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Metal. Spotify käyttöön ilman kutsua. Loudcrowd. Bibliotekernes netmusik. Musiikin lataaminen internetistä repii Ruotsia - - Ulkomaat. How Web Media is Usurping Old Media - Music, Video, More - ReadWriteWeb. Ian Rogers, VP Video and Media Applications at Yahoo!

How Web Media is Usurping Old Media - Music, Video, More - ReadWriteWeb

(prior to that GM of Yahoo! Music) has just published an epic post based on a talk he gave at a music industry conference in December. In it he outlines his vision for an open Media Web. It's very long, but is an excellent overview of how current Web music and video trends are slowly usurping the 'old media' world of the record companies and TV networks. Your music magazine. Dizzler. Digital music: 2007 year in review.

Ditching DRM, new mobile offerings, pay-what-you-want and other alternative business models — one word to sum up activity in the digital music space in 2007: “experimentation”.

Digital music: 2007 year in review

In this post we look back at 2007 through the lens of last100’s coverage, highlighting some of the important stories and trends, and how they point to what we might expect for digital music in 2008. Also see: Internet TV: 2007 year in review Ditching DRM. Excuse Me While I Share My Copy of 1984 at franticindustries - web 2.0, social networking, IT technology trends. 'Digital locks' future questioned. One of the world's largest hard disk manufacturers has blocked its customers from sharing online their media files that are stored on networked drives.

'Digital locks' future questioned

Western Digital says the decision to block sharing of music and audio files is an anti-piracy effort. The ban operates regardless of whether the files are copy-protected, or a user's own home-produced content. Digital activists say it is the latest step in a so-called war on copyright theft that is damaging consumer rights. The shift to a digital world in which all forms of content, from books, music, and TV programmes to films, can be shared effortlessly around the world between people with an internet connection has produced an unprecedented upheaval in attitudes to media, copyright and consumer rights.

Show Me How To Play. MusicMobs Shuts Down, Founder Joins « GigaOM. Hype Machine. iLike. Social Music Overview. Keeping with the theme of Mike’s Online Photo Editing Overview, I wanted to cover some of the entrants into social music.

Social Music Overview

Music was probably the first type of rich media to really go “Web 2.0″ and it’s become a pretty popular place for startups. As a result, there are some great Rich Internet Applications built around social music. Anyone who makes music a part of their daily lives has no shortage of options when it comes to finding new music and sharing with friends. FineTune. ELECTRO ALTERNATIVE INDIE EBM INDUSTRIAL charts.

Qnext. – The Social Music Revolution.