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Graphics for elearning & PPT

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25 More Free Display Graphics for Your E-Learning Courses. In a previous post, I share 15 free display graphics that are commonly seen in elearning courses. In today’s post, I’m adding a few more. The cool thing is that all of these are created in PowerPoint; so you can learn to build your own. The steps are simple. They’re generally just rectangles with some sort of fill. Then right-click on the graphic and save as an image. Free Chalkboard and Whiteboards I offered these in a post about a year ago where I showed how to create the display boards and included links to some free fonts that would work well with these displays. If you’re going to use the chalkboards, be sure to download the free chalkboard assets to go with them. Flipchart Display Here are two versions of the flipchart display. Download the flipchart graphics here. Clipboard Display The clipboard’s great for checklists or going over a linear flow of information. Personnel Folder Download the personnel folder graphic here.

Bonus Displays Download the PowerPoint template here. Tidbits: Mosaic Maker: A world of creative photo possibilities. Tons of fun stuff... Give one of our toys a spin! Framer, FX, Trading Card, Mosaic Maker, CD Cover, Photobooth, Bead Art, Magazine Cover, Billboard, Mosaic Maker, Color Palette Generator, Mosaic Maker, Calendar, Lolcat Generator, Cube, Pop Art Poster, Mat, Hockneyizer, Movie Poster, Motivator, Jigsaw, Wallpaper, Map Maker, Pocket Album, Badge Maker, I know, right?

It's a lot to take in. Go slow. 3d Glossy Orange Orbs Icons Social Media Logos. Check out our new custom icon generatorCreate your own icons now ! Home » 3D Glossy Orange Orbs Icons » 3d Glossy Orange Orbs Icons Social Media Logos 3d Glossy Orange Orbs Icons Social Media Logos inShare0 Click the icons to download individually, or download the complete set in one zip below. Get the free PSDs Get the WordPress theme Get the free PSDs Get the WordPress theme Get the free PSDs Get the WordPress theme Get the free PSDs Get the WordPress theme Get the free PSDs Get the WordPress theme Get the free PSDs Get the WordPress theme Get the free PSDs Get the WordPress theme Get the free PSDs Get the WordPress theme Get the free PSDs Get the WordPress theme Get the free PSDs Get the WordPress theme Get the free PSDs Get the WordPress theme 3d glossy orange orbs icons social media logos Download You might also like 8 comments on “3d Glossy Orange Orbs Icons Social Media Logos” Oliver says: Hi everybody, thank you so much for these beautiful orbs.

Tripwire magazine | tripwire magazine Leave a Reply. Over 45 Free Speech Bubbles to Make Your E-Learning Courses Talk. If you add characters to your elearning courses, odds are that you’re also adding some speech bubbles. PowerPoint comes with the ability to create your own text callouts, but I find that I like to use ones that look more organic than the PowerPoint shapes. I try to create my own. I created some speech bubbles for a recent project so I’m making them available for you to use as you wish.

I also added a few bonus tips below. On a side note, you’ll notice that the download links go to the new community site’s download section. Rounded Speech Bubbles Download rounded speech bubbles here. Squared Speech Bubbles Download squared speech bubbles here. Thought Clouds without Tails Download thought clouds here. Thought Clouds with Tails Download thought clouds with tails here. Bonus Tips Organic fonts look great in speech bubbles. Hope you can use the speech bubbles (and the other free stuff) for some elearning projects. Tidbits: I’m in Orlando this week at the Learning Solutions Conference.

Create a Chalkboard Template with These Simple Tips & More Than 40 Free Graphics. Many of the rapid elearning courses I see use whiteboards or chalkboards. You can buy stock images of these, but it’s easy enough to create them in PowerPoint. So today, I’m going to share a few simple ways to create your own boards. Even if you don’t need to use them, there are some good PowerPoint tips that you could apply to other projects. Blackboards and whiteboards are made up of a few key elements. There’s a frame, the board area, and the assets like erasers and markers. If you do a search online you’ll see that whiteboards typically have metal, wood, or black plastic frames. These are all easy enough to create in PowerPoint.

Here are a few tutorials on how to create some display boards with a few extra production tips. Tutorials: Free Downloads Display board graphics: 6 miscellaneous display boards with original PowerPoint files in case you want to make some edits. Fonts of interest: here are a couple of fonts that you can download for free from other sites. Whiteboard font.