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Oculus DK2 demo

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Moggles virtual reality headset works with handcontroller & smartphone. Feb 26, 2015 moggles virtual reality headset works with handcontroller & smartphone moggles virtual reality headset works with handcontroller & smartphoneimages courtesy of moogles the portable ‘moogles’ virtual reality headset, developed by the self-named startup company, works together with a handcontroller and a smartphone to let users experience the world of VR. the user friendly device can fold to fit into a pocket and features custom made, adjustable aspherical lenses. by connecting a mobile phone which has a screensize of up to 5.5 inches, viewers can clearly visualize games, videos, pictures and homepages from anywhere. the controller has an interface made up of a steering pad, four action and L+R buttons, but also features motion detection to allow wearers to get full immersed in the experience. to bring the product to the public, ‘moogles’ is seeking funding via its indiegogo campaign.

moggles virtual reality headset works with handcontroller & smartphone

Virtual Reality. Here I keep my experiments with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Virtual Reality

If you want to be notified when there is something new you can follow me on the Twitters: @Tamulur. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please email me at Groundhog Station Short experiment for the Razer Hydra. Not much replayability value, but for a while it is interesting to have NPCs come up to you and interact with you like real humans. A train arrives at the Groundhog Station. Windows, Oculus Runtime 0.4.3 or newer: Let’s Dance Short experiment with delayed mimicry for the Razer Hydra.

Update: I was just dancing with the woman in the red vest and at the very moment when our virtual hands happened to touch, my real hand accidentally touched the Hydra base. IK system used: FinalIK Controls: Left Hydra: Button 4: Recenter view START: Recalibrate hands Right Hydra: START: Switch to next song. News Bits: Dazzling New Unreal 4 DK2 Demo Drops You into a Bullet Time Action Scene. Epic‘s Unreal engine has been front and centre in Oculus’ technical demonstrations since the Oculus Rift HD Prototype appeared just over a year ago and ever since.

News Bits: Dazzling New Unreal 4 DK2 Demo Drops You into a Bullet Time Action Scene

From the dazzling Elemental demo used to debut UE4 to the unnamed tower defence demo used to demonstrate the Crystal Cove’s new positional tracking tech and finally Coach Knights, used at the DK2 launch. Not to mention the raft of sample demo’s available from the UE4 marketplace. See Also: Download 13 Beautiful Unreal Engine 4 Examples for the Oculus Rift DK2 It looks as if the trend continues, this time at nVidia‘s recent Editor’s Day, a press event used to launch their new Maxwell line of GPUs and a slew of new VR based tech.

The demo scene captured above by Tweaktown shows a new demo from Epic which drops you into the centre of a chaotic action sequence played out in super slow motion, allowing you to move through the action as the scene plays out. Leap Motion Developers. The Rift Arcade Market. Oculus VR Share (Beta) Bank Limit is a futuristic combat magnet racer.

Oculus VR Share (Beta)

It feature 24 other racers competing on a gravity defying track for victory. Featuring face guided lasers, a charge laser, lock-on missiles, turbo and side boosters, as well as drifting mechanics. Experience 1:1 scale at speeds that surpass the sound barrier.This is an experience that can only exist in VR. Future versions will include multiplayer, several game modes, DK2 and Mac support. Windows 64-bit Core i5 / AMD FX 8350 DirectX 11 capable video card 2GB of system memory 1 GB of HDD space Xbox controller or compatible Xinput device AMD Radeon R9 280 / Nvidia GTX 770 or above 2GB system memory Xbox or Xinput compatible controller required Install and play.

Credits Harley Benedict : Programer Benjamin Deutscher : Artist Special Thanks Joe Deutscher for all logos and our website Legal Information By installing this software you agree to the following : 1. 2. Thank you. Copyright © 2014 Tastee Beverage Studios. Virtual Reality Applications For The Oculus Rift - Arch Virtual. Sahaj Residential Oculus Rift Visualization. The Virtual Dutchmen.

Oculus VR Share (Beta) WeArVR. Using The Oculus Rift For VR Car Demos.