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American Autumn: an Occudoc. Occupy America / #OccupyAmerica. OCCUPY WALL STREET - CITY'S ON FIRE.

December 2011

October-November 2011. OCCUPY FREE ENERGY - ELEVATE/LUMINARIES ft. Aishah. Occupy The Media. Occupy Wall St - The Revolution Is Love. Occupy Wall Street 99% Spotlight Signal #N17 #OWS #OccupyEverything. 14 / 06 / 2011 - ANONYMOUS: "THE PLAN" IS NOW LIVE. PHASE 1: INITIATED. WAR AGAINST THE SYSTEM. Occupying this blog with occupy live streams. Chaîne de RTAmerica. Chaîne de dwgthed. Featured Videos. Occupy Wall Street. The joyous freedom of possibility.

Occupy Wall Street

Dissent can be personal, collective, creative — whatever you want it to be. Revolt can be physical or spectral, a blackspot on a corporate logo or a digital mindbomb posted online. Le rêve américain_ George Carlin - une vidéo Expression Libre. Videos.