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Augmented Reality

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ARToolKit Download. Source ARToolKit latest version on SourceForge.

ARToolKit Download

In order to run applications with the ARToolKit Library you will have to have the following: OpenGL DriverThe GLUT library which can be downloaded from here.Microsoft's DirectShow runtime available from here or the main Direct X page. Older ARToolKit versions: ARToolKit 2.65 Software, zip format [2.4 mb] Using the expanded video capture libraries developed by Thomas Pintaric. Human Interface Technology Laboratory. Forum. SSTT Visualizer Augmented Reality Demo. SSTT visualizer is a viewer application for 3D models enabled with Augmented Reality.

SSTT Visualizer Augmented Reality Demo

It demonstrates the capabilities of the SSTT library. SSTT visualizer augments rectangular symbols in the environment and can be used for a variety of application areas ranging from engineering to medical visualization where 3D prototypes need to be presented within the real environment. Augmented Reality in Education. *drawlogic - web, game and interactive development with flash, flex, silverlight, unity 3d, torque 3d, canvas - actionscript, c#, javascript, mono, python.