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Pirate Party Statement Concerning "Anonymous" Arrests. Pirate Party spokespeople are always ready to give a lively, informed, and often provocative view on the issues of the day.

Pirate Party Statement Concerning "Anonymous" Arrests

Whether it's tech politics, civil liberties, the EU, local issues or anything else we'll have something to say. For interview requests, specific statements or quotes, or to automatically receive press releases email the Press Office at or call us on 0161 987 7880. You can find more contact details on our contact page if you would like to get in touch with a specific person or team.

If you would like further information about a specific person you can find biographies and images on their profile page by searching our staff and volunteer list and you can access some of the many appearances online, in print, on TV and radio on our press archive. Winnipeg North first Canadian battleground for Pirate Party. A 25-year-old Winnipeg businessman is the first Pirate Party of Canada candidate to run for federal election.

Winnipeg North first Canadian battleground for Pirate Party

Jeff Coleman, a former ESL teacher who owns a design and 3-D company, is running in the upcoming federal by-election on November 29 in Winnipeg North. His plan: to take to the streets of his home riding to engage voters in issues that surround the digital age. Coleman plans to campaign on his party’s key principles: confidentiality on the internet, intellectual copyright and patent law reform, keeping the internet democratic and free and using the web to make government practices and information available to the public.

But he’ll also be adding to his platform some local issues, determined by his constituents through Twitter and Facebook. Pirate Party Radio. Pirate Party Australia. Pirate Party UK. Pirate Parties International. Elected posts won Officially registered Active, unregistered pirate party No pirate party Member of Pirate Parties International.

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