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Overwatch: How A Hero is Mei'd. Environment Art Tips From Anthony Vaccaro. We’re incredibly happy to present our interview with Anthony Vaccaro from Naughty Dog.

Environment Art Tips From Anthony Vaccaro

Anthony did a bunch of work on Last of Us, Uncharted series, Halo Reach. In this interview he talks about his production process, the way he blocks out the scene, builds huge open levels, uses color and hero assets. Introduction My name is Anthony Vaccaro. I am an Environment Artist at Naughty Dog where we recently wrapped up Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. An Environment Artists’ roll is to create a beautiful space that pulls the player into a digital world all the while helping facilitate the design that is in place to move the player along through the game. At Naughty Dog an Environment Artist typically works with design to create art around a given section of block mesh which must be turned into a living breathing world that still helps lead the player from one objective to the next.

Vast Open Spaces Blockout Blocking out space is one of the most important steps in creating an environment. "The Illusion Of Life" by Cento Lodigiani. Tracer & Pose Design 101 - The Animation of Overwatch - Extra Frames. Danielle Feinberg: The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life. Cinematic Storytelling In Shadow Of Mordor. The Art & Inspiration of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Creating Triangle Soup: Welcome + My Guiding Art Principles. Evolve Animation + Game Development Reel. [GDC 2015] Animation of The Order: 1886. Fxguide. Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron not only reunites and introduces a formidable and popular cast of Marvel characters - it also saw the re-assembling of several formidable visual effects studios to create characters, environments and numerous effects for the film.


Guiding the Age of Ultron effects effort was VFX supervisor Chris Townsend and VFX producer Ron Ames, who both oversaw a huge slate of digital work by a vast array of vendors. “It is incredibly important to get the casting of your VFX vendors right,” suggests Townsend. “Just like you would cast your actors, you cast your visual effects team too. We’ve built up relationships with these companies and we know their strengths and where their creativity lies and what their skilset is, so we’ve been very fortunate that we can build on that.” Above: watch our break down of ILM's incredible VFX for Hulk, in this video made in conjunction with our media partners at WIRED. Avengers re-assemble Back to the top. Advancing Hulk. BeyondTheSummit. MODO Pre-Viz for Games - Naughty Dog at SIGGRAPH 2014. The illusion of life. The Original Star Wars Concept Art Is Amazing.

Game AnimWatch_Dogs Mocap Process - Game Anim. Now that the busy holiday period is over, here are my belated notes from my colleague Colin Graham’s 2013 Montreal International Games Summit presentation entitled Are We Ready For Animation On The Next Generation Of Consoles?

Game AnimWatch_Dogs Mocap Process - Game Anim

– Lessons Learned From Developing Watch_Dogs. Colin started with a series of disclaimers, the first being that as the game was due to be released the week of the talk before being delayed we were getting an edited version. Still, there was much to take away despite his self-professed “controversial” approach to motion-capture pipelines, posing it as a counter-point to Brent George’s talk I attended the previous year on how we must bend mocap to our will. That said, he agreed there is no real right or wrong way to do anything, and often “counter-intuitive” thinking leads to innovation. On WatchDogs for 5 years since its inception, Colin was the 8th person to join the team back when it was called Nexus. Finding The Iconic Style for Aiden Pearce. Game Artists Will Show You How To Be A Game Artist (For Free!) I'm in my senior year of college (BFA, Illustration). and my thesis is a hand-drawn sidescroller.

Game Artists Will Show You How To Be A Game Artist (For Free!)

While it uses a more flat style than what's shown here, it's still pretty good for learning how to get your work to look like concept art. Fun Fact: Did you know that most of the concept art you see in video game art books is done near the end of the game's production? The more you know... Well now that depends on the book! Some titles are almost entirely made up of promotional and marketing material. Efficient Art Production: Theory and Practice - Visual Arts. Title image: Making sure your assets don't stink :) (An update of my 2009 article).

Efficient Art Production: Theory and Practice - Visual Arts

Video Game Artists work is all about efficiently producing an incredible looking asset. In this article we won't speak about what makes an asset look good, but rather about what makes it technically efficient. From here this article splits into two parts. The first one will be about things you need to know to produce an efficient asset.

The second one will be about things you need to do to make sure that the asset you've produced is efficient. Brain Cells Do Not Recover. Naughty Dog Environment Artists in Vertex. By DBallard | Twitter @DBal | Friday September 07 2012 Last week, among the hustle and bustle of PAX Prime, a digital book about video game art development was released for free online.

Naughty Dog Environment Artists in Vertex

This book, called Vertex, is an industry wide collaboration project organized by Ryan Hawkins. I’m very excited to share this because I and a few other developers at Naughty Dog contributed some of our knowledge to it.A unique inside look at our specific disciplines within the field To be precise, the Dogs who wrote the articles with me are all on the Environment team.