) [If you like this article, check out the other Worldbuilding articles on this website using the sidebar navigation.]

Inkwell Ideas » Worldbuilding: Fantasy Religion Design Guide

Depending on your campaign setting idea, in the early stages you may only need a bare minimum of details about your religion. In cases like these make sure you flesh out any particular deities you need (for example if a character is a Cleric or Paladin describe that god in at least bullet points and note any needed game statistics or mechanics such as the god’s domains) and build up the religion later when it is needed or when you have an intriguing idea. Religion in fantasy novels. Since no one burned my house down after the Tolkien post, I’m going out on a limb here and talk to you about using religion in your fantasy novels.

religion in fantasy novels

Generally speaking, when building worlds in fantasy novels, the religions of your world will be a reflection of the religions here on good old planet earth. So I’m going to offer a few suggestions – take them or leave them: Know thy religion. Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions. 4 Things a Character List Reveals about Your Novel. I am working on a series proposal and have been asked for a list of characters.

4 Things a Character List Reveals about Your Novel

Wow, what a lot you can learn from a list. Name them all. First, I created a list that just names the characters. It’s interesting to see the variety (or lack thereof) in just the names. For children’s books, I am careful to avoid using the cliched names and to include some names that could represent ethnic groups (of course, being careful not to be cliched with that, either). Types of characters. 29 Plot Templates: Know the Readers Expectations Before you Bust Them. Create A Plot Outline In 8 Easy Steps. By Glen C.

Create A Plot Outline In 8 Easy Steps

Strathy. Plot Diagram Template. 6 Writing Outline Templates and 3 Reasons to Use Them. I have a question for you: What’s your book about?

6 Writing Outline Templates and 3 Reasons to Use Them

No, no, I don’t want the long explanation. If you started with “Well, um, you see…there’s this girl…” I immediately stopped listening and started thinking about what I’m going to have for dinner tonight. I want you to give me the thirty second elevator pitch that’s going to pique my interest and make me want to read your novel instead of the pile of unread books I have at home on my nightstand. Okay, follow-up question time: What’s the TP of your novel? How to Prepare for NaNoWriMo: Should You Outline Ahead of Time? Get this collection of NaNoWriMo resources, valued at $564.91, for just $99.

How to Prepare for NaNoWriMo: Should You Outline Ahead of Time?

Limited time only. Lightning Bug - Mind Maps. Mindmaps are a way or organising your thoughts.

Lightning Bug - Mind Maps

They can be a great help when you are developing ideas, or just working through a problem. They have been around for centuries and are so easy to do … you’ll be ready to draw one by the time you’ve read this page! Start with a blank sheet of paper and pen. 1. 25 Unique Places to Find Story Ideas. 25 Unique Places to Find Story Ideas by Michelle Giles Return to Fiction Tips & Techniques · Print-Friendly Version Writers always say they get their ideas from "everywhere. " You may ask, what exactly is everywhere? 101+ Plot Ideas Involving Time Travel. Romantic Plot Ideas. Brainstorming your book ideas. There are so many skills crucial to a writer's success that it's easy to overlook one of the most basic and necessary skills of all: brainstorming.

It's especially important when starting a new project and invaluable when it comes to maintaining the ambition and focus necessary to complete it. Don't try to rein in or discipline your brainstorming, no matter how inconvenient it is – brainstorming is what turns an average story into an extraordinary one. Brainstorm day and night, whatever you're doing, wherever you are, whenever you can.

Jot down notes as they come to you and put them into their own folders. Make sure you create project folders for all of your strongest story ideas, even those you may not write for years. Start brainstorming days, weeks, months, or even years, before you begin work on a story, As you outline using the 30-day method, you'll focus your brainstorming, so the process will become even more inspiring and productive. Keep your brain in gear.

Free for the Taking. Short Story Ideas From time to time, I think of an idea for a short story. I don't actually want to write them--they interest me as ideas, not as stories. But someone else might. If so, feel free. Several people have now done so, as you can see by following the links. Creative Prompts for Writing Fiction. From time to time, many writers experience the dreaded writers block. They may hit a snag in the plot, or they may have difficulty coming up with a new idea. People who are teaching creative writing find that giving plot ideas can help students get started on a new project. This article of free writing prompts is designed to spark creativity, and get ideas churning that will kickstart one’s writing. It’s important first of all to relax and let the ideas flow.

Plot Generator. Episode 57: Free Plot Ideas to Run With « More Novel by the Week. Writepop - Science fiction stories, humor, and writing about writing. A thousand lifetimes in space – Living on a generation ship 1,000 human beings are selected to board a spaceship headed for the stars. The trip is so long that they will die in space, but their descendants will reach a new planet. To save room on the generation ship, the original population of the ship is all women, with children to be produced by artificial insemination. The first “in-space” generation grows up in a society controlled by women.Variation – To save space on the generation ship, all the original passengers are female. All the children are produced by artificial insemination, all from female embryos.

Writers Plot Twist Generator - take your story in a new direction. Developing Plot Ideas for Short Story, Novel, Screenplay. Modern fantasy plot ideas. Writers Storyline and Plot idea Generator - create a concept for the next bestseller. The Hobbit Name Generator. 4 Steps For Organizing Plot Ideas Into a Novel. We have a treat for you today. Thanks to Jenny Hansen at her More Cowbell blog, the amazing Jody Hedlund is stopping off here at Writers in the Storm during her blog tour for her new book, The Doctor’s Lady.

10 Crazy Scifi Plot Devices That We'd Like to See. "1. 4Chan script kiddies unleash a virus that takes control of military drones (yes, such a virus already exists), crashing them into random targets just for the lulz. " Would it be more likely that virus or worm would instead keep fetching porn images from 4Chan and then display them on the operator's monitors as the drone useless crashed into a children's orphanage or something? "2. Where Writers Write Together.

Pricing Guide Free Download. Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction: Write Fiction Online. Story Lite Productivity Software for writing and editing. This is an interactive Story software example file that has been published on the web. How To Write Horror, ghost, vampire, zombie fiction by Maria Z. Horror fiction is one of the popular book genres that evokes feelings of terror and suspense in its readers. NaNoWriMo – 37 Posts to Prep and Dominate Your Novel This November. How to write about zombies. NaNoWriMo Tip #1: Read 30 Tips from Last Year. All About NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo Basics: Every November, thousands of intrepid souls, all around the world, embark on a great novel-writing adventure.

National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, as it's affectionately called by participants, was begun by Chris Baty in 1999, with the goal of getting writers to tackle a big project and of raising money for various causes. Over the years, it's grown from 21 participants and six "winners" to 101,510 participants and 15,333 winners. Answers. How to Write Today's Horror, Part II. By David Taylor The question is simple: How to write awe-inspiring stories that leave readers panting and our bank accounts swelling. What worked for M.R. James and Algernon Blackwood in the 20s, Lovecraft in the 30s, Richard Matheson and Ray Bradbury in the 50s, Robert Aickman in the 60s, Stephen King in the 70s, Stephen King and Clive Barker in the 80s, Stephen King, Peter Straub, Rick McCammon and Dan Simmons in the 90s won't necessarily frighten or entertain readers in the 2000s. 25 Things You Should Know About NaNoWriMo. It’s that time of the year, then, that normal everyday men and women get a hankering for the taste of ink and misery, thus choosing to step into the arena to tangle with the NaNoWriMo beast. Here, then, are 25 of my thoughts regarding this month-long pilgrimage into the mouth of the novel — peruse, digest, then discuss. Feel free to hit the comments and add your own thoughts to the tangle. The 7 Deadly Sins of Paranormal Romance. While I’m sure I’ve committed one or two of these myself, if I were the goddess of the paranormal romance universe, I would decree the following seven deadly sins: How to Write a Supernatural Story. Plot Ideas - Humans vs. Zombies Wiki. Phrase Thesaurus - ideas generator for writers.

12 reasons to ignore the naysayers: Do NaNoWriMo. Children's Science Fiction—history of an often ignored genre. 8 Tips on How to Write Science Fiction. How to write real ghost stories. How to Write Scary Ghost Stories that Terrify Your Readers. Premium Custom Ghostwriting Service. Random Name Generator. CULTURE - Get Lit - Which does zombies better? Colson Whitehead's Zone One or the Walking Dead TV show?

Mapmaking for Fantasy Authors. Fantasy Map-Making. The Mapmaking Tutorial « Fantasy In Motion. YouTube. Quickstart Guide to Fantasy Mapping. Fantasy Mapmaking. Neil Gaiman's 8 Rules of Writing. How to Write a Suspenseful Opening. Checklist for Suspense Novel. Procrastination. Writing for Episodic TV. How to Become a TV Comedy Writer - To be a Writer for Television, Here's What You Need to Know. Breaking into Television Writing. 415 Roman Tragedy, Classical Drama and Theatre. How to Write a Mystery Novel - our Writing Software. Conquering the Fear of Writing: Overcoming the Worries That Attack Writers. Aristotle’s Timeless Advice for Writing Great Tragedy. How to Write a Tragedy: 6 steps. Getting Scripts Read in Hollywood: How Do I Sell My Screenplay? Story of the Week.

Get Me Writing » 5 Fool-Proof Ways to Put your Muse to Work. Pointofview. 7 Reasons Your Muse Isn’t Talking to You. Train Your Muse Like You Train a Puppy. 10 Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice. How to Plot a Romantic Suspense Novel. How to Plot a Novel With Index Cards. Outline for Writing a Novel. Chapter_2. REALISTIC FICTION STORY IDEAS. Story Ideas: Titles. Jami Gold, Paranormal Author » Do You Have a Muse? The Online Community for Writers - Writing.Com. 11 Smart Tips for Brilliant Writing. The Fear Surrounding Writing « Write Anything. The Fantasy Fiction Formula. How to Get Ideas for a Story: 9 steps. How to Explode With Plot Ideas. Forum - Science Fiction & Fantasy Discussion. NaNoWriMo: Some helpful hints and tools.

Peter's guide to map creation: How to create fantasy maps.