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Instagram photos and videos. Discounts — Kopis Designs. Omnivore BladeWorks – Edged tools for All purposes. Longship Armoury – Custom and Semi-Custom Swords and Knives. Instagram profile with posts and stories - OTF Knives Customizable & Designed For Hard Use - RavenCrest Tactical. Accueil. Viking Weapons Shop. ゼロレンジスクール~Zero Range Combat Academy~ REYS BRO BLADE. Couteaux Benoit MAGUIN artisan coutelier d'art. Longship Armoury – Custom and Semi-Custom Swords and Knives. Self Defense Blades. BASTINELLI-CREATIONS. Les couteaux de Paulo Simoes. Tony Lopes Blades. Si vis pacem, para bellum; If you want peace, prepare for war; Freedom is not free. Miller Bros. Blades. Home. Shillelaghshoppe. Dragon Cut Design. Custom Made Knives. Tempe Arizona. Primal Concepts. Home Page. Weapons and Leather par G3survival. Home page. Mountain Dwarf Forge – Denver BlackSmith. A.G.A. Campolin: historical cutlery specialized on traditional italian switchblades. Estabilished in Maniago on 1947.

World War 2 Collection. Throughout WW2, soldiers of the Allied special forces conducted daring missions and raids on the front lines of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

World War 2 Collection

Many of these operations involved action in close combat, where various types of specially designed blades prevailed in silent killing and hand-to-hand fighting. Macdonald Armouries has researched original examples of various legendary blades, and offers a range of high quality reproductions. Each piece has been studied in great detail, as we aim to replicate materials, dimensions, form, weight and balance as closely as possible to original examples.

Ideal for serving personnel, military enthusiasts, collectors and living history re-enactors alike. The Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife The Fairbairn Smatchet The Fairbairn Cobra Knife The OSS Stiletto SOE and OSS Covert Blades Custom Orders. BlackSwift Sticks - walking stick self defense. Albion Swords Ltd - Sword Cutlers and Blademakers - Fine Handmade Collectable Limited Edition Museum Quality Medieval Swords. ...AMERICAN KAMI... ...MAIN PAGE... Biegler Bladeworks. BLADETRICKS. Bladetricks: Original Custom Tools, Knives, Tomahawks, Karambits. Boker. Brous Blades. Cane Masters!, Walking Canes for mobility, self-defense, exercise and rehabilitation. Your Source for Custom Walking Canes and Instructional Media for Self-Defense and Exercise Using the CANE. click here for more information and to order Check out the interview with company Founder Mark Shuey Sr. on click here to listen Train With Us at Beautiful Lake Tahoe!

Cane Masters!, Walking Canes for mobility, self-defense, exercise and rehabilitation

Click Here for More Information Whether you have a medical condition or not, it is imperative that First Responders KNOW your medical and emergency information! Click here to get yours today! New Harvy Walking Canes! T-Handle, Palm Grip, Leather Covered Handles, Umbrella Canes and more! Cold Steel Knives. Lynn Thompson's Special Projects. Cold Steel Official UK Distributors - Buy Cold Steel Knives, Machetes, Axes & Accessories. CONDOR Tool & Knife. Emerson Knives. EXTREMA RATIO KNIVES DIVISION. Kramer Custom Knives. Max Venom Product Group. The Original Full Tang Tactical Tomahawk. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools. Home - Sword and Stone. The ultimate knife fox dart tango black g10 karambit knife. We are EXCITED to present another amazing BRAND NEW Karambit Knife !!!

the ultimate knife fox dart tango black g10 karambit knife

The FOX DART Tanto G10 Black FOX Karambit Knife was co-designed by Doug Marcaia and Lad Mandiola with FOX Knives Italy and it's Egronomically Perfect !!! Meant to fit Medium to Extra Large Hands. About the Karambit Folding Knife: The Direct Action Response Tanto or DART is part of the Direct Action Response Knives or DARK series by Doug Marcaida. It is based on the WIRES principles. W for WAVE:The Patented Emerson Wave Shaped Opening Feature (Patent #5,878,500) allows for the quickest deployment. I for IMPACT:The DART's design can also be used as an impact self defense tool and comes with a none edged trainer (sold separately), what is deemed as a Impact Control Device (ICD) R for RETENTION:The ring feature allows for retention as found with most karambits. E for EDC:For the everyday carry knife. S for STRAIGHT:Blade theory. Welcome To TOPS Knives - TOPS Knives Tactical OPS USA.

Traditional Filipino Weapons Home Page. Zombie Tools: Accessories for the Apocalypse. Knives, Hunting, Brush Cutters Clearing Tools, Machetes. Marsh Custom Knives.

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