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Home-built "Bio Computer" runs Linux, grows wheatgrass. We've seen the wacky homebrew projects of computer hardware hacker Mike Schropp before.

Home-built "Bio Computer" runs Linux, grows wheatgrass

Mindful Gizmag readers may recall his triple quad-core i7 LEGO PC housing that we looked at last July. But his latest project, the "Bio Computer," is rather more oddball, taking a turn distinctly towards the horticultural with a PC case adapted to ... grow wheatgrass. "I'm not complaining by any means, but I do feel as my basement becomes populated with more and more tech based projects that the environment is missing something organic, something natural to balance things out," writes Schropp, on his website, Total Geekdom.

But where you or I might buy in a cactus or two, an amaryllis or perhaps even go bonsai, Schropp opted to merge the organic with the inorganic, putting the waste heat from a PC to use with an integrated flowerbed. Well, not strictly a flowerbed. Source: Total Geekdom, via TreeHugger. Using Wheatgrass Health Benefits To Reverse Gray Hair. Gray hair: The ultimate telltale sign of aging.

Using Wheatgrass Health Benefits To Reverse Gray Hair

Approximately half of all 50-year-olds are at least 50% gray. Try as you may to postpone the inevitable with expensive, foul-smelling and messy dyes, the battle against gray is predictable…gray is pretty much the undefeated champion. Or is it? Regular consumption of the young grass of a common wheat plant can recolor those grays so that you can enjoy your lush, natural color well into your senior years. And it doesn’t just stop at the gray.

Gray Isn’t Just a Sign of Age The age-old healing system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) links hair pigmentation to the quality of your blood and the strength of your kidneys. How to Use Wheatgrass Juice Therapy to Treat Cancer. April 24, 2014 For cancer, you need green juices – not sugary juices like carrot + apple.

How to Use Wheatgrass Juice Therapy to Treat Cancer

This is true for heart disease too. Wheat Grass Juice + Living Foods Truly inspiring is Eydie Mae's book on healing breast cancer. Eydie decided to decline surgery, chemo and radiation. Eydie Mae describes how the cancerous lump in her breast slowly shrank then disappeared. Question: "Is the wheatgrass juice the main key to getting rid of the cancer? " Answer: "Yes, it is a must, but I believe the live foods has to go with it to maintain health. " A LIVE or LIVING food is one that's still growing and ALIVE in the moment you eat it. The GoGreen Automatic Sprouter easily gives you a fresh tray daily of wheatgrass, baby greens and sprouts, with no labor!

Dr Ann Wigmore writes in Our Precious Pets (1987): "Working with nature means using living foods as God has made them, uncooked, unrefined, unprocessed and whole, and giving them to ourselves, our children and our pets. " Cancer. Wheatgrass Products. The Organic Wheatgrass Kit + The Hurricane Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Manual Juicer If you need a great starter kit with a juicer that will juice grasses and many other soft fruits and veggies, then the Wheatgrass Growing Kit w/ Juicer is everything you need to grow healthy thick-bladed wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass Products

Perfect for growing grasses even in small kitchens or apartments. Each kit comes with simple easy to follow growing and harvesting instructions that will have you juicing healthy super-nutritious juice within ten days! To insure the highest possible mineral content and grass yield, we have included Organic Forrest Compost and Azomite, a natural mineral additive that insures that your grass contains all of the trace minerals required by the human body for maximum health.

Each Kit Includes: 1. 2. 5 21''x10'' Growing Trays *These durable black growing trays can be reused over and over again. 3. 5 bags (5 lbs) ORGANIC Wheatgrass Seed 5. 6. 7. wheatgrass. The Potential Health Benefits of Wheatgrass. (34) Timeline Photos. (28) Timeline Photos. Facebook. My Love/Distaste Affair with Wheatgrass. In Love, Again. Wheatgrass - Growing & Juicing Info, Kits & Wheat Grass Juicers. Wheatgrass 40 Benefits of Wheat Grass - Wheatgrass Facts. 1- Wheatgrass Juice is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available. 2- Chlorophyll is the first product of light and, therefore, contains more light energy than any other element.

Wheatgrass 40 Benefits of Wheat Grass - Wheatgrass Facts

Wheat Grass powder in individual sachets from Wheatgrass UK. Wheat Grass juice and powder in the media. Here are a few articles that we've handpicked for you.

Wheat Grass juice and powder in the media

Have a read and then get yourself to the online shop to discover the powerful effects of Wheat Grass for yourself! How TV's Vainest Man holds back the years: Simon Cowell's programme of little luxuries By ALISON BOSHOFF, Mail Online, 25 July 2011 What a pampered creature Simon Cowell is. Last week it emerged that the £200 million music mogul is so determined to drink from the fountain of youth that he spends a small fortune on an anti-ageing super juice smoothie made of lingonberry, choke berry and acerola. He is not a great drinker of wine or spirits and really only likes the taste of the Japanese yeast-free beer Sapporo. Read more... He is on a permanent health kick, and snacks on raw vegetables to control his weight.