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Links to the some of the best, most amusing webcomics. rabidmuskrat Jul 27

Page 234, Table 29-A I don’t know what it is that makes me go for This Early Access game over That One. Independent of any philosophical considerations, Early Access as a business and cultural practice means different things, in just that way that a beta from Company X is more like an alpha, and a beta from GmbH ß is a relentless, rigorously polished marketing vehicle. So, I often give Early Access stuff a pass until it is closer to Regular Access just to give it room to breathe. Everybody is telling me Starbound is a thing, if not the thing, but just absorbing the rulebooks from all these skirmishy tabletop feasts rolling in lately has occupied most of my upstairs meat.

Page 234, Table 29-A

Dave: Oh good lord, are you sick again?! How can you be sick AGAIN!? Greg: The plague is an enigmatic predator. Dave: Seriously, didn’t you just have the stomach bug that was going around? Greg: Yep. And a cold before that.

Real Life Comics - The Online Comic ©1999-2010 Greg Dean

Real Life Comics - The Online Comic ©1999-2010 Greg Dean
PvPonline Welcome to the year 2014. The last couple of weeks we’ve been a bit signal dark here at PvP and Table Titans. Part of that was due to the holidays, but we’ve also been very busy here behind the scenes preparing for a lot of cool things that are about to go down in Q1 2014. Thanks to Table Titans and Mappy we have a lot of new readers who just really have no idea where to dive into PvP. For that reason our site is getting a much needed facelift which we’ll be debuting soon. And we’re going to launch with a new story-arc that will help introduce new readers to our characters for the first time.