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Visual Design Agency. Whiteroom. 18 of the Best Free Portfolio Website Templates – UK Web Hosting – Uk Web Design Blog. If you’re a designer or photographer who wants to create a website to help you share your work online, then you need to check out these free portfolio website templates!

18 of the Best Free Portfolio Website Templates – UK Web Hosting – Uk Web Design Blog

I’ve found several portfolio website templates in a range of colours and styles, and they’re all perfect for showcasing designs or photographs. Portfolio 3 This free portfolio website template features a wooden background, a dark colour scheme, cross-browser compatibility, and more. Portfolio 6 This free portfolio website template includes a blue colour scheme, an ocean inspired illustration, and more. Digital Art Photo This free portfolio website template offers a clean design, a red, black, white and grey colour scheme, top and bottom menus, and more. Foto Folio This free portfolio website template comes with a dark colour scheme, a featured image, a minimal design, and more. 10 Rock Solid Website Layout Examples. Layout can both be one of the easiest and one of the trickiest facets of web design.

10 Rock Solid Website Layout Examples

Sometimes a designer can bust out an amazing layout in minutes and sometimes that same designer can struggle for the better part of day with the same task. Each project is unique and calls for a unique solution, but I’ve found it helpful to keep a few rock solid and incredibly versatile alignments in mind that I can bust out when I get stuck. The ten layouts below should be enough to get you through even the worst cases of designer’s block when you can’t figure out the best way to arrange the content on your page. Keeping It Simple Page layout is equal parts art and science. Designers often stress out far too much about the layout process. In this article we’re going to take a look at ten very common layouts that you can find on countless sites across the web. Moluv - The World's Best Web Design - Today's Best Looking Web Sites.

Make a homepage in minutes. SAVE FOR WEB COLOR SHIFT Photoshop ImageReady Changes on The Internet Bad Color Problems How to Fix. Source Profile > Monitor Profile THE NUMBER ONE REASON why Photoshop color looks bad or shifts on the World Wide Web or looks differently in applications like Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Safe For web & Devices, Flash, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer IE, Firefox, Windows Explorer and Apple's Finder is because: Your color is going from a color-managed application (Photoshop) to an unmanaged application.

SAVE FOR WEB COLOR SHIFT Photoshop ImageReady Changes on The Internet Bad Color Problems How to Fix

Photoshop is no longer CONVERTING the source color to the monitor profile. Un-managed applications generally send the source color "straight through" to the monitor unchanged. Color-managed Web browsers generally send untagged elements "straight through" to the monitor unchanged, including CSS, HTML, Hex colors. Here is an excellent example to demonstrate my point using Tagged and Untagged sRGB — use a color-managed Web browser!

sRGB Standard sRGB is the Proper DEFAULT PROFILE For Web Publishing: Hold mouse over photo to rollover Untagged version. Why sRGB, you ask? Standard animated gif banner sizes. Below are some of the standard animated gif banner sizes used on web pages.

Standard animated gif banner sizes

It is a sort of convention to develop banners based on these sizes; however, you are not bound by these dimensions, as it were. Two other sizes for animated gif banners are also in use: 350x300 and 720x300. These are generally not used on web pages but as pop-up or pop-under ads displayed in separate browser windows. The standard sizes for banners have been formulated by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The other two common banner sizes are: Leaderboard - 728 X 90 pixels : Click to view sampleHalf page ad - 300 X 600 pixels : Click to view sample Click this button if you liked the article! Comments, questions, feedback... whatever! Web Design Served. 101 Best Websites. Make more of your mockups - Mocksup.

SofaSurfer - freelance webdesigner portfolio - webdesign, logotype, corporate design. High Quality HTML and PSD Portfolio template - Sifiso. This time around I’m selling a gorgeous HTML template with the Photoshop files for “Sifiso”.

High Quality HTML and PSD Portfolio template - Sifiso

Sifiso is a one page “portfolio-like” template which you can use for your personal site. It features bold colors, transparent elements as well as hard to miss extra large icons. Sifiso is ideal for web designers, illustrators and photographers; You can use Sifiso as a final product for your own site, or as a good starting point for your clients. Sifiso costs $5 FREE! – for both the PSD files and source code Features The one pager Sifiso has all the right stuff for a strong personal portfolio: a catchy introduction area – a sexy summary of what you do.

A testimonials section - sport what your clients say about you. A spot for quotes - maybe a couple of words from famous people in your industry, again – open the PSD to edit this area showcase area – screenshots of your best stuff, add your own pictures and edit the HTML. finally, a contact form – how else will they get a hold of you? How to Edit.