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Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: Computed Fashion. eTextile Summer Camp. Don't miss Smart Fabrics 2012! Research:nama. Creation, design, development.


OPEN CALL: EYEBEAM COMPUTATIONAL FASHION FELLOWSHIP 2013-4. Eyebeam announces the Computational Fashion Fellowship call for proposals for 2013/2014.


Computational Fashion is an Eyebeam initiative bringing together artists, scientists, technologists, and the fashion industry to explore new ideas at the intersection of fashion and technology. The Computational Fashion Fellowship supports research, collaboration, and the presentation of experimental and cutting edge technology within fashion. Two teams of designers/scientists have been working in 2012/2013 on creative projects, and we are currently looking to fund one additional 12-month project starting in October 2013. APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, July 8, 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern Standard Time Apply online: The Power of the Mind: Five Amazing Projects Controlled With Your Brain.

Mind-controlled projects still seem like a novelty, especially since they often require one to wear clunky head-gear.

The Power of the Mind: Five Amazing Projects Controlled With Your Brain

Some notes from the Smart Textiles Salon. Smart Textiles Salon was the last event of the Smart Textiles Week organized by the Textile department of the University of Ghent in the beautiful town of Ghent, in Belgium at the beginning of June: Smart Textiles Salon is an attempt to bring topical research in the field of Smart Textiles to the stage and showcase it to the world.

Some notes from the Smart Textiles Salon

We wanted to make clear that Smart Textiles are not only existing in research projects, but that the potential for market introduction is huge already today. This should be recognized and taken to the next level. Meet the maker – Afroditi experiments with embroidery, soft circuits and diy electronics. The work of Afroditi Psarra includes experimentation with embroidery, soft circuit and diy electronics.

Meet the maker – Afroditi experiments with embroidery, soft circuits and diy electronics

I got in touch with her after discovering she was holding a workshop in Barcelona around sound performances using Lilypad Arduino along with a really cool embroidered synthesizer (…and also submitting her project to Maker Faire Rome !). Even if her background is in fine arts, as a little girl she got interested in creative ways of expression: on one side she was lucky enough to have all sorts of after-school activities that included painting, theater games and learning but also how to program using LOGO and QBasic. LilyPad Arduino. TshirtOS: The First Wearable and Programmable T.

The T-shirt is the ultimate canvas for self-expression.

TshirtOS: The First Wearable and Programmable T

The Ts been printed, shredded and pinned, laser cut even, and now thanks to Cute Circuit, the Tshirt has been digitized. Laser cut fashionistas. The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #117 Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter.

Laser cut fashionistas

Wearables for Defense, Expression, and Sensory Augmentation #WearableWednesday. A collective embroidered soundscape of Athens. Nudgeables Accessory Kit. Sometimes we need secret codes to communicate with our friends, partners, or colleagues while in the company of a larger group of people: a nudge, a cough, a scratch of the nose; something that says “save me from this conversation”, “let’s get out of here”, or “I'm thinking of you”.

Nudgeables Accessory Kit

What if our clothing could communicate these messages for us? The Nudgeables Accessory Kit is a modular hardware kit for creating paired sets of wireless wearable accessories. A single Nudgeables device employs a pre-configured wireless radio transciever with a sensor input and an output for a "notifier" (actuator). The flexible design allows for you to attach a wide variety of sensors and actuators to the board to create custom sensory and feedback systems. Sewing Circuits Workshop. Since Saturday is the quietest day of the festival, we used it as an opportunity to close the workshop area for part of the day to host a sewing circuits workshop for the facilitators.

Sewing Circuits Workshop

They've been excited about wanting to try a new activity and sewn circuits seemed like the right fit. I personally love sewn circuits because it gives participants who have never sewn the chance to learn a new skill and pushes experienced sewers (ahem, Rahiq) to use their skills in new ways. During the workshop we saw the facilitators experiencing emotions ranging from frustration to joy as they worked on their cuffs. UP' Magazine - Accueil. Crafting the Future: Dutch Arts Combine 3D Printing and Textiles [Video] Pamoyo. Future fashion now. Anouk Wipprecht. Fashioning Technology. Wearables. Wearable tech. SmartcraftLab. Electronic-embroidery Workshop. MásterDIWO: [feedback look] El grupo de trabajo Feedback Look, de hackeado de moda, se presenta como una comunidad para la creación colaborativa de diseños de moda amateur, así como adaptaciones, interpretaciones y remezclas de otros ya existentes previamente.

MásterDIWO: [feedback look]

Siguiendo los fundamentos del DIY (Do It Yourself) y del DIWO (Do It With Others) proponemos una alteración y/o modificación del código de los diseños como práctica subversiva ante la institución moda. De este modo, queremos contribuir por un lado al fortalecimiento de las nuevas economías del intercambio (basadas en la reutilización, reciclaje y reparación), y por otro a la generación de una comunidad local de experimentación en este ámbito. Compartir valores, conocimientos y prácticas colaborativas en torno a una nueva visión de la moda basada en las microcomunidades, el pensar-haciendo crítico y la sostenibilidad. Investigación y documentación de los procesos de creación y aprendizaje, utilizando para ello herramientas abiertas y adaptables. Collaborative Collection Lookmaps » Openwear. WeFab. Open Source Embroidery Index. Ele Weekend.