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Mozilla part en guerre contre les gros Jpeg. WebP. Banque d'Images - Photos libres de droits - Photos par abonnement.


iStock Photo: Royalty Free Stock Photography, Vector Art Images, Music & Video Stock Footage. PicGhost - HomePage - Mass Image Editor, Resize, watermark and protect your images online. PSD: Photoshop Disasters. Color — Method of Action.

Jeffrey's Exif viewer. Lorempixel - placeholder images for every case. Stripe Generator - ajax diagonal stripes background designer. TIP: Stripes with linear gradient are best for headers and footers. stripe sizespacingstripe color(s)background styleshadowgradient heightbackground color(s)stripe orientation preview.

Stripe Generator - ajax diagonal stripes background designer

ImageAlpha - GUI for PNG8+alpha image converters. Web Designer’s Guide to PNG Image Format. Once upon a time, there was the mighty GIF image format, the most popular type of image compression for web graphics.

Web Designer’s Guide to PNG Image Format

Then, it was announced that software programs using GIF would require a license (this was because of the Unisys patent for the LZW compression method used in GIF). This change sped up the development for its successor: the PNG format. Free Banner Maker. Ishimaru-Design - [GIMP 2.6] Faire un bouton "Web 2.0"