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WikiLeaks given Swiss bank account data. WikiLeaks has taken possession of discs containing the banking details of 2,000 prominent people with Swiss bank accounts.

WikiLeaks given Swiss bank account data

The discs were presented to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange today in London by former Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer. The data will be published by WikiLeaks once it has been vetted, a process expected by Assange to take at least two weeks. Rudolf Elmer worked at Swiss bank Julius Baer, eventually becoming chief operating officer of its Cayman Islands subsidiary, until he was fired in 2002.

WikiLeaks cables: Yemen radioactive stocks 'were easy al-Qaida target' Yemeni soldiers stand guard outside a hearing of al-Qaida suspects at a court in Sana'a.

WikiLeaks cables: Yemen radioactive stocks 'were easy al-Qaida target'

Photograph: Yahya Arhab/EPA A senior government official in Yemen warned US diplomats that poor security at the country's main store of radioactive products could allow dangerous material to fall into the hands of terrorists, according to a leaked US embassy cable. The official told the Americans that the lone guard standing watch at Yemen's national atomic energy commission (NAEC) facility had been removed from his post and that its only closed circuit TV security camera had broken down six months previously and was never fixed. Cybersecurity bill gives DHS power to punish tech firms. Democratic politicians are proposing a novel approach to cybersecurity: fine technology companies $100,000 a day unless they comply with directives imposed by the U.S.

Cybersecurity bill gives DHS power to punish tech firms

Department of Homeland Security. Legislation introduced this week would allow DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to levy those and other civil penalties on noncompliant companies that the government deems "critical," a broad term that could sweep in Web firms, broadband providers, and even software companies and search engines. "This bill will make our nation more secure and better positions DHS--the 'focal point for the security of cyberspace'--to fulfill its critical homeland security mission," said Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. To Thwart Further Leaks, U.S. Military Bans USB Drives & Other Removable Disks. In an effort to prevent the kind of intelligence leaks that are making headlines lately, the U.S. military is banning the use of removable disks among its personnel.

To Thwart Further Leaks, U.S. Military Bans USB Drives & Other Removable Disks

The servicemen and women in the Air Force and other military branches have recently been ordered to "immediately cease use of removable media on all systems, servers, and stand-alone machines" on Department of Defense classified networks, according to documents obtained by Wired. This order comes a few months after a revalation by one private that he downloaded hundreds of thousands of files to a CD, labeled the disk "Lady Gaga" and turned it over to WikiLeaks.

The downloaded files included the infamous footage of an Afghanistan helicopter attack and the more than 250,000 cables that have gotten WikiLeaks into so much hot water lately. Anonymous Wikileaks activists move to analogue tactics. 16 December 2010Last updated at 14:35 The diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks have been the focus of world attention. Via BBC News - Home.


House Judiciary Committee to Hold WikiLeaks Hearing Tomorrow. WikiLeaks Taps Power Of the Press — The Media Equation. Perhaps.

WikiLeaks Taps Power Of the Press — The Media Equation

WikiLeaks cables: Sinn Féin leaders 'were aware of' Northern Bank heist plans. Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness held lengthy negotiations with the former Irish prime minister Bertie Ahern to save the Northern Ireland peace process in the full knowledge that the IRA was planning to carry out the biggest bank robbery in its history, according to leaked US cables passed to WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks cables: Sinn Féin leaders 'were aware of' Northern Bank heist plans

WikiRebels: The Wikileaks Documentary [Video] Cable Viewer. Flash: PdF Symposium on Wikileaks and Internet Freedom, Announced for Saturday December 11. In the digital age, should all information be free?

Flash: PdF Symposium on Wikileaks and Internet Freedom, Announced for Saturday December 11

Does good government require secrecy, or more openness? Can we trust private internet service providers to defend free speech? Is Wikileaks a terrorist organization, or the beginning of a new kind of transnational investigative journalism? This Saturday in New York City, we'll be discussing these urgent questions with a stellar group of thinkers and doers from the worlds of politics, journalism, diplomacy, activism and technology, including: Tickets are $10 and space is limited.

Saturday, December 11, 10am-2pm* Riverpark: A Tom Colicchio Restaurant 450 East 29th Street (east of 1st Ave just before the FDR & East River) New York, NY 10016 *Please note, breakfast and lunch will not be served, but coffee and light refreshments will be available. WikiLeaks promising even bigger leak of secret files. WikiLeaks is promising to release its largest cache of classified files yet.

WikiLeaks promising even bigger leak of secret files

WikiLeaks fans should think before they botnet. Do you support WikiLeaks?

WikiLeaks fans should think before they botnet

Are you mad at critics trying to snuff it out? Maybe you're thinking about joining the online protests aimed at shutting down the Web sites of its opponents. Don't. A loosely organized group of vigilantes under the name Anonymous have turned the botnet guns of their Operation Payback campaign, which previously targeted antipiracy organizations, on PayPal, Visa, MasterCard , Senator Joe Lieberman, Sarah Palin, and others who have criticized WikiLeaks or stopped doing business with the document-sharing project. WikiLeaks cables: Pope wanted Muslim Turkey kept out of EU. The pope is responsible for the Vatican's growing hostility towards Turkey joining the EU, previously secret cables sent from the US embassy to the Holy See in Rome claim.

WikiLeaks cables: Pope wanted Muslim Turkey kept out of EU

In 2004 Cardinal Ratzinger, the future pope, spoke out against letting a Muslim state join, although at the time the Vatican was formally neutral on the question. The Vatican's acting foreign minister, Monsignor Pietro Parolin, responded by telling US diplomats that Ratzinger's comments were his own rather than the official Vatican position.

The cable released by WikiLeaks shows that Ratzinger was the leading voice behind the Holy See's unsuccessful drive to secure a reference to Europe's "Christian roots" in the EU constitution. The US diplomat noted that Ratzinger "clearly understands that allowing a Muslim country into the EU would further weaken his case for Europe's Christian foundations". But by 2006 Parolin was working for Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, and his tone had distinctly chilled.

Julian Assange

W.sns. Via ReadWriteWeb. Where In the World Is WikiLeaks Mirrored? [Google Earth] The WikiLeaks saga of the last two weeks has been illustrative, if nothing else, of the importance of the decentralization of the Internet in relation to the freedom of information. An attempt to stifle a voice in one location simply leads to that voice springing from another, like a leak from a rusted pipe or a Whac-A-Mole arcade game. WikiLeaks cables: Serbia suspects Russian help for fugitive Ratko Mladić. Russia may be withholding vital information about the whereabouts of the fugitive Bosnian Serb general and genocide suspect, Ratko Mladić, who faces war crimes charges in The Hague, senior Serbian government officials have privately told American diplomats in Belgrade. In discussions detailed in a diplomatic cable marked "secret" and sent to Washington by US chargée d'affaires Jennifer Brush in September 2009, Miki [Miodrag] Rakić, chief of staff to the Serbian president, Boris Tadić, tells Brush it remains likely Mladić is hiding somewhere in Serbia.

Wikileak supporters

WikiLeaks - Mass Mirroring our website. Twitter fails to jump to Dept of State’s defence. Wikileaks: Power shifts from secrecy to transparency « BuzzMachine. Welt am Sontag in Germany asked me for an op-ed on Wikileaks. Here it is, auf Englisch. Hier, auf Deutsch. Government should be transparent by default, secret by necessity.

WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks - Mirrors of our website. Wikileaks cables reveal that the US wrote Spain's proposed copyright law. Spain's Congress is about to vote on a new and extremely harsh copyright/Internet law. Wikileaks cable: Prince Charles 'not respected like Queen' A senior figure in the Commonwealth secretariat used talks with a US diplomat to cast doubt on Prince Charles's suitability to succeed his mother as head of the 54-country association. Amitav Banerji, Commonwealth secretariat director of political affairs, told a US embassy political officer in London that "heir-apparent to the British crown, Prince Charles, does not 'command the same respect' as the Queen".

Banerji said the Commonwealth "was trying quietly to get him more involved in Commonwealth affairs", according to a cable sent to Washington in June 2009. Wikileaks: la première Infowar a commencé. Il faut se rendre à l'évidence: Les gouvernements du monde entier se sont ligués pour faire taire Wikileaks. C'est la première Infowar: pour la première fois, une tentative de censure est à l'oeuvre à une échelle mondiale sur Internet. Pour la contrer, les défenseurs de la liberté du Net vont se liguer dans le monde entier. Journalists defend WikiLeaks effort - US Embassy Files. Leaked US state department cables have revealed a hidden world of backstage international diplomacy and have exposed brutally frank comments by various world leaders - from Germany to the Gulf.

But whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has been threatened by an increasing barrage of political, legal, and technical attacks on its infrastructure. Europeans Criticize Fierce U.S. Response to Leaks. Berkeley Blog: Wikileaks Is Boring; U.S. Gov. Should Hire Them Hackers. Columbia University Reverses Anti-Wikileaks Guidance. Days after Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) caused an uproar by warning its students against linking to WikiLeaks or discussing the secret-spilling website’s latest cache of diplomatic cables online, the prestigious training ground for future diplomats has changed tack and embraced free speech.

WikiLeaks Fallout: Unease Over Web Press Freedoms. Are we starting a full-out war on the Internet? Like It or Not, WikiLeaks is a Media Entity: Tech News « The past week has seen plenty of ink spilled — virtual and otherwise — about WikiLeaks and its mercurial front-man, Julian Assange, and the pressure they have come under from the U.S. government and companies such as Amazon and PayPal, both of which have blocked WikiLeaks from using their services.

Opponents of Wikileak

‘Wikileaks’ cable drop is a giant power move for the left. (Source: Wikileaks) I love the rage against Julian Assange. It shows how effective the Wikileaks drop has been. To Host World Press Freedom Day in 2011. The United States is pleased to announce that it will host UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day event in 2011, from May 1 - May 3 in Washington, D.C.