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Visual tools. Southbeach Notation - Improve Everything Always. An example method for developing Southbeach Notation Models. Whilst Southbeach Notation itself does not impose any methodology, it is sometimes useful to see how other people have been using it. This example is one way of assessing a situation, brainstorming improvement options, and establishing action plans involving the need to consult large numbers of people. It includes a very simple Southbeach model of a manufacturing firm by way of illustration. Several iterations of the model are shown to demonstrate how a model may be built up through structured questioning. At each stage, the new agents that are added to the model are highlighted in yellow. Four phases of activity are described below: More details on example activities and pointers for each phase are provided below: Model the situation:Identify & interview stake holders What are the priority areas?

Assess the differences in perspectiveBreak differences of opinion down into their parts to get to the issuesAgree what’s important and why, remove the rest Tips What is most important?

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