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Happy Thanksgiving — a digitally fabricated feast. 3D printed turkey and more! Since we eat the same meal every Thanksgiving, I figured why not post the same Thanksgiving story from last year. Enjoy your 3D printed turkey and lasercut Apple apple pie! Snacks While you’re waiting, have a coincidentally Jewish themed snack: portrait matzo from Matzography (via Printersting ) or a lasercut banana from Wouter Walmink (via Craft ). Digital Manufacturing Report: 3D Printing and RepRap On the March. 3D Printing Startup Shapeways Raises $5.1 Million, Plans NYC Production Facility. Of all the cool things going on in technology, one of my favorites is 3D printing.

3D Printing Startup Shapeways Raises $5.1 Million, Plans NYC Production Facility

It’s got such a futuristic quality to it: input a digital schematic, and you get a physical product custom cut to your exact specifications. You can print bike parts if you want to. How amazing is that? Sorry, still wrapping my head around it. In any case, I’m not the only one who’s excited: Shapeways — a company looking to bring 3D printing to the masses — just raised an additional $5.1 million from existing investors Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures, and it’s also gotten a loan commitment of $1.2 million from NYC Investment Fund.

And there’s also some great news for Shapeways customers: the firm is planning to launch printing facilities in New York City in 2012. Now that it will be able to print stateside, the net result will be faster turnout times for customers, and lower prices. Kinect Project Merges Real and Virtual Worlds. Microsoft’s Kinect Xbox controller, which lets gamers control on-screen action with their body movements, has been adapted in hundreds of interesting, useful, and occasionally bizarre ways since its release in November 2010.

Kinect Project Merges Real and Virtual Worlds

It’s been used for robotic vision and automated home lighting. It’s helped wheelchair users with their shopping. Yet these uses could look like child’s play compared to the new 3-D modeling capabilities Microsoft has developed for the Kinect. KinectFusion, a research project that lets users generate high-quality 3-D models in real time using a standard $100 Kinect, was the star of the show at Microsoft Research’s 20th anniversary event held this week at its European headquarters in Cambridge, U.K. KinectFusion also includes a realistic physics engine that allows scanned objects to be manipulated in realistic ways.

The technology allows objects, people, and entire rooms to be scanned in 3-D at a fraction of the normal cost.