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Couture, crochet, tricot, etc.

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Chaussons, pantoufles. Cours Tricots. [vidéo] Comment rabattre des côtes 1/1 et obtenir une jolie bordure élastique. Capture. Tricot à l'aiguille - Avant de tricoter : Les mailles. Avant de tricoter l Les techniques Outils l Vocabulaire l Abréviations l Astuces l Échantillon l Lecture l Montages l Mailles l Jetés Une maille, c'est un fil noué en boucle sur une aiguille.

Tricot à l'aiguille - Avant de tricoter : Les mailles

Cette boucle se répartit en avant et en arrière de l'aiguille. Et le sens dans lequel elle est prise détermine la façon dont elle se place dans le rang. Le point aux oreilles de lapin. Pour leurs précieuses explications.

Le point aux oreilles de lapin

Petites Choses a enfin réussi à faire ce joli point aux oreilles de lapin, et pour cela, elles ont été toutes deux d'un grand secours. Pour celles qui sont interréssées par ce point, vous pouvez trouver la grille ici, et voici avec des mots ce qu'il faut faire pour obtenir ce motif. Nombre de mailles multiples de 4 + 2 mailles lisière de chaque côté. Faire un rang de mailles envers.

Rang 1 : 1 m. lisière, *2 m. ens., 1 surjet endroit, 4 m. endroit*, répéter de * à *, terminer le rang par m. endroit, 1 m. lisière. Adapter un modèle à sa laine ou à son point. Calculateurs en ligne pour le tricot. Comment remplacer une laine préconisée dans un patron de tricot.



Little cork animals. Winners Fiber Arts contest. Spirou bobine ... - Bienvenue dans mon univers de fils et de couleurs ! Needle Felted Owls. The Wool: All wool fibres have scales on the fibres, it's this rough texture that will allow us to felt, or lock, the fibres together to create something beautiful.

Needle Felted Owls

The best wool fibre for Needle Felting is one that is coarse, with a shorter fibre length, like Perendale or Corridale. The wool is used in it's unspun form, called roving or sliver. The Needles: Felting needles have little grooves, like barbs, along the sides of the point that capture the scales on the wool fibres and lock them together. As you poke your needle through the wool it will shrink up and felt together in the direction that you poke your needle. Be careful not to bend the needle, they are very fragile and can break easily. Start Your Owl: Pull off a piece of the owls body colour and roll it into a nicely shaped ball, slightly larger then you want your finished owl to be.

How To Assemble A Block Quilt. How to #sew #quilt squares borders- Jelly Roll quilt. Sew colorful woven coasters. Recycled Fashion. It isn't too often that a Mother of a young child gets the opportunity to indulge in a little weekend shopping with her best friends followed by an exquisite high tea, both of which were on my agenda this past weekend.

Recycled Fashion

On Saturday, a group of us I hit the Op Shops for a morning of recycled shopping and coffee stops. We had so much fun together, picked up a bargain or two and found a few oddities along the way. The award for the weirdest find of the day; a bouncy ball chair on wheels. I can't think why this particular piece of furniture even exists, wouldn't it be interesting to hear its history prior to finding its way into an Op Shop?

:: Weird things at the op shop :: Comment rendre un petit haut sans manche très très chic? Par ici… DIY – Fashion : Une manière simple de rendre un bête t-shirt sans manche fort élégant…. consiste à découper à l’aide d’une paire de ciseau deux motifs asymétriques dans un rideau… …Puis de les coudre sur les bretelles du petit haut sans manche.

Comment rendre un petit haut sans manche très très chic? Par ici…

Pour obtenir ce rendu : Via. Handmaker's Factory. Recycled Fashion: Refashioned Sweater Skirt and Legwarmers. Following on from last week's sweater skirt inspiration, I found a great second hand knit in Salvos for $6 which turned out to be perfect for this refashion project.

Recycled Fashion: Refashioned Sweater Skirt and Legwarmers

Recycled Fashion: Upcycled Striped Sweater Skirt and Legwarmers. Seasonal change is soon to come, but right now, you'd never know it.

Recycled Fashion: Upcycled Striped Sweater Skirt and Legwarmers

Today it is so cold here in Melbourne, and from what I gather, my Northern Hemisphere friends are still sunning their faces in the warmth of the summer sun. In an effort to keep warm, this is my second sweater skirt sewing refashion. I found the stripey jumper in the sale at a local church affiliated Op Shop for $2.50 (it always makes me smile to find a sale at an Op Shop, considering the original prices are so low anyway). As with my first sweater skirt refashion sewing project, which also happened to be a turtle neck, I've snipped off each arm and body. The body becomes the skirt, and arms become legwarmers. :: $2.50 Thrifted Jumper :: :: Remove Sleeves and Turtle Neck for Skirt :: Recycled Fashion: Refashioning Vintage Scarves into Wearable Fashion Garments - Lori Marsha. LoriMarsha, from Redlands, CA, a self-taught, independent designer, creating handmade one-of-a-kind fashion, made from second-hand materials.

Recycled Fashion: Refashioning Vintage Scarves into Wearable Fashion Garments - Lori Marsha

Lori works without patterns or sketches, relying on the dress form as her guide. Her signature pieces are quite unique, she sews beautiful tops and dresses, using vintage scarves. All images seen here, are from Lori Marsha's resort collection. Lori has taken some time to answer questions for Recycled Fashion readers: Q. I love working with scarves because 1) they allow me to recycle 2) I love the drape of silk 3) They're the perfect size to allow mixing pattern and color.

Q. My mother had a tailoring business so I was in a sewing environment when I was growing up. Q. LoriMarsha is my full time job. Q. Primarily flea markets, textile shows and online venues like etsy or eBay. Q. I am finding that Etsy is not a great venue for me. Q. DIY Shorts. Tawashi (tutoriel inclus) Mais qu'est-ce que c'est ?

Tawashi (tutoriel inclus)

C'est une éponge qui vient du japon (sans blague, avec un nom pareil !) , que l'on peut crocheter ou tricoter soi-même, et qui est paraît-il plus écolo qu'une éponge classique. Tawashi.