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534687_10151337419333760_1241830812_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 720 × 353 pixels) Traditional Wing Chun Stacked Dummy - Great Lion Company Store. The traditional style stacked wooden dummy is another in a long line of great jongs produced by The Great Lion Company. It comes with a solid wooden body composed of stacked wooden sections, three solid hardwood arms, a round steel leg, two oak support slats, four stop blocks, and four stop pegs. It's unusual design and figure is exotic but attractive. Wing Chun Teahouse Magazine. Wing Chun. Wing Chun Society - Self Defense and Martial Arts Westchester New York. The Amazing Muk Jong of Wing Chun. {*style:<b> SIMPLE YET COMPLETE </b>*} The Wing Chun training Muk Jong has become well known.

The Amazing Muk Jong of Wing Chun

You see it in movies about Bruce Lee, in movies done by Jackie Chan and in many others. Even those outside of the Wing Chun system know about the Muk Jong. Many people from styles other than Wing Chun even purchase them. 《詠春拳法紀錄片》 Fong's Wing Chun Gung-Fu Federation. International Wing Chun Organization.

Leung Ting Wing Tsun

Oregon Wing Chun. WC Video Playlists. WCWC - index. YEE GEE KIM YEUNG MA. As I slowly took a sip from my cup, I could feel the warmth of drink start all the way from my tongue till it reached the bottom of my belly.


Macchiato-grande every morning, if only dad knew I was blowing my allowance on this instead of nutritional food at the cafeteria, he’d kill me. But all Dad’s whether knowing or not, usually give their daughters that benefit of the doubt. Cough.. Cough..... Find your center. Wing Chun Dr. Leung Jan with Leung Bik and Leung Chun Movie. Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Plans, or How To Make Your Own Wooden Dummy « Wing Chun Scrapbook. In my research I’ve come across quite a few sets of wooden dummy blueprints.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Plans, or How To Make Your Own Wooden Dummy « Wing Chun Scrapbook

I’ve found five sets of plans of interest, from the Duncan Leung, Samuel Kwok, Ip Ching, Wong Shun Leung and William Cheung lineages of Wing Chun. Most of these plans are probably based off of a dummy that was made by Koo Sang. There are other well illustrated dummy plans out there, but I have declined to include these as I could not research the origin of the design or lineage of the practitioner. Duncan Leung: Effective Wing Chun Dummy. Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Wing Chun Archive. Freestanding Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. Freestanding Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Coming soon!

Freestanding Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

The Feijau Wooden Dummy The Feijau Wooden dummy is handmade in the UK by a craftsman with over 20 years experience in the art of making Wing Chun wooden dummies, and Feijau Academy are proud to be the exclusive supplier. The Feijau Wooden Dummy is carved from South American Greenheart Wood. Extremely durable and dense, Greenheart Wood is perhaps the stiffest wood in the world*, and is the optimum material for the construction of premium wooden dummies.