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IndoFolio - The Portfolio of Gopal Raju, designer, blogger and founder of Convax Solutions, India. Webmastering - Webdesign. Février 2016 Introduction au webdesign Le terme « webdesign » désigne la discipline consistant à structurer les éléments graphiques d'un site web afin de traduire, à travers une dimension esthétique, l'identité visuelle de la société ou de l'organisation.

Webmastering - Webdesign

Il s'agit ainsi d'une étape de conception visuelle, par opposition à la conception fonctionnelle (ergonomie, navigation). L'objet du webdesign est de valoriser l'image de l'entreprise ou de l'organisation par le biais d'éléments graphiques afin de renforcer son identité visuelle et de procurer un sentiment de confiance à l'utilisateur. Néanmoins, en vertu des critères d'ergonomie, un site web doit avant tout répondre aux attentes des utilisateurs et lui permettre de trouver facilement l'information qu'il cherche. Par extension le terme webdesigner désigne le métier consistant à concevoir le design d'un site web.

La nécessaire inspiration Agencement de la page La structure traditionnelle d'une page web est la suivante : Charte graphique. Background Tiles. Web Design Trends in 2011. There is a thin line between design and development, and as we move into a new decade, this line is becoming extremely blurry.

Web Design Trends in 2011

Is it enough to draw beautiful mock ups in Photoshop? Maybe 5 years ago. These days, the average internet user requires more. All beauty, with no substance, gets boring after a while. If your only goal is to impress a community of fellow designers with your flashy designs, you’ll find yourself quickly beneath the tide. 2011 is not about beauty, it’s about function.

How will you stay relevant as a designer in 2011? Take a gander at the top 11 trends for 2011. 1. What a gratifying sigh of relief! Now that’s shown, please understand that Flash and HTML5 are not equal opponents. Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that CSS3 is available to us in a real way this year. 2. Simplicity. Shades of green create this Twitter visualization tool. Red can be jarring if done incorrectly. 3. Smartphones, iPads, netbooks, oh my! 4. 5. Technology has become much more tactile. Best of Design 2010. As 2010 is wrapping up, it is about time do a sum up of the best sites that I've featured on Best Web Gallery.

Best of Design 2010

Again I've selected 50 sites from different categories: personal blog, commercial, agency, portfolio, and software. In 2010, CSS design is getting more interactive. People are using jQuery and CSS animation to add interaction in their design. More designers are using custom font faces. Some have incorporated responsive web design using media query. 20 Things I Learned Jax Sven Prim Future of Web Design Stephen Caver Version Teixido Pictory Riot Industries Brizk The Many Faces of Tobias Ahlin Haus Nike Snowboarding Living Principles Forever Heavy Christoph Zillgens Foundation Six Cargo Collective Mobile Roadie Donq 37 Signals Courier Rainy Pixels Simo Analog Veerle Kaleidoscope Joyent Hicksdesign Marie Catribs dConstruct Buffalo Galp Lost World's Fairs Fiell Image Mechanics Infinvision Grand People Crush Lovely Rokkan Cutler Yaron Schoen Cloud 365 Chirp Colly.