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Beyond the Game. Beyond the Game is the motto of the World Cyber Games, considered the olympics of gaming, which is central to the documentary as the main characters compete to defend or regain the event's championship title at the global finals of the 2007 World Cyber Games in Seattle, Washington.

Beyond the Game

It has premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam[1] in Pathé de Munt, and had the cinema premiere in Pathé Tuschinski, and has now been released in cinemas throughout The Netherlands.[2] Historical background[edit] Throughout the next year both players are frequent participants in the same international competitions. Schenkhuizen is successful enough to be honored as the Player of the Year in all of competitive gaming like Johansson two years before him.

The award most important to both players however is that of World Cyber Games champion as the two qualify for the 2006 global finals in Monza, Italy and meet in the quarter-finals. My Underground Lair. Through the Looking Glass. The Basics of Making WoW Machinima. My attempt with this guide is to provide useful information to the aspiring machinima maker who has little to no experience at making machinima movies.

The Basics of Making WoW Machinima

I have received an uncountable number of requests from fans on YouTube, my forums, WCM and by email for advice on how to make machinima, and I will answer the most commonly asked questions in this guide. This is in no way a guide for the advanced machinimator — I will only cover the very basics here. Support One of the best ways to get help is to ask the experts. Pinkhair's art and machinima. The Other Side. Beckman Movie Productions - Official Homepage. Mozilla Firefox. 404 - Not Found. Spiffworld. Stone Falcon Productions. Machinima Advanced, World of Warcraft, WoW, Illegal. Rufus Cubed Productions Online - Revision X! Brandon M. Dennis. Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences.