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Collection de liens. Artist as Archivist - digicult Mag. How does contemporary art fail to provide unusual perspectives on the everyday characterized by an exponential growth in the production of any kind of images and videos?

Artist as Archivist - digicult Mag

What is the boundary between a digital reality consisting of archives of huge size and daily life? What aesthetics is interesting to talk about in these digital native years? These are just some of the questions to which an answer was attempted in the exhibition Collect the WWWorld. The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age, curated by Domenico Quaranta. Artist as Archivist. Collect the WWWorld.

Artist as Archivist

The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age The last decade has seen an incredible growth in the production and distribution of images. The availability of inexpensive production tools has seen an exponential rise in amateur creativity, while the Internet provides a new distribution platform for this kind of production, which previously remained private. Videogames, virtual worlds and systems such as Google Street View offer this mass of prosumers whole worlds that can be built, implemented through their own creative practices, documented and used as tools for the development of new images and new narratives. What is the impact of this process on art practices and the artist – in the past, the sole, hallowed depositary of the creative gesture? Collection divers Archives. Collection Datavisualisation. Collection DataArt.

(Big) Data Art