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Byrd Tool Corp. At you'll find power tools, power tool reviews and cordless power tools at, Your tool crib online. Bad Axe Tool Works - Services and Tools for the Discriminating Woodworker. Bridge City Tools Behind the Scenes. Drivel Starved Nation!

Bridge City Tools Behind the Scenes

Lots of stuff to report! First, my blog has been silenced for almost 3 months because I had some work done to it, and it started acting screwy. So I moved on to some other, more pressing activities, although we all know there is nothing more important than the DSN! I think it is fixed now. (Fingers crossed) Right about Xmas, Michael Berg, who has been running this place for the past nine years took a new position at another PDX company. Continue reading Drivel Starved Nation- As mentioned earlier, we are short-staffed here until sometime in March due to my travel schedule. First, we are shipping the final 25% of the TS-2v2 Try Squares and here are a couple of answers to the most asked questions; 1) The inserts (either orange or black) float in the handle, they wiggle by design.

Continue reading Drivel Starved Nation! I know all of you out there in DSN land are wondering, why has John’s Blog been one big void for the past six weeks? Production Update Dept. Continue reading. Stanley Planes Model Reference:Number. Toolcritic: Reviews and Analysis Organized by Tool Lovers. Tools-Plus Tool Talker BlogTools-Plus Tool Talker Blog » Dewalt Power Tools. Skil 9215-01 Factory Reconditioned 8.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw. Wood characteristics, properties of wood and information about wood. This is a huge topic and I have several links in the text.

Wood characteristics, properties of wood and information about wood

Each leads you to more details about a particular topic on wood or the characteristics of wood (or a related subject), so make sure and check them out. I guess it comes as no surprise that I love wood. It starts with my love of trees. The door panels are cherry with mineral streaks running through them. On the drawer front, on the lower left, you can see where a branch divided the heartwood and sapwood of the walnut (the solid light band is maple I laminated for further contrast). Lumber yards often toss this sort of thing into the mark-down bin, or even the burn pile. So, next time you're out in the woods take a look around and enjoy the fresh air, then trot over to your local lumber yard and see if they have any good discards. At you'll find power tools, power tool reviews and cordless power tools at, Your tool crib online.

Tool Snob - The Online Source for Tool News and Reviews. Woodworking Supplies. Toolmonger. Clark & Williams - Makers of Fine Traditional Wooden Planes. Vega 50" Fence. Vega 50" Utility Fence I had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and I wasn't all that happy with my stock Jet fence, so I decided to upgrade.

Vega 50" Fence

It didn't help that Woodworkers Warehouse was having a 10% off sale and Redmond Machinery had some great prices on some scratch and dent Biesemeyer Fences. I also wanted to make an outfeed table and I thought I should have my new fence before I embarked on that project. After much thought and back and forth trying to decide on either the Beisemeyer 50" HomeShop or the Vega, I decided on the Vega. If I had my preference, I would have liked the 40" model, but they stopped making that model a few years ago. The main attraction of the Vega over the Biesemeyer is the micro adjustment feature. The way it operators is that you unlock both levers and move your fence. Below is a picture of the machined underside of the fence. Installation:Installation of the fence was a snap. Below you can see one of the hangers for the front rail.