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Traditional Wing Chun Stacked Dummy - Great Lion Company Store The traditional style stacked wooden dummy is another in a long line of great jongs produced by The Great Lion Company. It comes with a solid wooden body composed of stacked wooden sections, three solid hardwood arms, a round steel leg, two oak support slats, four stop blocks, and four stop pegs. It's unusual design and figure is exotic but attractive. Traditional Wing Chun Stacked Dummy - Great Lion Company Store
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Welcome to the Wing Chun Society We specialize in providing the highest quality Kung Fu, Close Range Combat and Self-Defense Instruction available! If you have been searching for a school to study a complete martial arts system and a truly effective style of self defense and close range combat, then you are in the right place! Here at our Training Hall in Westchester County, New York, you will more than exceed your kung fu, combat and self-defense goals! At the Wing Chun Society (WCS), we understand that every person is unique and has different training goals. Our curriculum has been created through decades of research designed to give each individual what they want and need to satisfy personal goals. Wing Chun Society - Self Defense and Martial Arts Westchester New York Wing Chun Society - Self Defense and Martial Arts Westchester New York
{*style:<b> SIMPLE YET COMPLETE </b>*} The Wing Chun training Muk Jong has become well known. You see it in movies about Bruce Lee, in movies done by Jackie Chan and in many others. Even those outside of the Wing Chun system know about the Muk Jong. Many people from styles other than Wing Chun even purchase them. The Amazing Muk Jong of Wing Chun The Amazing Muk Jong of Wing Chun
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International Wing Chun Organization International Wing Chun Organization Happy New Year!!! Dear IWCO Students, IWCO has kept growing rapidly and dynamically in 2013. Our global schools have been gaining more recognition and acceptance than ever through participating different international competitions and demonstrations. Our IWCO‐Italy just won 3 gold medals, 2silver medals and 1 bronze medal in Wing Chun Form & Chi Sao tournament in the "Dragon Cup 2013" organized in Rome last month. Besides, IWCO successfully organized the 1st European Wing Chun Cup in May 2013 in St.Petersburg, Russia within the “Martial Arts Olympics” which is one of the biggestmartial arts events in Europe.
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YEE GEE KIM YEUNG MA As I slowly took a sip from my cup, I could feel the warmth of drink start all the way from my tongue till it reached the bottom of my belly. Macchiato-grande every morning, if only dad knew I was blowing my allowance on this instead of nutritional food at the cafeteria, he’d kill me. But all Dad’s whether knowing or not, usually give their daughters that benefit of the doubt. Cough.. Cough..... YEE GEE KIM YEUNG MA
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In my research I’ve come across quite a few sets of wooden dummy blueprints. I’ve found five sets of plans of interest, from the Duncan Leung, Samuel Kwok, Ip Ching, Wong Shun Leung and William Cheung lineages of Wing Chun. Most of these plans are probably based off of a dummy that was made by Koo Sang. There are other well illustrated dummy plans out there, but I have declined to include these as I could not research the origin of the design or lineage of the practitioner. Duncan Leung: Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Plans, or How To Make Your Own Wooden Dummy « Wing Chun Scrapbook Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Plans, or How To Make Your Own Wooden Dummy « Wing Chun Scrapbook
Effective Wing Chun Dummy Hawkins Cheung is recognized as the most senior Yip Man Wing Chun instructors in the U.S. today, as well as one of the top practitioners in the world. He began his extensive martial arts training with Grandmaster Yip Man in Hong Kong as a youth and continued his training over a span of almost twenty years, up until the Grandmaster’s death in 1972. Sifu Hawkins Cheung is widely known in the martial arts world for testing and proving his practical Wing Chun skills on the streets in Hong Kong, alongside Bruce Lee and Wong Shun-Leung in the 1950′s. Sifu Hawkins Cheung also holds a third degree black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate. In the late seventies, Sifu Cheung moved to the U.S. to help promote the art of Wing Chun. Throughout his career, Sifu Hawkins Cheung has instructed many students from various law enforcement agencies, including the F.B.I., as well as members of some elite U.S. military special ops- capable units, such as the Marine Corps’ Force Recon.
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Freestanding Wing Chun Wooden Dummy | Feijau Wing Chun Finally the wait is over! After years of searching, we can now offer what we believe is the best available Freestanding Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. Manufactured exclusively in China, this new design blends the craftsmanship of our traditional wall mounted dummies with flexibility of the ingenious freestanding base to create a truly functional piece of training equipment that requires no fixings to the floor or wall. Manufactured from solid European Beech, the dummy body, arms and leg are crafted from carefully selected timbers to ensure unrivaled quality. These are then sanded by hand and finished and sealed with a low sheen lacquer to enhance the beauty of the wood. Freestanding Wing Chun Wooden Dummy | Feijau Wing Chun