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7 CMS pour créer son propre réseau social - ressources. Genesis - WP template frameworks - StudioPress. MetaBox PHP Class - WPAlchemy. The WPAlchemy_MetaBox PHP class can be used to create WordPress meta boxes quickly.

MetaBox PHP Class - WPAlchemy

It will give you the flexibility you need as a developer, allowing you to quickly build custom meta boxes for your themes and plugins. Key Features and Benefits Easy to learn and integrate: good documentation and support is always important (I use the code myself and keep it up-to-date). Wp comme logiciel gestionnaire de collection numerique. WordPress $post, $term and $comment Object Cheat Sheet. There are several objects in WordPress that we use all the time, namely $post, $comment and categories/tags.

WordPress $post, $term and $comment Object Cheat Sheet

If you’re like me though, you never remember everything that’s in there, or the names of the values you want. This cheat sheet will be a reference which you (and I) can refer to the next time you’re using one of the WordPress objects. Quick Primer on Using Objects. Redirecting Visitors to Maintenance Page in WordPress without a Plugin. Yesterday, we showed you how to temporarily redirect your visitors to a maintenance page in WordPress using popular plugins.

Redirecting Visitors to Maintenance Page in WordPress without a Plugin

That method is great, but some developers prefer to get their hands dirty by going the non-plugin route. Well in this article, we will show you how to redirect visitors to a temporary maintenance page in WordPress without a plugin. This post is part of a Series Redirecting Visitors a Temporary Maintenance Page in WordPress with Maintenance Mode Plugin. What’s new and exciting in WordPress 3.1. WordPress 3.1, or “Reinhardt”, is now available in its full release.

What’s new and exciting in WordPress 3.1

As you run over to download it, or run the automatic update through your Dashboard, keep this page open in a tab. We’ve reviewed what’s new in the latest (and greatest?) Version of WordPress, and give you all of the most up to date information. We’ll walk you through what’s notable and new, and give you links to the initial resources we’re aware of. How can post formats be improved? So far most of the criticism towards the post formats feature in WordPress 3.1 has been about the formats being a standardized list that cannot be customized.

How can post formats be improved?

But from the perspectives of portability and usability, I would say a mere standardized list doesn’t go far enough. The argument for sticking with a standard set of post formats is that a user should be able to switch themes without losing the formatting of their posts. There are nine new formats and these do seem to cover most uses: aside, gallery, link, image, quote, status, video, audio, and chat. Making formats portable But if each theme implements these formats differently does it really matter if the format terms are consistent?