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Open Your Third Eye and Awaken Your Pineal Gland With These Simple Exercises (This Really Works!) CLN Editor’s Note: I tried the Awakening I exercise last night, honestly not expecting much.

Open Your Third Eye and Awaken Your Pineal Gland With These Simple Exercises (This Really Works!)

But wow does this work. About three minutes after completing the exercise, my forehead began to tingle, and suddenly I felt a rapid sense of expansion in the middle of my brain (where the pineal gland is located), along with an uplifted and expanded state of consciousness bordering on a mild and pleasant pyschedelic experience. I will be doing this exercise daily from now on until it’s time for Activation II, and encourage you to try them for yourself. Awaken Your Third Eye — The Easy Way By Lapis Links, CureZone Blogs Note: Original article edited for formatting and clarity Please read all of the following; If you wish to perform this exercise, you need to understand what you will be doing.


Energy Development. Meditation. Kemetic Eclectic & Empathic Spirituality. Black Witch. WITCHES WORKSHOP. New-Age-Center. BOS. Temple of Tutankhamun. Altar? Cherubim (Kerubim, Kerubs) The Cherubim were originally the ancient protectors of the Mesopotamian Tree of Life.

Cherubim (Kerubim, Kerubs)

They were often depicted supporting the thrones of deities and kings.They are closely related to (and often identical to) the sphinx. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, they are the four vast, winged creatures described in the visions of Ezekiel, each winged creature bearing four faces: a lion, a bull, eagle, and human head. In later Christian tradition, the four Cherubim (tetramorphs) are associated with the four evangelists of the New Testament. Magickal Names. Many people have written me asking me how to come up with a Magickal name.

Magickal Names

This page is going to be short and sweet. So here's a little help for you. Well first of all, you can make up whatever name you so choose. Here are some ideas…. Medieval names Look up old Medieval names on Google and you’ll find hundreds of names to choose from such as "Eadred" who was King of the West Saxons or "Cutha" who was another King of the West Saxons.

So you see there are so many ways to find a Magickal name to use in your Occult workings. Casting a Circle. The Purposes of a Circle A sacred circle has several purposes, the most significant of which is to define an area where formal ritual work can be performed.

Casting a Circle

A circle is a place in which the rules and conditions are different to that of the everyday world. A circle is not a barrier, but a doorway to another world. To contain any magickal energy raised and to prevent its dissipation until it has been used up is another purpose of the circle. The sacred circle does not need to be physically represented (drawn or marked on the ground), it just needs to be visualized. Self-Initiation for the Solitary Witch. OBEAH AND ORISHA: The Seven African Powers. Generally, the most common manifestation of Obeah found today, although maybe not practiced on an individual basis, is blended with Orisha-worship.

OBEAH AND ORISHA: The Seven African Powers

Orisha is a monotheistic faith brought to the Americas via the slave trade and most commonly associated with Yoruba. The two main fractions of Orisha in the new world are Spiritual Orisha and Baptist Orisha, both of which, on the surface, carry a very heavy Christian ring or appearance about them. Obeah, on the other hand, is NOT a religion in the classical sense. That is to say, there are no meeting places such as churches, mosques, synagogs or other religious buildings or shrines --- or any underlying infastructure replicating such a system.

Nor is there any sort of congregation or parishioners, although there are what may be called followers, albeit scattered. I. (PLEASE CLICK) GASSHO(PLEASE CLICK)CLICK HERE FOR ENLIGHTENMENT ON THE RAZOR'S EDGE THE WORD OBEAH: What Does It Mean, How Does It Work? Free Obeah Resources. Below is a selection of free texts on Obeah.

Free Obeah Resources

All are in the public domain and are free to download. Many are used in our Obeah Courses. This is just a brief selection of Obeah and merely touches the surface. Many texts are instructional, or grimoires, which explain in detail how to perform rituals and spells. Others are metaphysical and theoretical. A few of the texts may contain content that is objectionable to some readers. As a final note, these are essentially a beginner's library of Obeah. Sy Calaelen's Blog.