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Lean Management & intelligence collective : concurrence ou complémentarité. Tel le chat sur une branche d’arbre qui ne veut pas descendre, cela fait plusieurs mois que je repousse la publication de ce billet.

Lean Management & intelligence collective : concurrence ou complémentarité

J’espérais en vain qu’on arrête de me demander ce que l’intelligence collective apportait de plus que le Lean Management. Voici des exemples de verbatims qui m’irritent : « On a investi des millions en formation au Lean Management donc on mobilise déjà l’intelligence collective » ; « Le Lean Management n’a pas tenu toutes ses promesses, est-ce qu’on ne risque pas la même déception avec le management de l’intelligence collective ? »,… Alors, plus le choix, c’est le temps de comparer des bananes et des carottes ! De quoi s’agit-il ? L’intelligence collective a pour objectif de rendre l’organisation agile en lui permettant de s’adapter à son environnement, de détecter les signaux faibles afin d’innover et de développer sa performance de manière durable. Deux sujets totalement différents (banane et carotte), alors pourquoi certains les comparent ? 1. 2. 3. 4.

The 7 Wastes

Untitled Page. How you know you are a Lean organisation. You can embrace lean in different ways.

How you know you are a Lean organisation

You can make use of Lean tools, you can attend lean courses and you can embrace Lean values (Toyota production system “TPS” to be correct). But how do you know you are a Lean organisation? You define value from the eyes of the end customerYou have a value stream/process to deliver thisManagement is continuously decreasing the Lead time across that value stream 1. You define the value from the end customer Take a look at your products and ask yourself, are they adding value to your end customers life. 2. 3.

First, Management involvement. An Introduction to Lean for Game Development. What is Lean?

An Introduction to Lean for Game Development

There are many definitions of lean and many different applications of it (the main being manufacturing and software development). Here are three I’ve seen and liked:It’s a way of building complicated stuffIt’s a system-driven approach to applying empirical process controlIt’s a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination. Lean practices, including Kanban, offer improved approaches to doing some work better than a pure approach using an agile framework, such as Scrum. Why Use Lean? The work better suited to lean: Is more predictable in workflow and sizeRequires less exploration and iterationHas a chain of specialist work and handoffs that last longer than a typical sprint to produce something of value. What does Lean look like and how is it different from Scrum? Each column represents discrete stages of workflow from backlog to done.

The Five Habits of Successful Lean Development - Mary Poppendieck. Marcel_Roma: Lean Software Development values:... And Lean: The Disparities and Similarities. By John Hunter In my opinion Deming’s ideas and lean thinking share many similarities.

and Lean: The Disparities and Similarities

I do see plenty of weaknesses in lean manufacturing efforts at organizations. Most of the weaknesses are due to bad implementation of lean manufacturing rather than lean thinking missing fundamental elements included in Deming’s management system. A very common point of criticism (from Deming folks) of lean efforts is that they fail to address the management system: saying “lean” merely provides a few tools and what executives do doesn’t change. Understanding the importance of focusing on the entire management system is core to understanding Deming. Such criticisms leveled at lean are no different than those leveled at organizations over the decades that use a few of the tools Deming talked about and picked a point or two from Deming’s 14 points and Deming’s deadly diseases to address and then struggle.

It is no surprise that lean manufacturing has so much in common with Deming. Marcel_Roma: Lean Software Development values:...