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DC Universe: The Source. 1] E3 Nightmare Begins. Well, dont be too upset if you find that nothing really works here yet... largo and I havent finished the backbone of the site.

1] E3 Nightmare Begins

We should be launching the new version of the site, complete with four comics, on monday (barring unforseen disasters - a notably regular occurance in my life). So, in short, we aren't ready for you yet, but you are welcome to look around, where you can. Notice something different? If you saw the original versions of megatokyo, you'll see that i was originally intending to ink all of them. Well, i'll be the first to admit that inking takes me a long time to do, and when i do it in a hurry - it really sucks.

I'm off to a birthday party today, so I'll comment a little more later on the whole concept we're developing here. More later. mata ne. Lackadaisy Blood-money. The Calinda is a dance with roots tracing back to African martial arts.

Lackadaisy Blood-money

It appears to have made its way to the American South with the slave trade where it intermingled with Creole and Cajun cultures and developed a new reputation as a bawdy, forbidden dance with implications of Voodoo practice. In sidelong reference to the Calinda dance, a girl named Colinda occasionally appears in Louisiana folksongs - the popular Cajun tune "Allons Danser Colinda" among them. Secret Identity. Questionable Content: New comics every Monday through Friday. Romantically Apocalyptic - 45.

Comics about JOHN AND JOHN by d!o. After almost 10 years of corrupting the minds of innocent comicreaders, I have decided to quit with John & John.

Comics about JOHN AND JOHN by d!o

The formula is dried out and I don't want J&J to suffer the 'Garfield-effect'. I will come back with something new but don't expect it to be like the Johns. If you would like to stay up to date with my plans you can follow me on twitter. Thanks for all the kind words! It's been a great (almost) 10 years and it has been nice to be able to make you laugh every once in a while. All the best! Bear Nuts by Alison Acton » Archive » Page 01. Rore... Tais toi! Le blog de MONSIEUR LE CHIEN. BD en ligne : annuaire des webcomics, blogs bd et autres bandes dessinées numériques.

MALIKI - webcomic gratuit. Le blog de jean paul pognon. Pas-Blogue (V.3) SOMBREBIZARRE[le blog de SLO] Morpheen. Ze Blog BD de Mariko. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU- = BOULETCORP = LE BLOG =

Notre groupe sur facebook. Philippe Geluck - Le Chat - Dessin. SUPER EFFECTIVE. Définition sur wikipedia. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Définition sur wikipedia

Une bande dessinée en ligne (webcomic en anglais) est une bande dessinée proposée sur Internet. Les bandes dessinées en ligne sont comparables aux bandes dessinées auto-éditées, dans la mesure où quiconque peut en créer et en publier une. Les bandes dessinées en lignes étant parfois structurées comme un blog, il est possible de rencontrer l'expression "blog BD" pour les désigner. Précurseurs anglophones[modifier | modifier le code] La première bande dessinée accessible via un réseau informatique est Witches and Stitches d'Eric Millikin diffusée en 1985 via Compuserve [1]. Argon Zark! Tous ces caractères désignent Argon Zark! Ces webcomics sont liés à l'esprit libertaire qui a inspiré les premiers pas de l'Internet, et donc au partage gratuit. Débuts hésitants sur le web francophone[modifier | modifier le code] Enthousiasme tardif et de courte durée[modifier | modifier le code]

2351. - Lieu de publication. Flock - Dessin crétin. PirateSourcil. Comics, Quizzes, and Stories. Tu mourras moins bête. Geek And Poke. L’actu en patates - Blog AmazingSuperPowers: Webcomic at the Speed of Light. Comics. Often dirty. La Bande Pas Dessin?e ? 374 - L?App?tit. Xkcd. Webcomic sur Smash bros. Webcomics anglais.

Les illustrations. Le SLOuna Blog.