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Solar Power Applications

Water. Catching it, saving it, treating i, ... DIY waterfilter. Solar still. Solar still built into a pit in the ground Solar still "Watercone" A solar still is a simple way of distilling water, using the heat of the Sun to drive evaporation from humid soil, and ambient air to cool a condenser film.

Solar still

Two basic types of solar stills are box and pit stills. In a solar still, impure water is contained outside the collector, where it is evaporated by sunlight shining through clear plastic. The pure water vapor condenses on the cool inside plastic surface and drips down from the weighted low point, where it is collected and removed. Overview[edit] Solar stills are used in cases where rain, piped, or well water is impractical, such as in remote homes or during power outages.[1] In subtropical hurricane target areas that can lose power for days, solar distillation can provide an alternate source of clean water. Puits Solaire Materials[edit] Variations[edit] Transpiration bag[edit] Solar Still Basics.

Introduction Solar Still Background | Still Operation Still Water Production | Distillation Purification Capabilities The basic principles of solar water distillation are simple yet effective, as distillation replicates the way nature makes rain.

Solar Still Basics

The sun's energy heats water to the point of evaporation. As the water evaporates, water vapor rises, condensing on the glass surface for collection. This process removes impurities such as salts and heavy metals as well as eliminates microbiological organisms. How to Make a Solar Still - DIY. With high energy costs and a warming planet that needs cleaner fuel sources, the time has never been better to get involved with solar energy.

How to Make a Solar Still - DIY

DIY Solar Projects (Creative Publishing International, 2011) by Eric Smith contains how-to instructions for many achievable, clever projects you can make and install in order to create your own solar lifestyle. Hundreds of people are doing it, and you can too. The following excerpt is taken from the chapter, “Solar Still.”

You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: DIY Solar Projects. DIY Solar Still. Parabolic Trough Solar Collector water heater. The Sietch Blog » Watercone - An Ingenious Way To Turn Salt Water Into Fresh Water. The Watercone is an ingenious device that can take salty water and turn it into fresh water using only the power of the sun.

The Sietch Blog » Watercone - An Ingenious Way To Turn Salt Water Into Fresh Water

The nice thing about this device is it is bone simple, uses the sun instead of fossil fuel, and is cheap to make and easy to use. The Watercone is surprisingly a cone, that you place over a pan of salty water (or over a marsh, or any damp ground) leave it out in the sun, water evaporates, the condensation trickles down the side of the cone, at the end of the day you flip it over, remove the cap at the top and drink the water. This device has the potential to really do a lot of good for a lot of people. So many people live in areas where the ground water has been polluted by salt incursion due to over pumping, or in areas that simply don’t have large fresh water sources (south pacific islands, sub-Saharan Africa, south-east Asia). How to Make a Solar Still for Purifying Water in the Wilderness.

Desert Survival: The Solar Still (DesertUSA) There was the man in tattered clothing, his body sweaty, his swollen eyes squinting over miles of sand.

Desert Survival: The Solar Still (DesertUSA)

Cattle skulls and scorpions scattered the ground while vultures circled overhead awaiting their imminent feast. In a futile last glance, he held himself up with shaking arms. Then his head cocked to the side like a confused dog -- could it really be? Buried in the waves of heat rising from the sand, a small grove of palm trees rose far in the distance. Struggling to balance himself, he broke into a clumsy run. Being a transplant from the Midwest to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, I grew up with Hollywood's distorted images of the Desert Southwest. Even apparently healthy water sources can contain infectious organisms like Guardia, causing humans to become ill and lose more bodily fluids. Emergency Survival Tool Fortunately, there is an emergency survival technique for gathering water from our driest deserts during their most brutal seasons.

Materials Construction 1. ‪Pendulum eases pumping of water‬‏ How the ram pump works. Williamson ram pump. WORLDS SIMPLEST WATER PUMP!! Make a PULSER PUMP! (with Captions) Water wheel pump. Build your own solar-powered water pumping station by Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM. In the last issue, there was an excellent article by Dorothy Ainsworth on water pumping using mechanical windmills.

Build your own solar-powered water pumping station by Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM

How to Build a Rain Barrel: The Family Handyman. Creating A Simple And Inexpensive Rain Water Collection System. Our barn’s metal roof is our supply of water for the entire farm Visitors to the farm are usually surprised to learn that we water the entire garden and landscape with reclaimed rain water.

Creating A Simple And Inexpensive Rain Water Collection System

Our system, which collects and stores rainwater from our barn’s metal roof, provides 100% of our annual watering needs. The best part, it was extremely easy to install, and can be inexpensively adapted to almost any home, shed or roof with a gutter. How to Build a Rainwater Collection System: 9 steps. Steps Method 1 of 4: Getting Rain Barrel Supplies.

How to Build a Rainwater Collection System: 9 steps

Water Distiller : whole house tankless water heater. Water Distiller PIC1 water distiller Water treatment systems play an important role in purifying water and makinggrowth, agriculture, and manufacturing are placing tremendous demands on our fresh water supplies. water distiller Each of these type of Water Dispenser have different requirements and offer different benefits. water distiller PIC2 water distiller PIC3 water distiller.

Water Distiller : whole house tankless water heater

Distilled Water How-to. Destilador Solar. How To Build A Solar-Powered Still To Purify Drinking Water. The author’s solar still, with one pan in it.

How To Build A Solar-Powered Still To Purify Drinking Water

The still actually has room for two of these. Note that the glass top is at an angle, allowing the water to flow down to the catch tube. Distillation. How to Make a Solar Still for Purifying Water in the Wilderness. Solar Distillation by NG H2O.avi. Solar-powered water distiller aims to provide potable water in rural areas.

With most of underdeveloped or even developing nations struggling to provide clean drinking water to a larger section of their population, resulting in some tedious water-bound diseases, the need for some safe, sustainable and low-cost water purifiers have been felt more than ever before. Providing a solution, designer Joe Kasper has developed an innovative distiller that harnesses solar power to purify dirty/saline water in far off areas located closer to equatorial location. Users need to fill the water (dirty/saline) in a large container at the bottom and let the evaporation and condensation purify it, using solar energy, for drinking purposes.

Filtered water is stored in a small container on top that users can remove to quench their thirst. [Cheers Joe] Nov 2. DESTILADOR SOLAR PARA AGUA POTABLE PARA CONSUMO HUMANO. La distillation amateur - Construire un alambic. Il est possible de fabriquer un alambic avec très peu de choses, comme par exemple une casserole à pression, des seaux en plastique, un serpentin en cuivre...

Coolest Hack Ever? Cool Water + Pipes + Fan = DIY AC. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you an apartment with no air conditioning, you grab some supplies and make your own air conditioner. A clever Flickr user did just that and documented his project with annotated pictures. Starting off with a regular oscillating tabletop fan, he wrapped copper tubing in a spiral around the front and back of the fan. Flexible plastic tubing connects the copper coils to the reservoir below so that the fan can still oscillate. Fish tank pumps cycle cold water up, through the coils, and back down. DIY structured vortex water device with test. How to do it Youself DIY and make a Water alkalinization ionization ionizer water sytem unit. Alkaline / Kangen Water. Warning: Your DIY Budget Water Ionizer Could Be Poisoning You! by Ken Rohla. Comment fabriquer un alambic? Plans et conseils : Trucs et astuces écolos. Il est possible de fabriquer un alambic avec très peu de choses, comme par exemple une casserole à pression, des seaux en plastique, un serpentin en cuivre...

L'option choisie ici se veut plus sérieuse, plus technique, mais éprouvée. Les alambics décrits ci-dessous fonctionnent très bien et permettent un réel contrôle du produit fini... Il ne s'agit pas de s'intoxiquer avec sa gnôle maison! Comme vous l'avez déjà lu, il existe plusieurs types d'alambics, et il est possible d'en fabriquer de nombreux modèles... Celui qui souhaite produire des alcools neutres, construira un alambic à reflux ou à fractionnement. Vous trouverez sur ce site quelques pistes, mais il en existe bien d'autres. Il est impossible de tout expliquer par le texte, donc, observez les photos, étudiez les plans... et soyez sûr d'avoir bien compris avant de commencer! Il est indispensable en tout cas d'être un bon bricoleur ou de se faire aider. Mais venons en au fait : comment construire un alambic? Solar Stills – Solar Water Purification Project In 1995, EPSEA received funding through the State of Texas, State Energy Conservation Office (SECO), for a solar demonstration project.

EPSEA’s project demonstrated the feasibility of using solar energy to purify water. The target audience (end users) are the people who reside in colonias along the Texas/Mexico Border. Solar distillation and desalination of ocean salt water for the masses. 0176744BBE15406C9BB769A699EF8DBE.aspx. How to distill water or a liquid. Rainwater harvesting. There’s a lot of advice floating around the internets about how to make a rain barrel. Most barrel pundits suggest drilling a hole in the bottom of a barrel and installing a faucet, a kind of connection called a “bulkhead fitting”. Unfortunately such improvised fittings have a tendency to leak. My favorite way to make a rain barrel is to take a 55 gallon drum, use the preexisting fittings on the top and turn it upside down, a process explained nicely here (complete with a list of parts), by B.

Home-made Hydraulic Ram Pump. This information is provided as a service to those wanting to try to build their own hydraulic ram pump. The data from our experiences with one of these home-made hydraulic ram pumps is listed in Table 4 near the bottom of this document. Build a Hydraulic Ram Pump - DIY. Pulser pump. I give permission to reuse and adapt any and all pictures and animated gifs that I have produced in the past for this project.

Brian White, 3rd May 2010 Diagram of a Pulser Pump The pulser pump is a simple, water powered mechanical device, also known as a bubble pump. Components of this pump have been used for various purposes, including the extraction of oil or in refrigeration cycles. Practical Survivor. Free Energy solar Giant Water Parabola scorcher Cooker 1000f AQUA DEATH RAY SOLAR GRILL. How to Find and Make Water Safe. Protecting Water Supply Springs.