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Blogs. [Rue89] Maroc: les limites de la constitution soumise à referendum #dostour #Morocco. A Fourth Wave or False Start? The decades-long political winter in the Arab world seemed to be thawing early this year as mass protests toppled Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in January and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in February. It appeared as though one rotten Arab dictatorship after another might fall during the so-called Arab Spring. Analogies were quickly conjured to 1989, when another frozen political space, Eastern Europe, saw one dictatorship after another collapse. A similar wave of democratic transitions in the Arab world was finally possible to imagine, particularly given the extent to which previous transformations had been regional in scope: Portugal, Spain, and Greece all democratized in the mid-1970s; much of Latin America did shortly thereafter; Korea and Taiwan quickly followed the Philippines’ political opening in 1986; and then a wave of change in sub-Saharan Africa began in 1990.

All of those were part of the transformative “third wave” of global democratization. Al Jazeera: Inside Story – The King and the constitution. Boycott du référendum du 1er juillet : 10 bonnes raisons de le faire. Discussions Constitutionnelles. La honte des femmes, cette alliée du makhzen. « Sale pute !

La honte des femmes, cette alliée du makhzen

Si je te coince quelque part, je t’enfonce cette matraque dans le cul ! Le Roi Mohammed VI en colère contre le Mouvement du 20 février. Maroc : le Mouvement du 20 février appelle à manifester contre le projet de réforme constitutionnelle. Maroc: "Il n'est plus possible de faire marche arrière" Des manifestations, Zineb El Rhazoui, militante franco-marocaine des droits de l'homme en a vécues.

Maroc: "Il n'est plus possible de faire marche arrière"

Elle n'en est pas non plus à ses premières menaces, indimidations ou arrestations illégales. Mais ce n'est rien à côté de la violence qui s'est abattue le dimanche 29 mai 2011 à Casablanca et à Rabat. Ce jour là, plusieurs milliers de manifestants se sont amassés dans les rues pour demander plus de démocratie. "Des policiers en moto et armés de matraques ont même chargé des femmes âgées et des enfants", explique celle qui est aussi coordinatrice du Mouvement du 20 février, un groupe de jeunes réunis sur les réseaux sociaux, qui a manifesté pour la première fois, le 20 février 2011. "Les réformes? Maroc: des partisans du régime attaquent des manifestants à Rabat - Social.

Mohammed VI jugé sévèrement dans la prestigieuse revue (Foreign Affairs) Monarchy loyalists attack democracy activists in Rabat - MOROCCO. Morocco urged to end violent crackdown on protests. Morocco's Revolutionaries: The Crazy Kids Have Grown Up. "What if we offered a prayer for the soul of bin Laden?

Morocco's Revolutionaries: The Crazy Kids Have Grown Up

" The question was tossed into the meeting of the February 20 Movement like a hand grenade. But the young men and women gathered in the Moroccan Labor Union building in Rabat didn't duck for cover. Instead, they angrily challenged the questioner, a bearded, middle-aged man representing the Islamist prisoners who have joined from behind the bars with the secular youth movement calling for greater freedoms. "Are you out of your mind? " asked one young man. The bearded man beat a hasty retreat. The meeting had been held to discuss plans for protest outside the infamous Temara detention center, located in a cork-oak forest near Rabat, where terrorism suspects have been tortured, according to Amnesty International. It must annoy the Islamists that the shots are being called by these new kids on the block — and that their vibrant activism is shaking up the monarchy in ways the Islamists have consistently failed to for more than 30 years.

Morocco's uprisings and all the king's men - Features. Thousands poured into the streets of Rabat on Sunday June 5 to condemn the death of a protester and to demand an end to the country-wide government crackdown on peaceful demonstrations. "We are here today to protest the murder of Khaled al-Amari," said a 40-year-old Rabat resident who did not give her name out of fear of the authorities. "But we are also here because we demand dignity, democracy and freedom. Morocco’s Constitutional Face Lift. On Friday June 17, after four months of street protests, Morocco's King Mohammed VI gave a speech outlining a constitutional amendment which would complete "the construction of a state based on the rule of law and on democratic institutions. " The king called on Moroccans to support his proposed constitution in a referendum he scheduled for tomorrow (July 1).

Many Western analysts have praised these reforms as a substantive move toward democratic change. In fact, the draft constitution does not meet the expectations of the pro-democracy movement which has been calling for the establishment of a parliamentary democracy. Nor does it provide for a real separation of powers. The new constitution enshrines the absolute power of the king, while offering only token changes. In the current system, the king reigns and rules arbitrarily through his appointees and closest advisers, who in turn delegate bits of power to clients or even friends or relatives. Play it Again, King Mohammed  In a region where trust is parcelled out with exquisite care, usually only among family and friends, I’m getting used to ‘jokes’ that I’m a British spy.

Play it Again, King Mohammed 

To establish some trust quickly with only limited French and barely any Arabic, I’m deploying an unusual weapon: Monty Python clips on my iPhone. There are enough clips from The Life of Brian sub-titled in French on YouTube to connect these 1960s British cultural revolutionaries to the 21st century ones in North Africa. In a world where there are suddenly dozens of post-revolutionary parties in the mix, the People’s Front of Judea splitters is popular with all, while activists relish this example of revolutionary planning. Graffiti artists - and victims of religious rote learning - also relate to this lesson. The Romans are comic oppressors in the Life of Brian, but a less amusing classical technique - divide and rule - derived from the Romans and used by Napoleon, is alive and well. The protest had been quashed. Police violence reaching new levels in Morocco with Sunday beatings. A police officer kicks a demonstrator during a protest in Rabat, Morocco, last week.

Police violence reaching new levels in Morocco with Sunday beatings

Protesters say police on motorcycles struck out with truncheonsGovernment spokesman says demonstrators were provocativeEU calls for restraint from governmentProtesters want more freedom, jobs, better conditions Casablanca, Morocco (CNN) -- Security forces in Morocco appear to be intensifying their hard-line crackdown on demonstrators, with a second violent clash over the weekend leaving scores of youths injured. On Sunday there were bloody battles on the streets between a youth movement and police. It was the second weekend in a row that police have beaten protesters with long truncheons.

The same clip shows a young man on the ground being beaten and kicked by officers while other colleagues on motorcycles accelerate through crowds striking protesters with long batons. "There was a lot of violence, and we are now calling a halt," Ouihi said. "We are concerned about the violence used ... Pourquoi il faut voter contre ce projet de constitution. Ce texte présente des avancées sur certains points par rapport à notre actuelle Constitution. Il s’agit notamment de la reconnaissance de l’amazigh en tant langue officielle, l’égalité entre l’homme et la femme (bien que sous conditions), la fin des premiers ministres technocrates, l’implication des MRE dans les élections législatives et la suprématie des conventions internationales ratifiées sur les lois nationales.

Néanmoins, l’essentiel n’est pas là car l’enjeu est avant tout d’instaurer un régime démocratique avec une claire séparation des pouvoirs. Ceci fait défaut malgré les commentaires enthousiastes sur ce projet. النسخة الكاملة لخطبة الجمعة الموحدة والتي دعت الناس للتصويت بنعم #Maroc #Morocco #Dostour.